Jeans Codes for Men! 7 tips to refine your outfits!


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Jeans Codes for Men! 7 tips to refine your outfits!

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How to refine a jean jacket coordinate (7): “Mix jean jackets with dress items for a dressy look!

This technique combines the rugged impression of denim with dressier items to create a coordinate with a strong sense of taste. For example, a dress mix style with a tied-up shirt layered over a jean inner layer. If successful, this dressy, martial style will not only look elegant, but will also produce an adult masculine look that is different from the original martial style. It is easy to try it by simply pairing it with the slacks you have on hand.

Wear a G-jean casually over a tied-up style for a sophisticated look.

Tailored jackets are the most common item to be worn with a tied-up dress style, but the gentleman in the photo here has chosen to wear a casual jean jacket. However, by choosing a model with a crisp, stiff fabric and a solid collar, and by paying attention to the color combination with the pants, he has created a sophisticated coordination.

White slacks wipe out the dowdy look of the jean

The combination of blue and white is perfect for creating a sense of intelligence and coolness. Alessandro Squalzi, a regular Pitti Uomo snapper, enhanced the dressiness of his look by combining a jean jacket with white slacks, creating a fearless image. He also balanced the look with a pair of penny loafers, which can be worn barefoot for both dress and casual wear, to add a touch of sophistication.

This jean jacket coordinate is a mix of styles in a monotone color scheme that blends in well with the rest of the outfit.

To create a mixed style that fits well, choose monotone items. In the outfits we picked up, everything from clothing items to sneakers and eyewear are all monotone to create a unified look. Another technique that leads to a successful mixed coordinate is tucking in a band-collar shirt for a clean casual look and wearing it smartly.

A denim jacket worn with a tied-up shirt for a dressy look

The jean jacket is worn with the tied-up shirt like a tailored jacket for a somewhat elegant look. Cargo pants for the bottoms and dress shoes for the feet bring together a mixed style that skillfully combines dress and casual items.

Choose a dress shirt as an inner layer to avoid the overly rough look that only a jean jacket can give

The golden goose starter is styled with washed gray pants and a denim jacket for a wild look. By mixing in a horizontal collar dress shirt as an inner layer, the look is not too rough.


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