Jeans Codes for Men! 7 tips to refine your outfits!


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Jeans Codes for Men! 7 tips to refine your outfits!

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Introducing the hottest items of jeans!

The denim jacket originated with Levi’s, but now various fashion brands are releasing denim jackets with high design quality. Here are some of the hottest items!

Levi’s Third Denim Jacket Rigid Type

Levi’s” continues to boast high popularity as a denim brand of origin and royal road. Vintage items are gaining popularity due to its long history, but this time we picked up a rigid type. While it is a third type with a basic design, the pleasure of being able to grow your own style tickles men’s hearts. This is definitely a high street brand, and the price is affordable as your first jean jacket, so please check it out.

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Lee 101J OW

One of the three major denim brands, Lee has a long history just like Levi’s. Based on the Lee cowboy jacket created in 1931, the “101J” is a timeless classic that has been improved upon. Traditional details such as zigzag stitching on the front, diagonally cut breast pockets, and cat-eye buttons on the yoke and waist adjuster add a touch of masculinity.

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Nudie Jeans KENNY Denim Jacket

From the Swedish denim brand “Nudie Jeans,” which was established in 2001, we picked up the “KENNY,” the successor to the popular “CONNY,” which gained popularity as a standard jean model. The key point is the use of raw, non-washed denim, as well as the unquestionably beautiful silhouette. Although initially stiff, the silhouette adapts to your body shape as you wear it. The use of the well-known “Nudie orange” for the stitching adds a nice contrast.

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KURO Dynamo Denim Jacket

Japanese denim brand “Kuro,” which is committed to “Made in Japan,” introduces a jean jacket with a boxy silhouette based on the 2nd type. The side of the sleeves with fold-down stitching is filled with elastic, and the bold puckering accents the aging process of the garment and the bite after processing. The fabric is 12.5 oz. and can be expected to be used in all three seasons except summer, which is another attractive point.

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A.P.C. Washed Stretch New Denim

Arpesey, which specializes in minimalistic and sophisticated designs, introduces a jean based on the 4th type. It features a combination of modern details such as slightly dropped shoulders and a box silhouette. The short length of the jacket keeps it from looking too heavy, and it can be worn as a layering piece to achieve a good balance. In addition to its high versatility, the simple design of the Coconchi-esque style makes it a great choice for a long life.

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