If you want to make a beautiful casual coordinate in summer, here’s how to do it! Collection of examples of outfits seen in men’s street snapshots


If you want to make a beautiful casual coordinate in summer, here's how to do it! Collection of examples of outfits seen in men's street snapshots

During the hot summer months, coordination tends to be light and the look tends to be rough. Of course, it is good to wear rough clothes, but how can we make casual coordinates look beautiful? In this issue, we focus on casual summer coordinates and introduce examples of styling with a beautiful look!

For a basic T-shirt-only coordinate, choose a white T-shirt with a dressy taste!

There must be many people who mostly wear T-shirts for casual summer outfits. If you want to give such a basic outfit a beautiful image quickly, we recommend you choose an elegant white T-shirt with a dressy taste. It goes well with slacks and leather shoes, and can easily express a beautiful casual style.

Recommended white T-shirt ” GENTLEMAN PROJECTS PERSEUS

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Wrapping a neckerchief or bandana around a casual outfit can transform it into a beautiful impression.

If you want to make a T-shirt-only coordinate look more beautiful, you can also use accessories as an extra touch. For example, in this casual coordinate of a white T-shirt and black jeans, a bandana is wrapped around the neck to add a touch of glamour. A neckerchief or a bandana can give a classy impression with just one accessory, so even a rough outfit with a T-shirt and jeans can be finished with a beautiful look.

Recommended bandana ” Velva Sheen Bandana Cross

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Knit T-shirts are another option for making T-shirt coordination look beautiful

A knit T-shirt is also a strong choice as a candidate item to create a beautiful T-shirt coordinate. While the shape is the same as that of a short-sleeved T-shirt, the elegant look unique to knit material adds the essence of sophistication to your coordination. Knitwear may give the impression of being too hot to wear in summer, but there is no need to worry about this with knit T-shirts made of summer wool or linen, which have excellent breathability and heat dissipation properties.

Recommended knit T-shirts ” JOHN SMEDLEY 30G Cotton Merino Crew Neck Knit T-shirt

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White shirts are a representative item in the tops of beautiful casual coordinates!

When it comes to creating a beautiful casual coordinate, the white shirt is probably the first item that comes to mind as a candidate for a top. While originally a dress item to be worn with suits and jackets, the appeal of the white shirt lies in its nostalgia for matching with jeans and other casual pants without feeling out of place. It can maintain a certain level of elegance no matter what kind of bottoms you wear it with, so if you have one, you should have no trouble creating a beautiful casual coordinate.

Recommended white shirt ” FAY linen shirt

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Stripe pattern gives a gorgeous impression to a beautiful casual coordinate using a shirt

If you want to use a patterned shirt in a beautiful casual coordinate, we recommend a striped pattern. Among the many patterned shirts available, the striped shirt has the sharpest appearance and can add glamour with its pattern without losing its classy impression. If you want to add an accent to a beautiful casual summer coordinate, which tends to be simple with plain items, striped shirts are the way to go.

Recommended striped shirt “POLO RALPH LAUREN striped shirt

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The combination of a tailored jacket and a T-shirt is a royal combination of clean casual wear!

The jacket style cannot be ignored when talking about beautiful casual coordination. To achieve a good balance of elegance and casualness, wear a T-shirt as an inner layer and casual pants or easy pants with slacks as bottoms. For shoes, we recommend sneakers for a casual look and leather shoes such as loafers for a more elegant look!

Recommended tailored jacket ” TAGLIATORE Linen Double Jacket

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Wearing clean white pants will give a beautiful impression to a military jacket coordinate

The appeal of white pants is that they can create a beautiful image no matter how rugged the item is. As you can see, even if you coordinate them with a rugged military jacket, you can still achieve a beautiful and clean look. It is also nice to know that white can also be used with denim pants to create a beautiful impression and keep the sense of unity of the rough fabrics.

Recommended white denim ” PT TORINO DENIM Slim Jeans

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