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T-shirts should be beautiful and durable! Make your everyday outfits richer with “SIRIUS.”


T-shirts should be beautiful and durable! Make your everyday outfits richer with "SIRIUS."

They choose clothes that are the right size for their bodies, iron out wrinkles, and wear clothes correctly. A man who pays attention to such trivial details of his appearance is attractive. Furthermore, if the clothes he wears are simple and of high quality, he will surely give off the impression of not only cleanliness, but also of a competent adult. For example, if you are looking for a “T-shirt” that you can wear all season long as a stand-alone item in the spring and summer and as an inner layer in the fall and winter, you should aim for a piece like this, with a clean, elegant look and excellent durability.


T-shirts are an item that looks simple but has a lot of depth. Even for plain T-shirts, brands that place more importance on their world view are more particular about the specifications of the fabrics they use, the silhouettes they match, the width of the collar, the stitching, and other maniacal details. The “SIRIUS” introduced here is a piece that was created with the theme of both a luxurious appearance and a robust finish that is easy to use in everyday life. At a quick glance, it appears to be a simple plain T-shirt, but a closer look reveals that it is finished with attention to detail in many areas.

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Top-quality cotton hand-grafted in the Deccan Plateau of southern India

The first thing I would like to mention about this T-shirt is the ” fabric. The raw material used is the highest quality extra-long staple cotton harvested by hand in the Deccan Plateau of southern India. After spinning it into the ultra-fine 120 count yarn used in high-end dress shirts, it is knitted into a high-density smooth fabric using two-ply. This gives the fabric a smooth, lustrous look and a thick finish that does not easily become transparent.

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GP Designer
Compared to the jersey knitted fabrics generally used for T-shirts, smooth knitted fabrics are characterized by their thicker and smoother look. Smooth knitting is also called “double-sided knitting,” and uses more yarn than jersey knitting, which is made by knitting two elastic knits back-to-back and using both sides as the surface fabric. This has the disadvantages of increasing the price of the fabric itself and making it difficult to sew because of its elasticity, but we chose to use a smooth knitted 100% cotton fabric that is made from the best raw materials to match the concept of “SIRIUS. The price may be high for a plain T-shirt, but we are confident that you can feel the texture of the fabric better than other T-shirts in the same price range on the market, so we hope you will experience it for yourself!

The image below shows, from left to right, “raw cotton,” “cotton combed,” which is spun by combing fibers, “extra-long staple cotton,” which is made by carefully selecting very long fibers from the cotton plant, and the cotton raw materials used in the “SIRIUS” T-shirt introduced here. You will be able to feel the difference in supple texture from the stage before being made into yarn and fabric.

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Wearing a single T-shirt becomes summeryAdopting a modern BOX silhouette

The silhouette is a BOX shape that does not pick up body lines and is suitable for all body shapes. The boxy silhouette is designed to accommodate all body types without picking up body contours. The size is designed to be comfortable without being too oversized, giving a modern impression when worn with just a T-shirt. The balance of this item makes it easy to match with everything from smart slacks to trendy oversized wide-leg pants.

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GP Designer
To accommodate the wider body and shoulder width, the sleeve length was adjusted to be a little shorter so that the cuff comes above the elbow. This will reduce the “worn-in” feeling even if the garment is oversized. The shoulders are modestly sloped so as not to impede the movement of the arms. The balance of the silhouette is similar to that of American-made T-shirts from the 1990s.

Thick milled fabric sewn in a double-layer structureRealized a collar specification that is resistant to sagging and sagging

The collar is designed to be resistant to sagging and losing its shape by sewing a thick milled fabric in a special double-layer structure. The collar width is set at 2.5cm, slightly wider than that of a standard T-shirt, for a look that is both classy and easy to use casually.

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GP Designer
T-shirts made of elegant and delicate fabrics look sophisticated, classy, and very cool, but they have a crying problem: they tend to sag and lose their shape when washed. Although T-shirts can last longer if they are washed carefully and ironed each time, many people would prefer not to spend precious time ironing T-shirts each time. We created “SIRIUS” in the hope of eliminating this ironing process. If you are looking for a classy and tough T-shirt, please consider this!
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