Introducing the latest men’s white sneaker coordinates! Pick up the hottest international outfits & recommended items!


Introducing the latest men's white sneaker coordinates! Pick up the hottest international outfits & recommended items!

These white sneakers have a high potential to be a staple for all seasons. They are easy to blend in with items of any color and create a beautiful impression. In this issue, we will introduce the key to dressing with white sneakers, men’s coordinates and recommended items!

White sneakers” are a staple for footwear! First, master the styling of the royal model!

White sneakers” are a great choice for a wide range of outfits, from street wear to casual wear, thanks to their ease of use and neutralizing power. However, white is an expansive color and has more presence than chic colors, so it is difficult to choose an eccentric model, which may make your feet stand out and give your outfit a dowdy impression at once. The right way to start is to master the white sneaker look by starting with the sure-fire, royal models such as the “Vans Authentic” and “NIKE Air Force 1” worn in the snap below, and then work your way down to the ideal coordination.

If you have trouble choosing white sneakers, we recommend that you focus on “low-cut” sneakers!

When purchasing white sneakers, the question is “low-cut or high-cut? I recommend “low-cut” sneakers. Low-cut sneakers have less presence than high-cut sneakers, are less difficult to dress up or down, and can be easily coordinated with any outfit.

Editor D
The author has a bitter memory of being told by a friend, “You look like Vegeta from Dragon Ball lol,” when he went out for fun in white high-cut sneakers and skinny pants when he was a student. If I had a model body type, I might have looked fashionable, but I realized that it is a hard item for me to wear because I am 170cm tall and my legs are not long. …… Of course, white high-cut sneakers can look fashionable regardless of your short stature if you wear them with the hem covered or if the thickness of the pants is well balanced, but if you want to enjoy a wide range of fashionable looks with white sneakers, I think low-cut is definitely the way to go!

From here, we will explain the key points of wearing white sneakers along with some notable snaps!

Points on how to wear white sneakers (1) “Lightly refresh a one-tone black or navy coordinate that tends to look heavy.

White sneakers are an effective way to dispel the heavy look of a one-tone black or navy color scheme. They are also ideal for dispelling monotony and freshening up the look, and are effective in creating a sense of lightness and cleanliness that is difficult to achieve with dark colors. As shown in the outfit we have picked up here, a white inner shirt and white sneakers will create a great balance of colors.

Dressing Point 2: “Combining white sneakers with a white T-shirt and indigo blue jeans is a refreshing expression of a summer men’s coordinate.

The timeless combination of a white T-shirt, indigo blue jeans, and white sneakers is called the iron plate of casual coordination. It is a staple of summer men’s coordination that is refreshing, clean, and gives a youthful impression. For a more modern look, thick-soled white sneakers, oversized white T-shirts, and baggy jeans are recommended.

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Point 3: “Wear white sneakers with bare feet and ankle-length bottoms to give the feet a relaxed and cozy look.

If you want to achieve both a relaxed and stylish look on your feet, pairing white sneakers worn barefoot with ankle-length bottoms is a great way to do it. If you are not comfortable wearing bare feet, it would be better to wear short socks or foot covers that look like bare feet.

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