Overview of this mediaWhat is OTOKOMAE?

OTOKOMAE is a fashion and beauty media for men launched in 2014 at the dawn of Internet media.Through fashion snaps taken around the world, articles explaining how to dress and brands, and introductions of beauty know-how, OTOKOMAE provides “useful information for men to improve themselves” on a daily basis.

OTOKOMAE's VisionPursuing the 'World Standard of Manliness'

“OTOKOMAE”, from which this media is derived, is a profound Japanese word that means not only that a man has an excellent figure, but also that his behavior and spirit are good-looking. We believe that this will increase men’s self-confidence and lead to good behavior and spirit.

Until a decade ago, the media had a monopoly on information about clothing and trends, and for better or worse, Japan’s unique Galapagos fashion style flourished. There were times when fashion styles such as “gyaru-okei” and “V-kei” were popular, which, although they were valid in their own right, looked somewhat strange to the rest of the world. On the other hand, the current proliferation of social networking services has made it easier for individuals to communicate, and fashion influencers with strong individual influence have been born, creating a micro-trend. While it is easy to follow influencers and use them as role models, it can be said that there are fewer opportunities to come into contact with a wide range of styles and to delve into information and truly enjoy fashion.

Through OTOKOMAE, we will provide information that will help you become a “world-class manly man” with emphasis on “understandability”, “reliability”, “professionalism”, and “reproducibility”.

Features of OTOKOMAE (1)We photograph men's fashion snaps from around the world better than anywhere else, bringing you real images of well-dressed men!

OTOKOMAE brings you the realistic and cool style of men from around the world.

To this end, we take approximately 50,000 overseas snapshots each year. Both editorial staff and photographers, sweating under the strong sunlight in the summer and their hands numb from the cold wind in the winter, single-mindedly focus on good-looking men and click their shutters.

People in the fashion industry have commented that “there is no other media in the world that takes as many men’s snapshots as OTOKOMAE does” , readers have said “the men’s outfits in OTOKOMAE’s snapshots are the best reference anywhere”, and men who have taken snapshots have said, “I am honored to be featured on OTOKOMAE’s Instagram”. We have received many comments from readers such as, “The way men dress in OTOKOMAE’s snapshots is the most helpful reference anywhere”.

Features of OTOKOMAE (2)We deliver real information based on solid analysis of objective and reliable data obtained from our travels in Japan and overseas!

OTOKOMAE is committed to providing you with essential and reliable information.

Have you ever been researching something in a book or on the Internet and wondered, “Is this true?” Have you ever wondered “Is this true? There was a time when fashion trends could easily be defined by arbitrary decisions made in a conference room, such as “Let’s make ◯◯ the trend for next season. Nowadays, anyone can send out information, whether good or bad, and there is a flood of information that is far from the truth, even if there is no malicious intent. There are many people on our editorial staff who have had the bitter experience of being swept away by such information. We sincerely hope that readers of our articles will input reliable information.

We try to grasp real trends through “quantitative and qualitative analysis of men’s fashion snaps owned by the editorial department” “a,nalysis of big data from SNS and the Internet”, “interviews with select stores and department stores” and “coverage of fashion exhibitions in Japan and a,broad. We also focus on interviewing specialists such as stylists, hair and makeup artists, beauticians, personal trainers, and doctors, and supervising their articles.

Features of OTOKOMAE (3)We select products and services that we can honestly recommend to our valued readers!

OTOKOMAE mainly targets men in their late 20s to 40s, and introduces to its readers products and services that they would want or recommend to their friends and family, as well as know-how on how to dress and beauty.

While it is possible to look reasonably good in your mid-20s without making any particular effort, it is essential to make a conscious effort to increase your sensitivity and look good once you reach Alaska and beyond. For on-duty wear, you want to look sharp in a suit or jacket, and for off-duty wear, you want to look good in casual wear. We also want to work on building a well-proportioned body and anti-aging our skin. But you are also busy with your work and personal life. There is a limit to how much time they can spend on improving their appearance, and they don’t have time to be distracted by (bad) information. We want to be there for these men.

To this end, we strive to provide real information that we have obtained by actually seeing, touching, wearing, using, and experiencing the products. We ask ourselves, “Would I recommend this outfit to a friend?” If it were me, would I pay this amount of money for this product and feel the appropriate benefits? In our editorial meetings, we also ask questions such as “Would I recommend this to my family? This product is not appropriate for this theme!” or “This product is not appropriate for this theme!”


We are always working with this in mind, and we hope to move forward step by step with you, our readers, toward our goal of becoming a “manly man of global standards” through OTOKOMAE.

All the editors of OTOKOMAE