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5 techniques to make a black T-shirt coordinate look more sophisticated


5 techniques to make a black T-shirt coordinate look more sophisticated

The black T-shirt is a classic, but has a different appeal from the white T-shirt. In this issue, we will introduce five techniques to coordinate black T-shirts in a modern and smart way!


T-shirts are sized to look 2~3cm drop-shoulder when worn. Ideally, pants should be of a thickness that does not pick up the line of the legs and does not drag at the hem. If you wear pants that have a cushion at the hem to create a relaxed look, I think you’ll get a much more “in” look.[/speech_bubble]

How to coordinate black T-shirts (2)Tight black T-shirts with body and sleeves that follow the lines of the body for a new image

You can find fashionable people who catch the eye in the fashionable Harajuku, Omotesando and Aoyama neighborhoods, highly sensitive fashion influencers and fashion snaps sent from overseas photographers. When we check out fashion snaps sent by fashionable people around the fashionable Harajuku, Omotesando, and Aoyama areas, as well as by highly sensitive fashion influencers and photographers from overseas, we get the impression that wearing tight-fitting T-shirts that show the lines of the body is slowly beginning to attract more and more attention. Dark black T-shirts are safe to wear in tight fits because there is no need to worry about the skin showing through. Body make-up is a must if you want to try this style. It is important to avoid exposing your body to the light of day.

Editor Tachibana
When wearing a T-shirt a size down, it is important to choose a model with a three-dimensional pattern that does not feel constricting when worn in a tight silhouette. You want to choose one that will clear all the possible risks of wearing a T-shirt in a tight fit, such as “the neck looks stuffy,” “the sleeve tips float oddly,” or “the nipples look like they’re floating.” For example, many T-shirts by Italian knitwear brands such asGran Sasso andFedeli are models designed to be worn with jackets and slacks, so you are more likely to find the ideal T-shirt with a three-dimensional look.

How to coordinate black T-shirts (3)Style up with a box silhouette that is not too long

In 2024, in addition to the black T-shirts introduced above, box silhouette T-shirts designed with a wider body width and a slightly shorter length are also a hot item. The box silhouette T-shirt is attractive because its wide width covers the stomach area and the higher hem line = a higher waist position, which gives the appearance of a higher style effect. As shown in the snapshot below, loose, straight silhouette pants and thick-soled shoes will give you a trendy look.

Editor Tachibana
The Haynes ” BEEFY-T,” known as the classic T-shirt, measures 68.5 cm in length and 54 cm in width in size L. Based on that, it is easy to understand that a T-shirt of the same size with about the same length and a wider body width is considered a box silhouette. I personally feel that Polo Ralph Lauren’s relaxed-fit T-shirts have a boxy silhouette that fits the current mood.

How to coordinate black T-shirts (4)Black looks expensive, so differentiate yourself by focusing on the fabric

Black T-shirts have the characteristic of looking more expensive than T-shirts of other colors. By taking advantage of this advantage and incorporating a high-quality black T-shirt made of a particular fabric into your coordinate, you can easily create a summer coordinate with a sense of class. By combining it with slacks to enhance the dressy atmosphere, you can create a stylish coordinate with a mature and comfortable look.

Editor Tachibana
There are many different types of luxury t-shirt fabrics. Personally, what I feel is easily recognizable as luxury is a smooth knitted T-shirt fabric with a silken finish, a process that increases the luster of the fabric. The smooth luster that gently reflects light creates a sense of luxury that anyone can see is a good T-shirt.

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How to coordinate a black T-shirt (5)Mastering the combination of military pants with a modern, rugged look

Lastly, we propose a black T-shirt with an urban mood. The last one is a mix of a black T-shirt with an urban mood and military pants that give a bold impression. This combination is known as a common technique among Italian fashionistas, and the modern atmosphere created by tightening the earthy military pants with a black T-shirt is appealing. The modern atmosphere is further enhanced by the moderately loose fit of Mr. Daniele Biagioli’s outfit below.

Editor Tachibana
The use of black items between the top and bottom of the olive green pants and the black items is another point of reference. By tightening the top and bottom edges with black, the smart impression can be greatly enhanced. Incidentally, Daniele Biagioli is wearing Birkenstock ‘s classic ” Boston ” cuff sandals. It is one of the most enduring models, so it is worth owning a pair.

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