Jeans Codes for Men! 7 tips to refine your outfits!


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Jeans Codes for Men! 7 tips to refine your outfits!

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How to refine a jean jacket coordinate (4) “One-tone coordination + jean jacket to show off the jacket’s presence!

To show off the jean jacket, it is a good idea to keep all other items chic in one tone. The jacket’s distinctive character will stand out with its patch details, damaged finish, and vintage finish, making it look even more stylish. The use of a limited number of colors also creates an impression of sophistication. Why not add this technique to your repertoire of outfits to bring out the full appeal of the jean?

Once you master one tone + jean jacket, you can freely style it in any mode!

Wear the jean over a mode black one-tone coordinate. The turtleneck knit and the denim jacket’s collar are layered around the face, sublimating the impression of the rugged denim jacket into a fashionable look. The way of wearing it with the lower buttons open to emphasize the layered look is also fresh.

Wear a light blue jean jacket over an all-black coordinate for a cool look.

The light blue jean jacket gives a distinct crispness to an outfit in which everything from the T-shirt to the pants and sneakers are all black. The contrasting tones, as well as the cut-off hem of the jean and the oversized feel of the jacket, give it a more avant-garde look. The reason why it does not look too much is because of the highly sophisticated monotone base coloring.

Combine white items with jeans that have a strong American casual look to create an elegant coordinate.

The patches on the jean emphasize the American casual look, and for a classy look, it is recommended to unify other items in white, as shown in the following coordinate. The use of bracelets and silver accessories to add a touch of masculinity is also a good point of reference.

Wearing a jean jacket over an all-black outfit to accentuate the details

Not only the clothing items, but also the sneaker uppers and bags are all black to create a unified look. A jean jacket is added to create an urban, masculine deni-jacket style. The black one-tone subtraction further emphasizes the collared look, which is one of the key elements of this look, and gives it a fearless impression.

Rigid jean jacket combined with dark blue items for a chic look

The rigid jean jacket with a smart look, featuring ball-rimmed pockets on both the chest and waist, is matched with a one-tone outfit. The black plain-toe shoes with an austere shine on the feet give the look a rugged masculinity, and the navy color combination of the T-shirt, pleated pants, and even the lenses of the sunglasses give the look a sense of unity.

Sophisticated jean coordinate (5) “Dare to use a jean jacket as an inner layer!

The jean jacket, which boasts high versatility in all three seasons except summer, is an item that can be easily used as an inner layer for a coat. The balanced length and the martial essence of the jacket when glimpsed through the coat are perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere. The way the front buttons are fastened and the collar is arranged also give the denim jacket innerwear a variety of looks and broaden the range of outfits. This is a technique that should be adopted during the layering season, especially in winter.

Emphasize the 2nd type’s characteristic fringe detail by layering with a coat!

The use of denim jackets as innerwear for coats goes especially well with the 1st and 2nd types of jackets, and the details of the fringe on the front, which can be said to be the most distinctive feature, can be emphasized. The long-length coat is also notable for adding a sense of elegance to the silhouette of the short-length jean jacket, while giving it a fuller, more elegant look.

Layer it with a work jacket for a more rugged look!

The jean jacket is a work-inspired item with a history of being worn by miners during the gold rush era. Therefore, they have an earthy and masculine look. To bring out the best of this charm, try layering a work jacket over it. To avoid giving the jacket too much of a workwear look, make sure to balance it out with a pair of classy slacks for the bottoms.

To get out of the rut of black coordinates common in fall and winter. Use indigo in a jean jacket as an accent!

Black is often used to create a crisp look because it is easy to do so. While this is not a bad thing, it is not uncommon for people to feel stuck in a rut at times. To avoid such a rut, we recommend using a jean jacket as an inner layer. By using light blue denim, you can create a clear contrast, making the blue color stand out and giving your outfit a crisp finish. The usual black coordinate will be instantly transformed into a fresh and new styling.

Wear a coverall over a denim-on-denim jean style

This denim-on-denim style consists of a plaid coverall worn over an ice blue faded denim jacket and jeans on the bottom. A bordeaux turtleneck knit was chosen as an inner layer to create a contrasting look. The layering technique, in which a shirt is casually layered around the neck, is typical of Italians.


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