Why is the Schott “One Star” a masterpiece of the double rider’s jacket?


Why is the Schott "One Star" a masterpiece of the double rider's jacket?

ONESTAR” of the long-established American brand Schott (Schott) is said to be the standard that built the foundation of the double riders. The basic design has remained unchanged since its release, and it is a masterpiece among masterpieces that continues to be loved as an icon of the rider’s jacket. In this issue, we focus on the SCHOTT ONESTAR and introduce its appeal!

Schott,” the oldest leather jacket brand in the U.S. that has moved the history of the riders’ jacket

Schott is a leather jacket brand founded in New York in 1913 by brothers Irving Schott and Jack Schott as Schott Bros. Today, Schott’s image is completely rooted in riders’ jackets, but in the beginning, the company surprisingly manufactured raincoats. Around 1918, after World War I, the main products changed to leather items, and to meet the needs of the then increasing sports and recreation population, the company launched the ” PERFECTO ” series of casual jackets and coats in 1928.

This was the prototype for SCHOTT’s riders’ jackets and the beginning of the PERFECTO series, the world’s first front-zipper type riders’ jacket. At a time when button-down riders were the norm, the zipper type attracted attention as an innovative specification, and had a major impact on the subsequent history of riders’ jackets.

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SCHOTT has grown through major social phenomena, starting with the biker boom of the 1950s

The PERFECTO series was initially a small, localized brand, but sales gradually grew, starting with the “biker boom” of the 1950s, which unexpectedly drew support from bikers, and continuing with the legendary rock festival of the late 1960s, ” The “biker boom” of the 1950s unexpectedly attracted the support of bikers, and the hippie movement that resulted from the legendary rock festival “Woodstock Festival” held at the end of the 1960s and the blockbuster hit movie “Top Gun” released in 1986, among other social phenomena that are still talked about today, have led to significant growth in the industry. And the “one-star” jacket, the theme of this year’s event, was launched in the 1950s and became recognized as a symbol of the riders’ jacket after reaching a major turning point as well.

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Schott’s “One Star,” a masterpiece of the double rider’s jacket that became an icon of biker rock fashion

The One Star, which still reigns as the signature model of Schott, appeared in the 1950s as a double riders jacket with star-shaped studs on the epaulettes. This model is the ace of the brand that solidified Schott’s popularity, and is also the foundation of the modern double rider. Incidentally, this is an archive from the 1950s. Compared to the current model, it is clear that the design has hardly changed since then.

Check out the shot “One Star.

The one-star became very popular among the delinquents of the time after the release of the famous movie ‘ The Wild One,’ which is said to have had a tremendous impact on the history of biker fashion. It was so powerful that school organizations across the U.S. banned students from wearing riders’ jackets, and this movement caused a temporary decline in sales of the shot.

Soon after, however, they became all the rage among rock ‘n’ roll-loving street kids, cementing the one-star’s existence. It was recognized as an icon not only of biker fashion but also of rock fashion, and in the 1970s, punk rock musicians such as the Ramones and the Sex Pistols were all fans. The one-star has taken root in various cultural scenes, and has become a timeless classic loved beyond the ages as “cool men’s clothes.

Now that it has become a fashion item, men wearing the one-star can be seen at Pitti.

While the one-star has established its authority in biker and rock fashion, it has also spread as a town-use item in the modern age. Even at Pitti Womo, which is filled with men dressed in their own one-of-a-kind clothing, we could see men wearing fashionable one-star outfits combined with current items.

The masterpiece of double riders! What is the charm of SCHOTT’s “One Star”?

Riders’ jackets, which have now become a fashion staple, are available in a wide range of designs, from expensive to reasonably priced. There are many items in the affordable price range, but if you are going to wear a riders’ jacket, you really want to get a genuine and authentic one. Here, we introduce the charm of the One Star, which is called the master piece of double riders’ jackets!

The charm of SCHOTT’s “One Star” (1) “The iconic star-shaped studs that are also the origin of the product’s name

First of all, an absolutely indispensable detail when talking about the One Star is the star-shaped studs that are also the origin of the model name. These star-shaped studs, which shine brilliantly in the rugged atmosphere of the riders’ jacket, are attached to the epaulettes on each shoulder. The claw-style stud design, which has not changed since its initial release, is also unique to One Star.

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The charm of SCHOTT’s “One Star” (2) “The standard design that has remained almost unchanged since its initial release

Since its introduction in the 1950s, the basic design of the One Star has not changed, and it has continued to evolve while absorbing the trends of each era. Details inherited from many double riders, such as the leather tab on the zipper, which is designed to be easy to grip even with gloves on, and the flap-type coin pocket located on the lower left side of the body, are inherited from the model of the 1950s when it was first introduced. The belt and octagonal buckle at the waist are also reminiscent of the original one-star design. The chic all-black look, including the quilted lining, is also a feature that has captivated people.

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Charm of SCHOTT’s “One Star” (3) “Durable and thick steerhide

The material used for the current One Star is durable, thick-fleshed steerhide. Steerhide is leather from bulls that have been castrated between 3 and 6 months of age and have grown for at least 2 years. It is characterized by its durability and uniform thickness, and is thicker and stronger than calf, kip, and other leathers from cattle less than 2 years old. When you put your arm through it for the first time, you will feel its hard and chunky quality, but as you wear it, it becomes softer and more comfortable to your body, gradually fitting you better. The material changes over time, and the enjoyment of nurturing it is another point that tickles men’s hearts.

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The current two models of SCHOTT’s “One Star” in different silhouettes

Riders are outerwear that may reduce the coolness of an outfit by half, depending on the size. SCHOTT’s One Star is available in two models with different silhouettes, so please keep in mind the differences between them and choose the One Star that suits you best.

This is the basic of the current One Star! 613US” updated for the Japanese

Here is a resized model of the original One-Star, the ” 613,” arranged to fit the Japanese body shape. If a Japanese wearer were to wear the original One Star as is, they would tend to feel like they were being worn by a jacket due to its US-specification size. This model, however, has been adjusted to fit the Japanese body shape, resulting in a sleek look that does not give the impression of being too fussy due to the inappropriate sizing. Inevitably, the waist appears higher, which is a nice feature that improves the appearance of the style. The sturdy steer hide and the vintage look and feel make this a piece of clothing that looks great even when worn over a T-shirt.

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Modernized model “613UST” with a slimmer silhouette and longer length and sleeves

The “613 UST” is a modernized version of the “613 US” that retains the basic design of the “613 US,” but with a slightly narrower shoulder and body width, and longer length sleeves.

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Check out the limited edition model made to commemorate the 110th anniversary of SCHOTT’s founding! ONESTAR RIDERS 110TH LIMITED “

The fan-favorite limited edition ONESTAR was created to commemorate the brand’s 110th anniversary. The lining features an all-over print of the $110 bill with a design of the founder, Irving, and the brand’s popular motif, the bulldog. The leather is washed to give it a vintage look and feel from new. The brown-colored leather is pigment-finished, so the leather can be further changed over time.

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