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Beyondage Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) has established the following privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) regarding the handling of personal information for services provided on the website operated by the Company (hereinafter referred to as the “Services”). The following privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) applies to the handling of personal information in the services provided on the website operated by the Company (hereinafter referred to as the “Services”). The following privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) is set forth below.

Article 1 (Privacy Information)
The Company recognizes that personal information is information about living individuals as defined by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, as well as gender, age and other personal attribute information used in connection with a specific individual.

Article 2 (Method of Collecting Personal Information)
The Company may ask users of the Service (hereinafter referred to as “Users”) The Company may request personal information such as name, date of birth, address, telephone number, e-mail address, bank account number, credit card number, etc. when a person who uses the Service (“User”) registers for use or purchases products or services. In addition, transaction records including the user’s personal information and information related to payments made between the user and our business partners (including information providers, advertisers, and advertisement distributors, etc.; hereinafter referred to as “business partners”) may be shared with our business partners. Hereinafter referred to as “partners”). The Company may also collect transaction records including personal information of users and payment information from the Company’s business partners.

Article 3 (Purposes of Collecting and Using Personal Information)
The purposes for which we collect and use personal information are as follows.
(1) For the purpose of displaying information regarding registration information such as name, address, contact information, payment method, etc., services used and products purchased, and the price of those products, in order to allow users to view and modify their own registration information and to view their usage status.
(2) For the purpose of using contact information such as name and address in order to use e-mail address to inform or contact the user, or to send products to the user or contact the user as necessary
(3) For the purpose of billing the user for the price of the products purchased (3) To use the name and quantity of products purchased, the type, duration and number of services used, the amount billed, and payment information such as name, address, bank account number and credit card number in order to bill the user
(4) To display information registered with the Company on the input screen to enable the user to easily input data, or to use the information registered with the Company to contact the user (4) To display the information registered with the Company on the input screen to allow users to input data easily, or to transfer the information to other services (including those provided by business partners) based on the user’s instructions.
(5) To refuse the use of users who violate the Terms of Service, such as those who delay payment or cause damage to third parties, or those who attempt to use the Service for unauthorized or improper purposes, by using information to identify individuals, such as usage patterns, names and addresses.
(6) To use information necessary for the Company to provide services to users, such as the content of inquiries and billing information, to respond to inquiries from users, and to use users’ service usage status and contact information, etc.·
(7) Purposes incidental to the above purposes of use

Article 4 (Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties)
1. We will not provide personal information to third parties without the prior consent of the user, except in the following cases. However, this excludes cases permitted under the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws and regulations.
(1) In accordance with laws, ordinances, and orders, rules, or regulations equivalent to laws and ordinances
(2) When necessary to protect human life, body, or property
(3) When particularly necessary to improve public health or to promote the sound growth of children
(4) When it is necessary to cooperate with a national agency, a local government, or an individual or entity entrusted by either a national agency or local government to execute affairs prescribed by laws and regulations
(5) When we have given notice or made a public announcement in advance
2. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, the following cases shall not fall under the category of a third party.
(1) When we outsource all or part of the handling of personal information within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use
(2) When personal information is provided as a result of the succession of business due to merger or other reasons
(3) When personal information is used jointly with a specific party (3) Cases in which personal information is used jointly with a specific person, and in which this fact, the items of personal information jointly used, the scope of the joint users, the purpose of use by the user, and the name of the person responsible for the management of the personal information is notified to the person in advance or made readily available to the person in question. In cases where the individual concerned is notified in advance or is made readily accessible to the individual concerned

*Advertisement distribution and content distribution by third-party distribution providers
We outsource a part of our advertising and content distribution to third-party service providers. When you visit a page containing advertisements and content distributed by a third-party distributor, the third-party distributor also obtains cookie information. The cookie information collected will not be disclosed or provided to us, and will be managed in accordance with the privacy policy stipulated by the third-party service provider. To disable the use of cookies by third-party service providers, you can access the opt-out page of the third-party service provider’s advertisement to disable the use of cookie information by the third-party service provider. For details, please refer to the privacy policies of the third-party delivery service providers listed below.
・PubCommon ID
・Panorama ID
・Shared ID
・Intimate Merger

Article 5 (Correction and Deletion of Personal Information)
1. A User may request that SBM correct or delete his/her own personal information held by SBM if such information is incorrect.
2. If we deem it necessary to respond to such a request, we will correct or delete such personal information without delay.

Article 6 (Changes to Privacy Policy)
1. The contents of this policy may be changed without notice to the user.·
2. Unless otherwise specified by the Company, the revised Privacy Policy shall become effective when posted on the Website or announced by other appropriate means.

Article 7 (Contact for Inquiries)
Please direct any inquiries regarding this policy to the following contact.

Address: Yoshida Bldg. 3F, 4-26-32 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 150-0001
Company name: Beyondage Corporation
Contact: Personal Information Officer
E-mail address: [email protected]

Revised on March 15, 2021

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