Denim Jacket Codes! Explanation of each type, seasonal men’s street snapshots, and recommended items.


Denim Jacket Codes! Explanation of each type, seasonal men's street snapshots, and recommended items.

The “Denim Jacket” is a light outerwear that injects the essence of American casual and work into styling and transmits a masculine look with a tough face. It is a super staple item for men that can be worn casually, of course, but it can also be used as a dress style accessory when worn inside a chester coat or tailored jacket. In this issue, we will introduce you to the different types of “denim jackets,” their styling, and recommended items!

What is a denim jacket (jean jacket)?

In the 1870s, Levi Strauss developed jeans as durable and breathable utility wear for cowboys, coal miners, and railroad workers in the Gold Rush West. The “Triple Pleated Blouse” and “Riveted Blouse” were manufactured as work jackets to go with the jeans around 1880. This is considered to be the prototype of the denim jacket. Originally intended to be worn as a top and bottom jacket, it was characterized by a relatively simple design with four buttons and one breast pocket. After numerous improvements, Levi’s introduced the denim jacket with the lot number “506XX” in the 1930s. At the same time, Lee, a wholesaler of food and general merchandise, started manufacturing denim clothing and introduced the “101 Slim Jacket,” a western-style denim jacket, in 1931.

Incidentally, Levi’s denim jackets are often referred to as “First,” “Second,” “Third,” and “Force” in chronological order from the earliest models, but these are names given for convenience by Japanese used clothing importers and are not official names given by Levi’s. Currently, Levi’s most popular “third” type denim jacket is called a “trucker jacket.

Let’s review five typical types of denim jackets!

(1) 1st type denim jacket

The first type, identified by the Levi’s lot number “506XX,” is characterized by action pleats on the sides of the buttons on the front and flap pockets attached only at a low position on the left chest. Early models, however, did not have flaps on the front pockets, and jackets prior to the 1936 version did not have the big “E” red tab. The back waistband was equipped with a belt (cinch-back) for size adjustment, but this needle-stick cinch was unpopular with cowboys because it damaged cars, sofas, and horse saddles, so it was replaced by a buckle without a needle from the postwar model in 1946, and from the succeeding 507XX, the cinch-back was replaced by an adjuster belt on the waistband instead of a cinch-back. The 507XX, which succeeded it, used an adjuster belt on the waistband instead of a cinch-back. The first type, made as workwear, is known as the most rugged denim jacket, and is a gem that can be said to be the cornerstone of all G-jans in the world today.

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(2) 2nd type denim jacket

Levi’s “507XX” released in 1952 is the so-called “2nd type” denim jacket. Both chest pockets with button-flap closures, bar tacks (stitching for reinforcement), and button adjusters for size adjustment are the main changes from the ” 506XX. The “second type” denim jacket, with its enhanced functionality as workwear but with a modern interpretation, gained status as a fashion item along with jeans through the styles of James Dean, Marlon Brando, and Steve McQueen, who were regarded as icons of the new type. The image of the cowboy style popularized by the Western movies of the 1930s was transformed into a cooler, more stylish image created by Hollywood stars in the 1950s and 1960s.

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(3) 3rd type denim jacket

The most popular “third type” denim jacket, known as a “trucker jacket” and called the perfection of denim jackets, is based on the “557XX” launched by Levi’s in 1962. The most distinctive feature of this jacket is the home base type flap pockets on both chests and the V-shaped stitching that goes with them, which gives a masculine look to the chest and a slim and neat impression at the waist. While Levi’s “506XX” First and “507XX” Second are made of 9 oz. unshrunk denim, “557XX” Third is made of 12 oz. denim with a shrink-proof finish. Accordingly, the ” XX ” was gradually eliminated from the model numbers on patches from around 1964.

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(4) Denim jacket of the 4th type

The force type is the prototype of Levi’s ” 70505″ released in 1966. At a quick glance, the design is almost the same as the third type “557XX,” but it has a slimmer body width and slightly longer length than the ” 557XX,” resulting in a sleeker silhouette. From the first to the force, Levi’s has consistently used 100% cotton selvage denim made by Cone Mills, but as mentioned above, they switched to shrink-proof denim in the middle of the third model, so the “70505” force model does not have the “XX” sign.

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(5) Lelee 101J type denim jacket

In contrast to Levi’s denim jackets, which update their designs to meet the needs of the times, Lee’s denim jackets have established a unique position with a design that has remained almost unchanged from the time of their birth to the present. The “101J” type denim jacket, which has become a Lee icon as a timeless masterpiece, was launched in 1931 as the “101 Slim Jacket,” a western style jacket designed for cowboys. The most striking feature of the “101J” type, which differentiates it from all other Levi’s denim jackets, is the slightly slanted inward breast pockets, which were designed to allow cowboys to easily reach into the opposite pocket while riding their horses. It also features a short length and a wide waistband, which is designed to provide a better fit by making the waistband wider and to prevent the jacket from turning up when riding a horse. Another feature of the ” 101J” type is that it has fewer metal parts to prevent injury in the event of a horse fall, and the zigzag stitching and double stitching reinforce the toughness of the jacket.

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