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8 rules of summer fashion for men in their 40s


8 rules of summer fashion for men in their 40s

If you are a man in your 40s, you may be thinking, “I’m too old to be reflecting the latest trends…” or “My body shape and face are changing, and the styles I used to wear don’t suit me anymore…”. ” “My body shape and face have changed, and the styles I used to wear don’t suit me anymore,” and so on. In this issue, the author, who is in the middle of his 40s, would like to introduce recommended summer fashion styles and points to keep in mind for male readers in the same age group, based on information obtained through street snapshots in the city and overseas, personal fashion history, and other sources.

Basic Stance on Summer Fashion for Men in Their 40s (1)Resisting the Loss of Cleanliness Due to Aging

Many men who reach around the age of around 30 begin jokingly saying, “We’re old men now, aren’t we? However, the truth is that you may not have experienced such serious aging at around Alaska’s age. It is in one’s 40s that one begins to feel a definite aging effect. “Not only my hair, but also my beard is graying…” “I have deep wrinkles at the corners of my eyes and on my forehead…” “Deep wrinkles at the corners of my eyes and forehead…” “My skin is dull and spots are becoming more noticeable…” My daughter says I smell bad these days. Could it be the smell of aging? At this age, the aging process is accelerating at a rapid pace. There is a big difference between giving up and saying, “I’m an old man, so it can’t be helped,” and accepting the situation and making an effort to regain one’s health. In particular, it is a good idea to give high priority to resisting the changes caused by aging, which can lead to a feeling of uncleanliness.

Editor Mitsui
I personally recommend “facial coverage with BB cream with sunscreen,” as well as “regular teeth cleaning and whitening” and “(preferably) going to the hair salon at least once a month. Few men are able to do all of these things, so this alone will make you stand out from the crowd in terms of cleanliness.

Basic stance on summer fashion for 40s (2)Finding the best way to deal with trends for you

For men in their 40s, dealing with fashion trends is very important. While it is true that it is nonsense for a good adult to be swayed by trends, I do not think that devotion to timeless classic styles is the only solution. While keeping abreast of trends, it is important to seek out clothing selections and outfits that reflect trends in moderation.

Model on the catwalk
Zegna show, Runway, Spring Summer 2024, Milan Fashion Week Men’s, Italy – 19 Jun 2023

The basic attitude of summer fashion for 40s (3)

Even when wearing the same clothes, there is a world of difference between a man in his 40s with a well-proportioned body and a man in his 40s with a beer belly. In addition, ” loose facial lines” and “lack of facial expression” can be attributed more to poor diet and sleep quality and lack of exercise than to aging. Especially in summer, when people have more opportunities to wear tops that show off their body lines, it is important to eat well, work out regularly, and get enough sleep in order to look good in T-shirts.

The following are some tips for 40-somethings to consider when thinking about their summer fashion style.

Rules of summer fashion for 40s (1)T-shirt size should be slightly oversized to just right fit

5 techniques to enhance the stylishness of a plain white T-shirt coordinate As mentioned in the article, it is no exaggeration to say that the face of summer coordination The trend toward extremely oversized T-shirts, whether for dress or casual wear, seems to have settled down, with just-right to slightly oversized T-shirts becoming the norm. Balenciaga, a leading high brand that has consistently offered oversized tops, has also begun to offer just-right and tight tops, albeit in some cases, and this trend seems certain to become a reality.

Editor Mitsui
Our editorial department conducts a quantitative analysis of trends twice a year using tens of thousands of street snaps taken at PittiWomo and Milan Fashion Week. The trend has revealed a contraction from just-fit to slightly oversized in all men’s fashion styles, with a significant decrease in tight-fitting and extremely oversized …

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Editor Mitsui
The popularity of so-called “logo-don” items, in which the brand name is prominently and prominently displayed, has settled down, but there may be many men in their 40s who secretly want to create a sense of richness that is instantly recognizable and sets them apart from the average young man, but who also do not want to be thought of as a “vulgar, rich uncle. I personally think that many Prada T-shirts, for example, have just the right amount of elegance. In addition, I recommend choosing items that are simple but have a slightly elaborate design, such as the item below, so that you can stand up and say, “I didn’t buy it because it was a high brand, but because the design I liked happened to be a high brand.”

Check out PRADA’s T-shirts.

Rules of summer fashion for 40s (2)Inject a sense of cleanliness into summer fashion in your 40s by incorporating a white shirt

Cleanliness is important for summer fashion in your 40s. As we age, we tend to lose our sense of cleanliness as our skin becomes duller, blemishes appear, beards become thicker, and sparse gray hair grows. While it is good to eliminate these problems through direct approaches such as daily skin care, light makeup, and cosmetic treatments, there are limits, and many men do not want to devote that much time, effort, and budget. For such men in their 40s, I recommend summer fashion that incorporates white shirts. The clean atmosphere unique to white shirts affects the overall style, and at the same time, the light reflecting off the fabric makes it easy for the complexion to appear a little brighter.

Editor Mitsui
Short-sleeved shirts are now available in more regular collars compared to last year, but the open collar (open collar) is also likely to maintain its strong popularity. If you are not a fan of short-sleeved shirts, I recommend rolling up long-sleeved shirts and incorporating them into your coordination. Personally, when choosing short-sleeved shirts for casual style, I have recently been choosing items that are slightly oversized rather than just right-size. This reduces the childishness that short-sleeved shirts tend to have, and gives them a more stylish and sophisticated look for adults.

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Rules of summer fashion for 40s (3)The too-short shorts that 40s were into when they were young are outdated; knee-length half pants are ◯

Depending on the style and genre of items, “old (old)” in a bad way Some styles and item genres can be “old-fashioned” in a bad sense, so there is no harm in keeping in mind the parts of the trend that have a large impact, even if you don’t grasp all of it. For example, when men in their late 40s were in their late 30s, thigh-length shorts were popular and many of them actively wore them, but nowadays thigh-length shorts have completely disappeared and half pants around the knee are the mainstream. Even back then, shorts that were too short were not very popular with women, but nowadays, women are likely to have a very low opinion of shorts that are too short. We strongly recommend updating the length of shorts, a typical summer fashion item.

Editor Mitsui
The other day, I received a comment on social media in response to one of our articles, “Men who care too much about trends are also lame, though.” I reflected on the fact that this comment was just the tip of the iceberg and wondered if there were more than a few readers who did not share my opinion on the content or the way it was conveyed, but at the same time I thought, “Trends are just trends, but it is still important to understand them. At the same time, I thought again, “Trends are just trends, but it is still important to understand them. I personally think it is a great idea to ignore trends from the standpoint of compatibility with one’s own body type and perfection as a fashion style, not to mention to incorporate trends based on a certain understanding of the trends! The same goes for the choice of shorts. By the way, if you are going to wear shorts, it is recommended that you trim your leg hair to some extent, rather than leaving it growing. Even if you don’t want to go as far as permanent hair removal or Brazilian waxing, you should at least shorten the length with a Panasonic body trimmer or the like!

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Rules of 40s Summer Fashion (4)Full-length straight silhouette pants are going mainstream!

After the transient popularity of skinny pants and cropped pants a decade ago, and the recent standardization of wide pants and baggy pants, it should be noted that full-length pants with a straight silhouette and no exposed ankles are now becoming the mainstream. This trend is also seen in slacks and chinos. This trend is becoming more noticeable in a wide range of pants, including jeans as well as slacks and chinos.

Incidentally, many men in their 40s who have experienced the American casual style trend may own Levi’s 501s, both current and vintage. Currently, the popularity of vintage denim and the reemergence of denim popularity are giving them a second chance to come back into vogue. In our youth, it was rare for women to wear vintage clothes, and our parents would say to us, “Are you stupid to pay such a high price for such tired old clothes? However, the term “vintage clothing store” is now a dead word, and women are now enjoying used products in the fashionable sense of “vintage stores. I miss the days when I used to exchange information with my friends, saying, “Late 66 is used clothing, and early 66 is vintage,” based on what I had heard from store staff. If you have any 501s lying in the back of your closet, please consider using them.

Editor Mitsui
Vintage Levi’s were expensive even back then, though not as much as now, so it was hard for us students to afford them back then. Many of you may have bought so-called replica models that were made by Japanese denim brands based on vintage 501s, because you wanted to enjoy the cool faded color. If you still have a pair of replica jeans that you used to wear, try them on and see if you can incorporate them into your summer wardrobe. You may be surprised to hear a young man say, “Your jeans are really cool, senpai! You never know, you might even get a “Wow!

Rules of summer fashion for 40s (5)40s should choose leather sandals for summer fashion with less exposed feet

Japanese summers are hot. While flip-flops are attractive because they are comfortable and functional, many men do not want to be restricted in their activities because of them. Leather sandals are the answer to this need, but not just any leather sandals will do. Gurkha sandals are a good example. The smaller the area of the foot exposed by the leather strap, the tighter the impression, and if worn with socks instead of bare feet, the sandals look even tighter, allowing you to enter a small restaurant or fashionable cafe in town without hesitation. Depending on the width of the bottoms, the mid to rear part of the leg is easily hidden by the hem, so the key point is to judge the tightness by how much the front part of the leg is hidden by the leather.

Editor Mitsui
Wearing leather loafers barefoot in summer is a standard style, but when you take off your shoes, the foot covers you are wearing are revealed, and I personally don’t like that because I don’t think it’s very cool. On the other hand, wearing them on bare feet is really filthy, so I would like to avoid that too. In this sense, I recommend leather sandals, which can be worn barefoot and give a tighter impression than regular sandals. If you get shoe sores from wearing leather sandals, please take a look at this article for clues on how to get rid of them.
関連記事 Sandals Shoe sore prevention. The savior was a well-established U.S. manufacturer!
サンダル 靴擦れ防止。救世主は米国の老舗メーカーだった!
Sandals are indispensable for summer outfits. Especially when they are made of leather, they often suffer from shoe sore...

Rules of summer fashion for 40s (6)If you carry a bag, keep up with the trends

Many men don’t carry a bag. However, if you are planning to purchase a bag, it would not be a bad idea to keep abreast of the latest trends. The popularity of clutches, which were a hit a few years ago, has faded, and tote and mini-boston bags in particular are becoming increasingly popular.

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Editor Mitsui
In the end, it is only advisable to choose based on practicality in your lifestyle and whether it fits your own fashion style.

Rules of summer fashion for 40s (7)Eyewear to create a sense of trend and class

Sunglasses are a summer must-have in terms of both practicality and fashion. Wearing a good-looking pair of sunglasses can add a sense of trend or status to your style. Since you need fewer items to wear in summer than in other seasons, it is a good idea to go out in style with your favorite pair of sunglasses.

Find TOM FORD EYEWEAR sunglasses

Editor Mitsui
After Osaka, Gentle Monster has finally opened its flagship store in Tokyo, Gentle Mon ster Tokyo Aoyama, which is one of the hottest eyewear brands to aim for right now. The flagship store in Aoyama has a line of customers every weekend, confirming its popularity. The flat design of the lenses and the logo on the temples make the brand’s eyewear instantly recognizable, so just by wearing it, you will be able to show your trend-sensitivity.

Rules of Summer Fashion for 40s (8)Summer Fashion for 40s, Wear a Watch that Fits Your Sensibility

In summer fashion where the wrist is exposed, the choice of accessories is extremely important. In particular, the choice of a wristwatch is an area that strongly reflects the preferences of each individual, so please be sure to choose one without omission. Many men in their 40s own mechanical watches, but it is around this age group that they begin to discover the design and style of watches that they really like as they look through the various watches they own and shop around. It is good to have a fashionable sensibility to choose a vintage Rolex of the year of birth, or it is also possible to admit your slightly meek sensibility to choose a current model of a popular model that is easily recognized by men and women of all ages. I think that a dress model that is hard to fit for young men, such as a Datejust or a Daydate, would also be suitable for a 40s man.

Editor Mitsui
While I envy those who post on social media about the countless luxury watches they own even though they don’t seem to be interested in watches at all, I also think that’s not what I’m aiming for. I admit that I am expressing my opinion with a fair amount of jealousy (lol), but I want to be able to passionately talk about the background and reasons why I am wearing that watch (if asked). This is a bit extreme and a bit of a digression, but I have a male friend who has been wearing a battered G-Shock Speed model that his child gave him as a gift for many years, and every time we go out for a drink, I tell him about the many times I’ve been given one. He says, “How many times have you told me that story? I think he’s the coolest guy I’ve ever met!

Vintage Rolex at Commit Ginza

Editor Tachibana
The real estate recession in China and the halt in global monetary easing have put a halt to the popularity of Rolex, which has become an anomaly. Wealthy foreign tourists are buying less and less, and secondary market prices seem to have calmed down considerably. If you have a model you want to buy, this may be your chance.

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