Jeans Codes for Men! 7 tips to refine your outfits!


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Jeans Codes for Men! 7 tips to refine your outfits!

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How to refine your jean coordinate (6) “For an extremely martial look, denim-on-denim is an option you can’t miss!

The denim-on-denim jean-and-jeans look is the very embodiment of the heroic and noble style that all grown-up men aspire to. Since denim is the core of the outfit, it is surprisingly easy to incorporate a sense of fun and playfulness, and it is easy to create a unique and personalized styling. If you are looking for an unmistakable, masculine look in the best sense of the word, denim-on-denim is definitely a must.

Denim-on-denim is also effective for street style!

The faded color and damaged finish give this denim-on-denim coordinate a cozy atmosphere. The voluminous silhouette is accentuated by wearing trainers as an inner layer, and balanced out with sneakers with a strong presence on the feet. The layering of necklaces adds to the luxurious street style mood.

The denim-on-denim style is stylishly finished by adding depth and depth to the tone of the top and bottom layers

In the denim-on-denim style, it is recommended to use a variety of tones. A combination of light blue and deep indigo blue, as shown here, gives a fresh impression and reduces the impression of being snooty or earthy. It is also good that he has applied damage to his clothes to create a badass mood and give them a more casual look.

A denim-on-denim coordinate that combines a jean jacket with jeans in the same color for a masculine look

The tucked-in T-shirt and choice of damaged jeans give this denim-on-denim coordinate a cozy look. The blue denim-on-denim tends to look dowdy, but the key point is that it is smartly put together by making full use of dressing techniques; the matching colors of the T-shirt, sneakers, cap, and sunglasses create a sense of unity.

Elegant denim-on-denim coordinate with a jean jacket and white jeans

White jeans are characterized by their cleanliness, which is indispensable for mature men. Even when combined with a light jean jacket to create a denim-on-denim look, it is a beautiful style with a moderately restrained rugged appearance. The suede loafers on the feet add an elegant finish.

Denim jacket coordinate accented with an olive-colored corduroy shirt

This denim-on-denim style expresses gradation by combining a rigid denim jacket and moderately faded blue jeans. An olive green corduroy shirt is inserted in the middle of the outfit constructed of the same material, adding accentuation not only in terms of color but also in terms of the texture of the material.

Denim-on-denim styling with sandals for a relaxed look

The top and bottom are coordinated with denim items of the same color. Sandals are worn on the feet to give the denim-on-denim look a sense of casualness. The sizing is a little loose-fitting, which is the current trend. The subtle accent of a bandana around the neck is also a good reference.


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