Special men’s spring coordinate with spring coat!


Special men's spring coordinate with spring coat!

Spring is the season when the temperature rises and fashion becomes more colorful. Spring coats are a great option for those who want to take their outfits to the next level. The wide range of variations in how it can be worn is also appealing, and it can be worn with ” from a clean style to a rough style ” and ” from a jacket to a T-shirt “, regardless of the style or items you choose. In this issue, we focus on spring coats and introduce the most popular outfits and items!

Lightly tailored spring coat is perfect for the spring season when the temperature varies greatly between day and night!

The spring season brings warm and comfortable temperatures during the daytime, but at night you can feel the remnants of the winter cold. Many of you may be surprised at how difficult it can be to choose the right clothes. Spring coats” come in handy in such situations. Spring coats are tailored to spring specifications through the choice of fabrics and designs, and can be worn over a T-shirt or knit to create a stylish impression. It also functions well as a warm-up coat for chilly mornings and evenings, so it is a perfect countermeasure against the cold.


A “spring coat” is a coat with specifications that are ideal for the spring season!

While winter coats are fully lined or padded with cotton and have a heavy feel, spring coats are usually thin and have a light impression with minimal lining. There are a variety of design variations, such as using lightweight fabrics such as nylon or cotton for the outer fabric, or tailoring a single piece without a lining to achieve a lightweight look.

BURBERRY’s trench coat

Various coat designs exist, such as trench coats, stainless coats, and Chester coats, but if they are all made of lightweight fabrics and lightly tailored, they can be called spring coats. Since it is not as heavy as a winter coat, it is very easy to carry when you take it off. Recently, spring coats with shape-memory processing have been developed, and there are many designs with enhanced functionality, so there is a wide range of choices.

Next, we will introduce some notable spring coat outfits!


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