Jeans Codes Compilation! Introducing men’s denim outfits by category, from season to color!


Jeans Codes Compilation! Introducing men's denim outfits by category, from season to color!

Jeans are a staple item in men’s fashion and the king of casual bottoms. They can be worn not only as a casual coordinate, but also as a dressy addition to any outfit, and their unique denim look, including vintage-like fading, repairs, and hard damage, gives them a variety of different impressions. In this issue, we focus on such “jeans,” and introduce a variety of adult-fashionable outfits and items for spring, summer, fall, and winter, and by color, as well as recommended brands!

Men’s coordinates with jeans [ Summer ].

In the summer season, when the items to be worn are limited and men’s outfits are naturally simple, it is a promise to aim for differentiation by incorporating expressive jeans. From the standard jeans and T-shirt style to a more elegant look with a mix of classy items such as a white shirt and leather shoes, there is a surprisingly wide variety of ways to dress up your look.

Blue jeans and chambray shirts in the same color to give both a masculine and fresh impression

David Gandy’s slim-fit washed blue jeans and dress shirt-inspired chambray shirts match each other to create a masculine and fresh summer look for men. His styling technique, which skillfully blends the essence of dress and casual wear, is unique to his spectacular career as a male model. The incorporation of brown boots with indigo blue and Azzurro e Marrone in mind is also a masterstroke!

Levi’s Jeans

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White damaged jeans create an active image in a summer men’s coordinate

A blue and white striped shirt accented with contrasting panels of tricolore stripes is paired with white denim that has been hard-damaged. The use of white and blue colors is emphasized so that the denim’s hard damage does not detract from the clean image, and an active feel is drawn from the damaged denim. Note the bracelets worn to match the damaged denim.

Purple Brand Jeans

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