Denim Jacket Item Special! Recommended brands for men by type.


Denim Jacket Item Special! Recommended brands for men by type.

Denim jackets” are developed by many brands including denim brands as casual wear that fits not only American casual wear but also various styles. It is a versatile item that can be worn as outerwear in spring and fall and as innerwear in winter, and is useful in all three seasons. In this issue, we focus on “denim jackets” and introduce some of the hottest items while touching on the characteristics of each type!

There are several types of “denim jackets” with different details and silhouettes!

In the 1930s, Levi’s began manufacturing “denim jackets” as work jackets to be worn with jeans. Today, denim jackets are widely established as a fashion item, and many brands offer denim jackets, but did you know that the silhouette and details have gradually changed since the initial model launched by Levi’s? Levi’s denim jackets are often described as being divided into four types, “First,” “Second,” “Third,” and “Force,” in order of oldest to newest from the initial models. This distinction is a designation made for convenience by Japanese used clothing importers and is not an official name given by Levi’s. Incidentally, many brands use the ” third type ” as a design base, which is highly regarded in the fashion world.

In addition to the four types of Levis mentioned above, Lee In addition to the four types of Levi’s mentioned above, denim jackets produced by Lee have also established their own position. Of course, it is different from the model of Levi’s. Many items adopting the design of Lee’s denim jackets are also developed by other brands. The characteristic of Lee is that it has maintained its basic design and unchanging style from its birth to the present.

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From here, we introduce recommended denim jackets by type, touching on the characteristics of each of the five types!

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