Jeans Codes for Men! 7 tips to refine your outfits!


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Jeans Codes for Men! 7 tips to refine your outfits!

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Waza (2) to refine the jean coordinate: “Combine the jean with the same casual item for a familiar look!

The jean jacket, a staple of men’s casual outerwear, goes well not only with T-shirts but also with other casual items such as chinos and sneakers. It is a perfect coordinate and can easily create a cohesive styling with a sense of lightness added. While a variety of mixed styles have been attracting attention in recent years, we dare you to enjoy wearing this jean jacket coordinate with casual items of the same taste.

Mixing jean jackets and military wear goes well together! Create a masculine, ironclad coordinate!

Denim jackets with a masculine look and military wear with rugged details are a perfect match. Both are based on thick cotton fabrics, and the color fading that occurs over time has many similarities, making it easy to express a sense of unity in styling despite the different tastes. As shown here, a denim jacket and thick chinos will create an ironclad look for the austere man. The choice of even the bag, with its design reminiscent of military surplus items, creates a sophisticated atmosphere.

New Balance sneakers, which exude a hint of intelligence, are set in a denim jacket coordinate.

A denim jacket faded to a pale blue color is paired with black pants for an urban look. By combining a pair of Boston-born New Balance sneakers, which were loved by Steve Jobs, the outfit is casual yet has a certain intelligence and class. New Balance’s classic gray color blends well with faded denim.

Match the jean jacket with camouflage pants for a masculine look!

The vintage 1st type jean jacket and camouflage pants are a perfect combination of masculinity and style. During the World War II, even the flaps on the pockets were omitted due to lack of supplies. The ability to coordinate with a story like this is one of the charms of jean jackets.

Choose a basic design for the other items to make the best use of the high-design jean jacket.

To accentuate the high design of the jacket, which has a chest pocket on the back side, basic design items such as a plain white T-shirt and navy cotton pants are worn together. The Union Jack accents throughout the outfit are also noteworthy.

The black jean jacket is accented with a red chief in the breast pocket.

Black jean jackets create a chic atmosphere that is different from indigo denim. Since dark tones are the base of the outfit, the use of colorful items as accents is effective. For example, as shown below, a pocket chief is placed in the breast pocket to give the jacket a tailored jacket-like look. Even the rugged styling with work pants on the bottom has a somewhat classy look.

Waza (3): “Pick up the color of the jean and wear tone-on-tone!

Tone-on-tone is a dressing technique that has been adopted by many of Italy’s fashionable people. The same color with different tones (color tone) creates a sense of cohesiveness and a smart finish. Another appeal of this technique is that it is easy to create a gradation of colors by combining items in tone-on-tone combinations in stages. If you are looking to get rid of the mischievous look of a jean jacket, this is a great way to do it.

A casual style with a fresh blue and white color scheme for a sophisticated look.

To match the indigo blue of the G-jacket, navy cotton pants are set as bottoms to create a stylish tone-on-tone coordination. By choosing white for the innerwear and sneakers, the two colors are limited to create a highly sophisticated outfit. Although it may seem overly simple, the small tricks of turning up the collar and rolling up the shirt to create a sophisticated atmosphere are also brilliant.

A tone-on-tone coordinate with a light-colored jean jacket and navy pants for a fearless finish.

This tone-on-tone coordinate combines a light blue jean jacket with navy pants, creating a difference in brightness. While the colors are consistent, the crispness of the look creates an unmistakably masculine and stylish atmosphere. The use of browns throughout the outfit, subtly finishing it in the style of Azzurro e Marrone, is a technique that only Italian geeks would want to imitate.

A one-tone blue coordinate that creates a sense of unity

The tone-on-tone coordinate is a sense of unity, with blue items used throughout the body to pick up the indigo blue of the jean jacket. The choice of hickory pants gives the denim-on-denim style a stylish look with different impressions on the top and bottom.

Gray jean jacket and black jeans in a monotone gradation

A monotone gradation is expressed by combining gray jeans with a first-type design and black faded skinny jeans. Black sneakers are also chosen for the footwear to create a thorough gradation of colors.

Jeans coordinate in white with an accent on the feet

A white jean jacket and white jeans are a cohesive coordinate. A plain white T-shirt is also chosen as an inner layer, creating a fresh all-white impression. The choice of Atlantic Star yellow sneakers for the feet adds an accent to the look.


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