Black Sneakers Men’s Coordinate Special! Chic Men’s Outfits & Featured Items


Black Sneakers Men's Coordinate Special! Chic Men's Outfits & Featured Items

These black sneakers are as versatile as white sneakers, and they add a cool look to your footwear. The sporty look of black sneakers is not too formal, yet they exude a sophistication that can easily fit in with both dress and mode outfits. In this issue, we focus on black sneakers and introduce the key points of wearing them, international men’s coordination, and recommended items!

Black sneakers are a great way to add urban chic to the sporty look of men’s coordination

Black sneakers are attractive because of their ” versatility to match any outfit ” and their ” chic look that enhances the look of your feet. Another advantage of black sneakers is that they are ” less likely to show dirt ” than white sneakers, which are also a standard item. Because they keep a clean appearance while adding a chic look to an outfit, they continue to be favored by men who like to dress with an urban feel and have a mature, relaxed style.

Black sneakers are so versatile that it is no exaggeration to say that if you are ever in doubt about what to wear on your feet, just choose these for now. Because of their ease of use and popularity, a little ingenuity is required to achieve a fashionable look that differentiates you from your peers. Here we will introduce three points to dress up a black sneaker coordinate to make it look more fashionable.

Point 1: “Brush up with a black top and black sneakers

Black sneakers create a mature atmosphere while tightening the impression of the coordination with the image effect of black, which is a shrinking color, a receding color, and a heavy color. Matching black sneakers with a black top gives a nice tightening effect of black, creating a smart adult casual coordinate.

Dressing Point (2): “Cool and tightening men’s coordination while blending black sneakers and black pants.

Next, we introduce the pairing of black sneakers and black pants. This is a technique that makes the legs look slender and long by connecting from the waist to the toes in black, which has a visually tightening effect. Since the lower half of the body is kept to a minimum, we recommend using this technique when you want to accentuate the presence of the top.

Dressing Point 3: “Set black sneakers with a suit style for an urban chic outfit with a sophisticated feel.

By wearing black sneakers with a suit (set-up) style, you can express an urban chic outfit with a sophisticated look. White sneakers are the standard when it comes to suit and sneakers, but in comparison, black sneakers look more like black leather shoes and are easy to use and blend in with the dress style. If the black sneakers and innerwear are in the same color, as in the coordinate shown here, the styling will be more unified.

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