How to Wear a Suit [ What are the 12 Laws of a Good Man?


How to Wear a Suit [ What are the 12 Laws of a Good Man?

The world’s successful businessmen often dress neatly and attractively in suits. In this issue, we will introduce the 12 rules common to all smart businessmen who wear suits in a cool way, as well as carefully selected suit styles that may be helpful for each color!

Laws of Suit Wearing (1) “I don’t wear poly blend shirts with my suit style! I choose 100% cotton shirts.”

To get the classic suit style that a smart businessman should pursue, you must pay attention to the shirt. Poly-blend shirts have many functional advantages: they can be washed at home, dry quickly, and in some cases have a shape-memory function so they do not need to be ironed. In fact, polyester-blend shirts have the disadvantages of “polyester-blend fabrics tend to form pilling when dry-cleaning and lose their texture quickly,” and “they tend to get stuffy when worn. It is a prerequisite to choose shirts made of 100% cotton, even if it is a hassle to iron and clean them. It is also important to keep in mind that there is an unspoken rule of ” not pursuing functionality ” in respect of tradition as a code of suiting that is considered to be dandy in the world.

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Law of Suit Style #2: “Avoid button-down shirts with suits as much as possible.”

The popular button-down collar is a shirt that originally originated in the sport of polo and has nothing to do with formal suit style. The button-down and necktie style is a rarely seen technique used by those with advanced suit coordination skills, but it is not appropriate for formal business meetings or parties. Even if you are lucky enough to be considered fashionable, you may be labeled as “an insane man who comes to an important event dressed down. If you are aiming to be a successful businessman, it is better not to take unnecessary risks.

Rule #3: “Look through the cuffs of your suit to see the shirt, and pay attention to the size of the details!

Showing a glimpse of the shirt through the cuff is the basic foundation of a cool suit. The ideal is to show about 1 cm from the cuff. It is best to order both suits and shirts together, but if this is difficult, it is a good idea to try on business suits and shirts with items you already own when you buy them. Even with ready-made shirts, it is recommended that you choose a store or brand where the neck circumference and sleeve-column length (from the neck to the sleeves) can be selected independently, making it easier to select the ideal sizing.


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