Men’s Chino Pants Codes! From the history of the item and how to select it to tips on how to wear it, we introduce a whole range of international snapshots for your reference.


Men's Chino Pants Codes! From the history of the item and how to select it to tips on how to wear it, we introduce a whole range of international snapshots for your reference.

Chinos are, along with jeans, a representative bottom item in men’s casual fashion. While they are indispensable for all fashion styles, including traditional, military, and vintage clothing, they are surprisingly difficult to dress up due to their unique beige-khaki color and the roughness of cotton pants. In this issue, we focus on such “chinos pants,” and introduce the key points of dressing that should be kept in mind, the notable men’s coordination, and recommended items!

What are “chinos” in the first place? The name comes from the fabric used in military uniforms!

Chino pants” is an abbreviation of “chinos. It refers to a type of trousers made of cotton or polyester (and rarely linen) fabric called ” chino-cloth. They originated as khaki military uniforms for the British Army stationed in India, and were later adopted by the U.S. Army. It spread in the U.S. in the 1900s after soldiers returned from the Philippines, where they had fought in the Spanish-American War. The name comes from the Spanish word “Chino,” meaning “Chinese. The theory is that the name came from the fact that after the war in the Philippines, it was the Chinese farmers (camisa de chino) who wore these clothes.

↑U.S. Army Gen. Douglas MacArthur

What are the characteristics of the “chino-cloth,” the heart of chinos?

Chino cloth is a cotton twill fabric, originally used for uniforms of the British and French armies in the mid-19th century. It is also often used for work clothes. The fabric is basically a left twill weave, and models with a waterproof finish have also been released. Incidentally, the fabric made with twin yarn (combed yarn) right twill weave is called West Point, which has a stronger luster and better abrasion resistance than regular chino. This West Point was named after the Military Academy in New York State, commonly known as ” West Point,” and was actively exported after the war. Since it was used as the uniform fabric for the Army and Navy, it is commonly referred to as ” uniform twill ” in the United States.

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What are the 3 key points for stylishly wearing men’s steel bottomed “chinos”?

To dress up chinos stylishly, men should pay attention to ” silhouette,” “length,” and “color. From here, we will explain each of these points along with the most notable outfits.

Point 1: “A thicker silhouette is the right choice if you are conscious of seasonal coordination.

The oversized trend that has continued for the past several years has influenced the recent pants silhouette trend toward a more relaxed look. Chinos are no exception, with the loose, straight silhouette that falls down to the feet attracting attention. Incidentally, the famous “45 khaki,” “43 khaki,” and “41 khaki” chinos from US ARMY vintage clothing all have a thicker, straight silhouette. If you prefer classic attire, you may choose vintage or its replicas to achieve a seasonal coordinate.

Slim chinos for a smart adult look, ankle-length for a sleek impression

While the trend is toward loose-fitting silhouettes, stylish and modern slim-fit and slim-tapered chinos are also a must, especially from brands specializing in pants that are popular among men in their 30s, 40s, and beyond. These pants should be ankle-length to create a clean look. By focusing on a lean, beautiful leg silhouette that is just narrow enough not to pick up the lines of the legs, you can achieve a sophisticated and beautiful adult look. Another advantage is that they go well with leather shoes and leather sandals, making it easy to create a classy footwear look.

Point 2: “Summer coordinates that incorporate beige and khaki chinos, which are standard colors, can be put together cleanly with “neutral colors” and “pale tones.

When creating a summer coordinate based on beige and khaki, which are the standard colors for chinos, it is now fashionable to use neutral colors and pale tones to create a clean look. If you are an adult in your 30s or 40s or older, choose a size that is not too oversized so that you don’t look like an overdressed man, and don’t wear anything with a stained collar or cuffs even if it has a vintage look, It is important to maintain a sense of class and cleanliness.

Another trend this season is to use muted colors, such as gray mixed with primary colors, to create a slightly glamorous atmosphere. This will instantly create a coordinated look that is full of a spring and summer seasonal feel.

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The right way to wear chinos is to create a silhouette that moves with the “full length” of the wide-leg chinos!

The wide-leg, baggy silhouette of chinos that is so popular these days requires full-length pants to create a silhouette with movement. The current trend is to give them one cushion or half a cushion to create a tamari, a nice loose and relaxed look.

Sometimes it is correct to wear wide-leg chinos with no cushion.

However, as shown in the snap below, when considering overall balance in dress styling, there may be times when it is appropriate to roll up the leg. However, as shown in the snapshot below, there may be times when a roll-up is appropriate when considering overall balance in dress styling.

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