A new proposal for a ” short length knit jacket ” that you won’t be able to live without from outside to home!


A new proposal for a " short length knit jacket " that you won't be able to live without from outside to home!

During the winter season, it is convenient to have just the right piece of clothing that can be used not only for going out but also for relaxing in chilly rooms to keep you warm. This short-length knit blouson, knitted to the limit with washable wool yarn, can play such an exquisite position and give a modern look to your outfits.

K-9″ is a comfortable balance of “more than a cardigan and less than a heavy outerwear

The knit blouson introduced here can be worn as outerwear, of course, but its greatest appeal is its versatility, as it can also be used like a cardigan as warm clothing indoors in chilly weather. The thick 5-gauge knitted fabric with plenty of highly heat-retentive wool yarn can be worn as an extra layer of warm clothing when it feels a little chilly with a shirt or sweatshirt. The knitwear has excellent elasticity, making it more comfortable than woven outerwear. It is also recommended as a mid-layer for oversized outerwear.

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The luxurious knitted fabric, knitted with yarns stuffed to the “limit degree,” elevates the look of this item!

The knitted fabric is made of 30 count twin yarn washable wool yarn on the front and 60 count single yarn AMOSSA on the back, knitted at the “limit stitch count”. The high-density knitted fabric with the stitching packed to the limit creates a luxurious feel and elevates the coordination of the garment. In addition, the front “scale (epidermis)” is treated with a special process, so it feels smooth to the touch. AMOSSA on the reverse side is a high-stretch yarn that neatly adjusts the weave and plays a role in enhancing form stability. Hand-washable at home is also a nice feature.

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The relaxed box silhouette gives a modern look to your outfits!

The short length of the BOX silhouette fits modern outfits, and can be layered with a T-shirt for a more sophisticated coordinated look. It is also good that you don’t have to worry about the length stretching out and making you look sloppy, as is often the case with low gauge knits. The high neck, which gives a three-dimensional effect around the face, is designed with a moderate amount of room without constricting the neck area even when all the buttons are closed. It is also great to wear with a knit or shirt over the shoulders for a stylish European look.

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Available in three colors in limited quantities. Only available at the official GENTLEMAN PROJECTS website!

Three colors are available: urban black, green navy with a unique and elegant coloring, and olive, which changes its appearance from brown to green depending on the way the sun hits it. Only GENTLEMAN PROJECTS official website handles this item. It has a volume feel that can be used like outerwear, and although it is made in Japan by a trusted, long-established knit factory, it can be purchased for the 30,000 yen range. The quantity is limited, so if you are interested in this item, be sure to check it out before it sells out!

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