Jeans Codes for Men! 7 tips to refine your outfits!


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Jeans Codes for Men! 7 tips to refine your outfits!

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How to refine your jean coordinate (1) “Use the characteristic short length to create a layered style to achieve a good balance!

The short length of a jean jacket is one of its characteristics. However, by daring to combine items by making full use of layering, you can create a good balance and a sophisticated atmosphere. The key is to choose items that are about 5 cm longer than the length of the jean. If the item you are wearing is too long and you feel uncomfortable, tucking it in for a smart look is another technique.

Take advantage of the denim jacket’s short length to enjoy layered innerwear!

Denim jackets are characterized by their short length. Stylish people always enjoy stylish styling by layering innerwear. However, too many layers may give the impression of being sloppy, so be careful.

If you want to create a good layered style, it is best to match it with the bottom button open!

The combination of a jean jacket and a flannel shirt gives this coordinate an American casual look. Both items are worn with the lower button open to create an A-line silhouette. The tone of the items other than the denim jacket is consistent, adding a sophisticated look.

A layered coordinate that incorporates a sense of the season by combining a patterned shirt with a jean jacket in a variant design

This coordinate combines a jean jacket with a distinctive collar shape and a patterned shirt. The layered pattern gives a stylish impression to a jean jacket coordinate that tends to be drab. The use of bright fluorescent blue sneakers to spice up the look, and the subtle connection with the light blue of the denim, is also an interesting technique to refer to.

Express a light coordination by layering a 2nd type denim jacket and a white T-shirt

A white T-shirt layered over a 2nd type denim jacket, which has a short length as one of its features, creates a refreshingly casual look. The combination of sneakers and rolled-up trousers gives a lightness to the footwear, giving it a sophisticated impression that is typical of fashionable Italian people.

Layer a hooded inner down jacket over a jean jacket

The contrast between the one-washed blue denim fabric and white stitching stands out, and a hooded inner down jacket is layered under the jean jacket. The crisp look of the different denim and nylon materials gives off a cozy atmosphere. The reason why it feels so familiar is because it is matched with the same color tone.

Layering a denim shirt over a jean jacket for a cozy look

The denim jacket is layered with a denim band collar shirt for a cozy look. The denim jacket’s boa collar is clear white, which matches the inner white T-shirt perfectly. The blue and white color scheme of the outfit is accented with a pair of sneakers with a green design.

Layering a clean cut-and-sew over a jean jacket for a noble look

As shown below, the hard impression of the jean jacket can be neutralized by pairing it with a clean cut-and-sewn and black pants, giving it a noble look. The short length of the jean jacket and the use of layers (layered clothing), including a T-shirt with a long back, is another key to creating a stylish impression.


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