Step Up Your Style Game with These 11 Simple and Sophisticated Sneakers for Men


Step Up Your Style Game with These 11 Simple and Sophisticated Sneakers for Men

While the unprecedented boom in the popularity of dud shoes is of course attractive for its highly sensitive styling, we would also like to enjoy the clean and classy look of simple sneakers for a more masculine, adult, royal style. In this issue, we introduce recommended models under the theme of “neat and simple sneakers that look great with adult outfits!

Simple, mature-looking sneakers (1) Achilles by Common Project

Common Project is a New York-based footwear brand that launched in the 2004 fall/winter season. Among the brand’s products, the ” Achilles,” a model that has become synonymous with “minimalistic and beautiful sneakers,” is particularly popular. The Achilles model uses a last featuring a narrow form and a slender toe, and goes well with dress styles such as suits and jackets. For more information about Common Project, please check here!

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▶︎Simple Common Project sneakers, for example, for an adult coordinate like this…
A navy knit layered with a navy stainless coat and tied-up white shirt, ankle-length gray slacks and white leather dress face sneakers. The combination of gray slacks and neat-looking Common Projects white sneakers creates a classy look.

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Simple adult-faced sneakers (2) Pantofora D’Oro sneakers

The origin of Pantofola d’Oro is a workshop started in Ascoli, central Italy in 1886. The brand has been relaunched as a luxury shoe brand for adults since 2000. The minimalistic and moderate design of the brand makes it highly versatile from denim styles to jacket styles.

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▶︎Simple Pantoforadoro sneakers, for example, for such an adult coordinate…
A navy suit with chalk stripes, a turtleneck knit in the same color, and white sneakers create a beautiful casual look. This styling is perfect for casual office wear, holiday dinners, and other occasions when you want to dress a little more elegantly. On the feet, Pantofora D’Oro white sneakers, with their well-balanced design that falls somewhere between dress and casual wear, are set to add a sense of style.

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Simple adult-faced sneakers (3) Adidas Originals Stan Smith

The Stan Smith is a legendary model that represents Adidas as “the world’s best-selling sneaker,” having sold 22 million pairs as of 1991. The Stan Smith will continue to reign as the most fashionable and cost-effective sneaker in Japan and around the world. The Stan Smith is a “well-known classic sneaker” with a well-developed design that goes well with adult outfits. It is definitely a must-have pair.

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▶︎Simple Stan Smiths, for example, for an adult coordinate like this…
David Beckham’s chic jackets with
black jacket, black pants, and black T-shirt. The Adidas Stan Smiths on his feet bring down the casual look and add a sense of lightness to the all-black styling, which tends to give a heavy impression. The fairway heel design is a small accent. Check out the many other Stan-Smith coordinates here!

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Simple, mature sneakers (4) Fear of God 101

Fear of god” has many fans for its seasonless collections, which are not based on a specific decade or season, and for its street wear that is practical and luxurious in a way that has never been seen before. Denim and sweatshirts are famous, but Sneakers 101 is also known as a hidden masterpiece. The contrast between the smart silhouette of the inner-feet and the thick sole gives the sneaker an elegant mood, even though it is a street shoe. The slender last makes it easy to match with slacks.

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▶︎Simple 101, for example, for coordinating with…

Focusing on the styling of Fear of God designer Jerry Lorenzo. He wore a pair of 101s at the feet of a casual outfit consisting of an oversized hoodie and roomy plaid pants. The exquisite silhouette, which has a sideways mood while not interfering with the assertiveness of the pants, fits well with the footwear of a street-style outfit that you want to dress maturely.

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