The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Fashion: Dressing for 20 Degree Temperatures


The Ultimate Guide to Men's Fashion: Dressing for 20 Degree Temperatures

The temperature of 20 degrees Celsius may sound comfortable, but in spring and fall, when the temperature varies greatly from season to season, it can be surprisingly difficult to find the right outfit. 20 degrees Celsius is the lowest or highest temperature, so you’ll want to think carefully about what items to pair with your outfit. So this time, we focus on “the best clothes for 20 degrees Celsius” and introduce men’s outfits and items that can be used.

What is the best men’s clothing for a maximum temperature of 20 degrees Celsius?

During the period when the maximum temperature is 20 degrees Celsius, it is easy to feel comfortable during the daytime, but the mornings and evenings tend to be chilly, so it is a standard rule to prepare a coat of clothing. Since everyone feels the temperature differently, it is recommended to choose a T-shirt or shirt for those who feel hot, and a light knit for those who feel cold.

The best men’s clothes for 20 degrees Celsius (1) “Tailored jackets bring together the coordinate in a classy way.

Tailored jackets, which every adult man should own, are easy to use because they look classy and are just right for the temperature. They are available in a variety of materials for year-round use, but lightweight wool or cotton models are recommended for temperatures as high as 20°C (68°F). The double-breasted version, as worn by the gentleman below, has a larger body area, making it ideal for those who are sensitive to the cold.

Lardini Cotton Blend Tailored Jacket

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Boglioli Cotton-blend Tailored Jacket

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The best men’s clothing for a maximum temperature of 20 degrees Celsius (2) “Cardigans can easily handle temperature changes!

If you are looking for a woven item that is easy to put on and take off and easy to use, a cardigan is a strong choice. Cardigans, in particular, are easy to fold and roll up, making them convenient to carry. Cardigans are also attractive because they can be worn with a wide range of innerwear, giving a beautiful impression.

John Smedley Cardigan

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Drumohr Cardigan

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If you’d like to check out more of my cardigan outfits, here’s a great article! ↓

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