Spring Codes Men’s [ 2022 Latest Men’s Fashion ].


Spring Codes Men's [ 2022 Latest Men's Fashion ].

The spring season is here, and as the temperature rises, so does the fashionable spirit. In this issue, we will introduce trend keywords and overseas snaps to look out for in men’s spring coordination, based on the 2022SS remote exhibition, real fashion events held with thorough infection control measures, and the latest snapshots sent from around the world.

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2022 Spring Coordinate Men’s Trend Keyword (1) “Wear a cozy “olive green” look!

Perhaps due to the vintage wear boom, “olive green,” a staple color of military wear, is in vogue this season. Olive green, which refers to a yellowish, slightly dull green, goes well with standard men’s fashion colors such as monotone and navy. Coordinating olive green with the colors that are popular in men’s fashion will give a fresh impression. In particular, the faded tone of olive green is perfect not only for enhancing a spring-like seasonal look, but also for creating a sophisticated atmosphere in a coordinated outfit. If you are looking to buy new spring clothes this season, look out for olive-colored garments with a faded or garment-dyed finish.

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You can also incorporate the “Very Peri” color, which was named Pantone Color of the Year!

Very Peri” has been attracting attention as the latest color trend. This color was chosen as the color of 2022 in the annual Pantone Color of the Year announced by Pantone, a company that produces color swatches. The color has attracted more attention than ever before because it was chosen as a newly created color, unlike previous years. The warm tones of purple are said to represent a time of transition to a different way of living and working due to the effects of infectious diseases. Although there are still only a few apparel products that use the “Very Peri” coloring, consciously incorporating items with a similar coloring to create a casually sensitive coordination may be a viable option.

2022 Spring Coordinate Men’s Trend Keyword (2) “Expanding Means of ‘Dressing Up’!

The new normal lifestyle has spread rapidly over the past few years. While suits and jackets are being worn more freely, the range of coordination styles that can be enjoyed by mixing casual styles with dress wear is also expanding. A good example is the “non-tailored jacket” and “tied-up shirt” look of Frank Ocean, who attended the 2019 Met Gala, that has been attracting attention among streetheads. The dress mix of shell outerwear mixed with a narrow tie is a fresh, mode approach to dressing.

As another example of ” non-tailored jackets ” x ” tied-up shirts “, we also picked up some overseas snaps seen at Pitti Uomo. Collared outerwear such as riders’ jackets and trucker jackets can be mixed with tied-up shirts more like tailored jackets. In addition to achieving an ironclad, highly sensitive look, why not consider dress-mix dressing from all perspectives this season as a means of breaking out of a style rut?

The iron plate of dress mixing is “slacks” and “sneakers”!

Although the dress mix of “non-tailored jackets” and “tied-up shirts” is suddenly attracting a lot of attention, many people feel that it is too much of a hurdle to overcome. The most popular dress mix is the combination of “slacks” and “sneakers. This combination, in which slacks with a beautiful silhouette and a center crease create a neat impression while sneakers add a light touch, will help add freshness to your casual style. For those who are trying dress mixing for the first time, I recommend starting with these footwear.

For example, here is a combination…

Slacks Click here for more details
Sneakers Click here for more details

Slacks” and “sneakers” are two of the easiest dress-mix outfits to try, but since they are in different categories to begin with, you need to be creative in blending them into a single style. For example, adjust the silhouette balance, or choose “sporty slacks” and “sneakers with leather-like uppers” to bring their tastes closer together. The article “Slacks and Sneakers” is also available on OTOKOMAE, so be sure to check it out and make use of it in your outfits.

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2022 Spring Codes Men’s Trend Keyword (3) “Cyber-tech outfits are getting more attention!

Brands that excel in the development of functional wear such as outdoor, work, and military wear are attracting attention these days. Cyber-tech outfits with a futuristic feel that mixes the above-mentioned categories are one of the topics that cannot be overlooked. As an image of cyber-tech wear, the collection that ” sacai ” launched in collaboration with ” ACRONYM ” for the spring/summer of 2022 is easy to understand. The collection was based on military and outdoor wear, but fused Sacai’s unique hybrid design with ACRONYM’s signature technical detailing. Other modern military and outdoor collections such asC.P. COMPANY andDAIWA PIER39 are just right as a source of inspiration for cyber-tech outfits.

Click here for details and purchase

Stylish people overseas are obsessed with wearing shell outerwear like a ninja!

One of the templates for cyber-tech outfits is the use of Arc’teryx and other shell outerwear. The ninja-like styling of wearing a hood designed in the three-dimensional silhouette of shell-type outerwear, which covers most of the face, is gaining popularity mainly on social networking sites. Although it is difficult to incorporate this style into your daily coordinate, we would like to keep it as a reference information to expand your dressing variations. As a reference, check out the music video for the song “Arc’teryx” by artist YT.

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2022 Spring Codes Men’s Trend Keyword (4) “Imma, boots on feet are fresh!

Perhaps as a reaction to the unprecedented sneaker boom, the number of fashionable people paying attention to leather shoes and boots is rapidly increasing. In particular, boots, which have a sense of ruggedness and presence that sets them apart from lightweight sneakers, look fresh when added to the footwear of today’s fashionable men’s coordination. The target is trekking boots, engineer boots, and other work boots with a rugged look. They can be worn with the cyber-tech outfits we picked up above, or as a subtle addition to a jacket style, as shown in the snapshot below.

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Fashionable adult men in their 30s and 40s are crazy about American casual boots!

Red Wing’s Irish Setter andTimberland’s 6-inch boots, which established a steadfast position in the American casual boom of the 80s~90s, are also attracting renewed attention. In addition to matching them with pants with roomy silhouettes such as Levi’s 501s and550s to reflect the atmosphere of those days, you can also wear them with sweatpants for a sporty look or slacks for a classy look. We hope you will enjoy coordinating your outfits with them.

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