Wide Pants Codes! From fashionable ways to wear to the hottest men’s snaps!


Wide Pants Codes! From fashionable ways to wear to the hottest men's snaps!

The ongoing boom in oversized pants also applies to bottoms. In this issue, we focus on ” wide pants ” and introduce their remarkable history, dressing techniques, snapshots for reference, and recommended items all at once!

What are the advantages of wide pants?

Advantage 1 of wide pants: “It is easy to balance the silhouette of the wearer!

Wide pants are often thought to be for advanced fashion experts due to their unique wide silhouette, but in fact, they are known as pants that even beginners can easily adopt. Although the length of the pants needs to be adjusted, once that is cleared, the lower half of the body, which is the foundation of the outfit, will look sturdy and stable, leading to a fashionable look in coordinates of all tastes.

Advantage 2: “They do not pick up the silhouette of the legs, creating a stonily beautiful straight silhouette!

Wide pants with plenty of room do not pick up the silhouette of the legs, so it is easy to express a straight, beautiful silhouette that falls down to the feet. They are recommended for those who want to hide their lower body silhouette as well as for those who want to create a beautiful coordinate.

Wide pants have a history of being popular among British men in the 1920s under the name “Oxford Bags!”

Wide pants have a history of being popular worldwide in the 1920s. At that time, the norm for men was to wear a size that fit true to size. It was a group of students at Oxford University who started wearing wide silhouette pants to break the trend. It is said that they dared to wear thick silhouettes to hide their knickerbockers, which had been banned. In honor of this history, wide pants are also called ” Oxford Bags ” and ” Oxford Bags Trousers.

In 2022, wide denim will be one of the most popular categories. What are their characteristics?

In 2022, wide pants made of denim fabric are also gaining popularity. Wide pants made of denim fabric, the royal roadmap of casual style, go well with all kinds of casual tops and can easily create a stylish look, as they help to create a well-balanced A-line or I-line silhouette in a co-ordinated outfit. Wide denim options range from authentic models such as Levi’s 550 and Silver Tab to fashionable baggy pants from Celine and Balenciaga, so be sure to look for a model that fits your style.

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What is the right length for wide pants? The length makes a big difference in how you look in them!

Wide pants, with their wide silhouette, tend to give a heavy impression in coordination, so it is recommended to adjust the cushioning on the legs so that they do not accumulate too much as much as possible. For ease of dressing, a length of one cushion to no cushion is just right.

One way is to roll them up to the perfect length!

If you feel that the length is a little long, you can make full use of the roll-up technique.

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Next, we will introduce the most notable wide pants coordination and recommended items!

First, let’s take a look at a wide pants coordinate for fall and winter!

Compared to spring and summer, there are more items to combine with wide pants in fall and winter, so there is a wider variety of ways to dress up wide pants. First, we will introduce recommended items along with wide pants outfits for fall and winter!

A coordinate that makes the most of the voluminous silhouette of wide-leg pants and gives them a distinctive presence

The trend from a few years ago has been to use iconic items to make a strong statement, but many of you may feel that these items are too pop and you are not comfortable adding them to your wardrobe. In such cases, how about using wide pants to make a big impact? The voluminous silhouette will make you stand out from the crowd, completing an eye-catching coordinate. To prevent the silhouette from looking too heavy, we would like to take a look at how you have fine-tuned the balance by rolling up the ankle-length pants to add a touch of lightness.

Jil Sander wide pants

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Monotone coordinate with wide pants and a cardigan

The monotone coordinate is smartly finished with black wide pants as the bottoms to match the cardigan that gradates from white to black. The key point is that the open-collared shirt is worn open in the front to show off the white T without becoming too long.

Acne Studios Wide Pants

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Master the art of wearing wide-leg pants without looking fat!

To avoid looking fat in wide pants, it is recommended to choose a design with no pleats. Especially if you have a chubby body, it is better to avoid pleats at the waist, which can easily expand the silhouette beyond the original design of the pants. If you want to look stylish, choose a darker color to tighten the look, but if you want to avoid accentuating the contours of your body, choose a lighter color to blur them.

DICKIES 85283 Work Pants Double Knee

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Beige wide-leg pants and an olive green field jacket inject a military essence into your coordinate

An olive green field jacket with studs on the pocket flaps is styled with urban-colonial wide beige pants. The gimmick of the jacket and the khaki hue link this outfit with military essence. The industrial fluorescent green belt accent, which incorporates the street style of today, is also not to be missed.

White wide-leg pants and an indigo blue denim shirt combine to create a bold and fresh look

White wide pants that bring a sense of cleanliness as expected and an indigo blue denim shirt combine to give the summer coordinate both a bonafide and refreshing feel. The wide pants are rolled up to just above the ankles to reveal a pair of striped socks between them and brown work boots, bringing a maritime feel to the look from the feet up. Be careful when coordinating not only wide pants but also white bottoms with leather belts and leather boots, as they tend to transfer color.

Société Anonyme Wide Pants

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Olive green wide-leg pants and camouflage patterned accessories are in sync to spice up your jackets

The olive green wide-leg pants that give off a military mood and the camouflage patterned accessories are color-coordinated to spice up this jacket-pants coordinate. The gimmicky effect without being too obvious or showy is heartbreaking. The styling is neither too formal nor too blasé.

Build a visually appealing coordinate using edgy items and wide pants that blend well together

It is a common technique to insert a unique item into a simple outfit to create a sophisticated look, but it is also a good idea to combine edgy items to create a visually appealing coordinate. In this coordinate, wide trousers with cut-off processing are set to match the other items, and the light colors are used to create a good harmony by removing the accentuation. Another key point is the use of brown and blue as the main colors that go well together.


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Gingham plaid coat paired with cut-off wide trousers for an edgy look

A beige-based gingham-check patterned stainless-steel collar coat is paired with wide pants in the same color, creating a sense of unity while giving a mild impression. The cut-off wide pants are worn in a single roll to emphasize the edge by making the details stand out and to express the contrast with the mild taste. The hoodie layered as an inner layer and the bolt-colored knit cap are also important items to accentuate the mild image.

Wide pants coordinate with an extremely rugged mixed style

A military jacket is worn over the jacket, and wide corduroy pants are set to create a style that mixes American casual, military, and work. Wide brown pants are chosen to blend well with the khaki jacket, and the jacket is white for a clean look, so that the different styles do not look cluttered. Work boots on the feet add to the rugged image, creating a thoroughly rugged coordinate.

Wide pants with a checkered pattern add a British essence to this coordinate

British” is the hot word in business style this season, and it can be used not only in suits but also in casual wear to create a highly sensitive coordinate. In this snapshot, wide pants with a checkered pattern layered with multiple thin lines are used to create a casual yet noble look that is highly seasonal. The gray-based innerwear and pants are contrasted by the saturated outerwear, which is also very smart.

Wide pants and a swing top combine to create a light sports look

The swing top with its characteristic dropped shoulder design is combined with wide pants of moderate volume to create a loose, sporty style. The short length of the swing top is used to boldly showcase the layered printed shirt, skillfully contrasting with the black pants. To prevent the playful printed shirt from standing out too much, the sneakers have thick soles, which is essential.

BEAMS HEART Balloon Baker Pants

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Mountain parka and wide pants for an urban, active coordinate

Mountain parkas, which are increasingly used in spring, can be worn with jeans for an outdoorsy look, but another effective way is to add an urban essence by pairing it with wide-leg trousers. It is no exaggeration to say that the mountain parka is a must-have item for adult coordination, as it not only adds an active impression, but also allows you to add just the right amount of sophistication.

BEAMS 1 Pleats Work Pants

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This coordinate strengthens the noble image of the belted coat by using wide pants with a glossy sheen.

To enhance the elegant image of the belted coat, pants with a moderate sheen are a must-have. The wide silhouette of the pants will add a classic feel to the coat, and will surely make it a more dignified coordinate. The technique of adding a cap to the outfit to add a subtle touch of sophistication, as shown by the gentleman we picked up, is also a nice touch.

This wide pants coordinate is a good combination of modern nuance and street style.

The boa coat and wide pants create a modern black and brown look, while the knit cap and Air Jordan1s add a bit of street style to the look. For the innerwear, we have chosen a vitamin yellow color that blends well with both brown and black, adding a fresh essence to the look. The wide pants silhouette is utilized while the rolled-up AJ1s are complemented.

Wide pants rolled up tightly to emphasize the silhouette of the dud sneakers

Rolling up the wide pants to the point where the socks can be seen, the silhouette of the voluminous dado sneakers is emphasized in this coordinated look. The fluorescent color of the sneakers stands out in the black color scheme, creating a styling that stands out from the crowd. The color combination, length, silhouette, and other details are all well-calculated and balanced.

Raf Simons wide-leg pants

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A-line coordinate with wide pants and a down vest

The vivid purple down vest is paired with dark-toned denim wide-leg pants to create a contrasting look. Ankle-length pants are chosen and purple socks are flashed for a stylish look. The down vest has an A-line shape from the neck to the feet by fastening only the upper front button.

Société Anonyme Wide Pants

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Rhythmically finish the wide pants coordinate with different materials and accessories

When coordinating an outfit in which the majority of the overall color scheme is black, it is best to create an appropriate rhythm without giving the impression of boredom by subtly adding a sense of liveliness through the use of different materials. For example, in this styling in which black is used for everything except the sole of the sneakers, a nylon padded coat is worn with wide woven pants. A large-size stole is draped over the coat to create a rhythmical black coordinate with the texture of the material and the three-dimensionality of the accessories.

Yuiki Shimoji wide pants

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A men’s coordinate featuring wide denim pants with white paint linked to clean white down

Champion’s white down jacket is coordinated with items with strong colors and patterns to create a unique look. Wide denim pants with a white paint design that links to the color of the down jacket and a moderately tapered silhouette bring a good balance to the overall look. The yellow spice of the sweater and socks is also very trendy.

Wide pants with innerwear tucked in for a clean look

The Chester coat, a winter staple outerwear item, has a sexy silhouette with a moderately narrow waist. If you want to wear wide pants while taking advantage of this feature, it is a good idea to tuck in the inner lining to keep it neat and tidy. The graceful A-line from the waist to the feet is sure to create a beautiful and favorable impression. For even greater precision, we recommend just the right length wide pants that do not look as slouchy as the ones worn by the gentleman.

Jacquemus wide pants

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Wide pants and a chester coat create a tone-on-tone coordinate with a sense of depth

This coordinate combines a brown-based long chester coat with brown wide pants in different tones to create a deep look. White is chosen for the innerwear and sneakers to increase sophistication while avoiding a heavy look. It is also good that the three colors of monotone and brown are used in harmony.

Wide pants and an oversized MA-1 for an effortless taste

Wide pants with a loose silhouette and a drop-shoulder MA-1 give this coordinate an effortless taste. The wide pants with a deep crotch are worn at the waist and tucked in to create a sophisticated look. The vivid pink sweatshirt adds a pop of color to the black outfit, while the white inner T and white sneakers create a sense of escape.

An American casual coordinate with urban essence in wide pants

This coordinate combines denim jackets, tartan plaid shirts, penny loafers, and other items with American casual elements, while wide pants give the look an urban essence. The jacket and bottoms create a flowing silhouette, while the loafers on the feet add a sense of crispness.

Monotone wide pants coordinate with a difference in tone and crispness

Wide pants and a herringbone-patterned chester coat add a British touch to complete the trend-conscious look. The gray coat and gray knit, layered in a similar color scheme, is interspersed with a black scarf to create a crisp monotone coordinate.

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Wide pants and premium sneakers for the latest street style

This trend-conscious street style is coordinated with wide pants in a sleek tapered silhouette and premium collaboration sneakers by Off-White and Nike. A P-coat is worn loosely over a damaged patchwork denim jacket as if it were a cape. The unique style of the outfit is attractive without being blasé.

MARNI Wide Fit Pants

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Navy tone-on-tone wide pants style for a chic look

Wide pants coordinate in chic navy tone-on-tone. Layered with navy items in subtly different tones, the loose-fitting silhouette is tuned to today’s street style. A drop-shoulder long trench coat and white sneakers that add a touch of sophistication to the look are also a nice touch.

Tightly coordinated with black wide-fitting pants

The military-inspired hooded coat is paired with black wide-leg pants to create a tight look. The use of an inner down coat and sneakers adds a sporty touch to the outfit.

MARNI Wide Straight Pants

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Wide pants in tapered silhouettes are in season

A mid-gauge black knit and a charcoal gray Ulster collar coat create a man’s sense of dignity. Wide pants in a tapered silhouette that tapers toward the hem is the current trend. The plain plain shoes in cordovan stand out and enhance the rugged atmosphere.

Maison Margiela Loose Fit Pants

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An all-black cropped wide-leg pants coordinate that blends in with the street with black sneakers and white socks on the feet.

All-black cropped wide pants coordinate with white socks to add a haziness to the look. With black sneakers and white socks, this outfit has a skater-like look that fits in with today’s street style.

Blue wide pants coordinate mashing up classic and work style

The navy stainless-steel collar coat, checked jacket, and nep tweed waistcoat create a classic look, while the retro working-class image of the white band collar shirt and brown work boots give the blue wide pants coordinate a work style look. The color and pattern of the items give the coordination a crisp look, updating the classic style and work taste with today’s sensibilities.

White wide-leg pants in contrast with navy

Wide white pants coordinate with contrasting navy long coat. The coat’s tightly fastened front buttons at the neck give it a stoic look, and the black leather ankle boots finish off the stylish look on the feet.

A stylish wide pants coordinate expressing Azzurro e Marrone

Daniele Biagioli is known for his use of wide silhouette pants in his outfits. The jackets are constructed in brown and mixed with navy items to express Azzurro e Marrone. Wide pants in an exquisite tapered silhouette were chosen to give a clean look to the legs and create a light atmosphere. Wide pants with a tapered silhouette go well with orthodox sneakers, making them a good choice for those who are trying wide pants for the first time.

PT01 Feather Pants

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Men’s coordinate created with loose-length wide pants

For a wild or rough look, wide pants that are just long enough to provide a little cushion are a good choice. In the following snapshot, the width of the pants is set to a semi-wide silhouette in order to have a cushion in length, keeping a good balance with other items.

Acne Studios Flared Pants

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Cropped wide-leg pants highlight your feet with a modern street-style feel.

Cropped wide pants are styled to accentuate the legs with a current street sensibility. A long checkered coat and scarf lower the center of gravity and give the outfit a laid-back feel. The retro look of black socks and black low-cut sneakers is in synch with the laid-back feel of the outfit.

Athleisure-inspired travel style coordinated with sarouel-type side logo wide-leg pants

Wide sarouel-type side logo pants and futuristic sneakers are coordinated with this athleisure-inspired travel style. The casual dressing and loose silhouette simultaneously create a sense of lightness and relaxation in the chic color coordination. It is a cool outfit suitable for traveling with a lot of luggage.

Denim shirt and wide-leg pants for a work-inspired look

A western-style denim shirt, graphic white T-shirt, and beige wide-leg pants create a work-atmosphere. From the choice of items to the silhouette and the way of dressing, the styling is unique without being tuned to the street style of today. The sense of mismatch that is present here can be mitigated by wearing it in a rough style, rather than tucking it in for a clean look.

AMI Alexandre Mattiussi wide chinos

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Contrasting gray and white wide pants set-up coordinate

This coordination of a gray coat and a gray wide pants set-up suit highlights the floral print of the inserted white shirt. The contrasting gray and white colors work well together, featuring elegant and chic monochrome floral prints. The romantic floral print on the masculine tailored suit gives it a mode feel.

Maison Margiela Wide Pants

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Stylish winter monotone coordinates with gray wide pants

A heavy black mouton zip coat, black high-neck sweater, and gray wide pants are combined in this stylish winter monotone coordination. The lightweight two-pleat detail of the wide pants reduces the heaviness of the outerwear.

Cropped wide-leg pants highlight the gimmick at the feet.

Cropped wide-leg pants with striped detailing highlight the high socks in this mode, all-black street style. The white details on the sneakers and socks add a light color rhythm to the tone-on-tone black layers, which are made crisp by the texture of the material.

Wide pants coordinate with spice by incorporating primary colors

Primary colors are used to express a youthful and spicy look. Wide-leg pants tend to give a heavy impression, but the combination of items in primary colors gives the coordination a light atmosphere. Another key point is the use of different materials for each item, which gives the outfit a sophisticated feel.

Black wide pants are versatile enough to fit a wide range of coordinates

This coordinate combines military wear, which has been attracting attention as a trend in recent years, with wide black pants. The wide black pants, which are achromatic and add just the right amount of volume to the bottom, are highly versatile and can be worn with a variety of coordinates.

FUMITO GANRYU windbreaker pants

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Seasonal “black and brown” coordination with wide pants

The black wide-leg pants are paired with a quilted brown coat to create a seasonal “black and brown” look. A cap and a pair of Nike sneakers, a collaboration model with Off-White, give the look a street flavor.

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Wide silhouette denim pants for a rugged men’s coordinate

The “non-skinny jeans” with straight or tapered silhouettes have recently been gaining a stronger presence in the market, replacing the skinny jeans that were popular in the mainstream until a few years ago. At Pitti Uomo, the world’s largest men’s fashion trade show and a gathering place for fashion buyers from all over the world, wide silhouette denim pants were seen in abundance. The key to keeping wide pants from looking too wild is to avoid creating too much cushion. A good option is to alter the hemming and, of course, to add one roll or other arrangement to give the pants a more polished look.


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Wide pants and an oversized coat create a boxy silhouette

Wide pants with a characteristic voluminous silhouette are paired with a drop-shoulder oversized coat to create a boxy silhouette. The A-line and Y-line silhouettes, in which the silhouettes of the upper and lower garments are more flattering, are well known as the standard, but recently, styling that expresses a box silhouette by daring to choose a wide silhouette for both the upper and lower garments seems to be gaining more and more attention.

Clean, white wide-leg pants for a winter coordinate with a relaxed look

While incorporating many voluminous items such as long chester coats, oversized hoodies, and wide pants, the use of white for the pants and hoodies creates a sense of lightness, giving the coordination a light atmosphere. Black shoes are chosen for the feet to tighten the overall look.

Alexander McQueen Oversized Pants

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Wide denim pants for a casual jacket code

A tailored jacket and a turtleneck knit are worn with wide silhouette denim shorts for a more casual look. The perfect balance of dress items with casual wear, such as the use of a checkered coat, is a must-see.

Wide pants also go well with mode men’s coordination.

Wide pants, which can express a different silhouette than usual, are a good match for mode-inspired coordination. By combining a super-long coat, retro sneakers, and black wide pants, a mode style that stands out for its individuality is completed. The casual use of accessories is also a good reference.

Jil Sander Wide Pants

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Wide Pants and White Socks Coordinate for a Sleek Look

Wide pants and white socks create a relaxed look. The combination of items made of a bouncy material gives the outfit a sporty feel. The short length of the blouson is also used to layer shirts.

This men’s coordinate combines the season’s trendy long coat with wide-leg pants.

This season’s coat trend is to wear long coats that extend to the knees. We pick up the coordination of such long-length coats with wide pants. The silhouette, which is different from the standard Y-line with skinny pants, enhances the current atmosphere.

Junya Watanabe MAN Wide Pants

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Camel duffle coat paired with white wide pants for a fresh look

Camel duffle coat paired with white wide pants. While the popular “black and brown” coordination gives a modern impression, the white and brown combination gives a fresh impression.

Alexander McQueen Wide Pants

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Roll up the wide pants to add a light touch to the coordinate

The wide pants are rolled up to create a cushionless look, giving a light impression. The main combination of brown items creates a calm atmosphere.

Société Anonyme Wide Pants

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The color of the wide pants and rider’s jacket adds a lightness to the heavy look.

The leather jacket, wide pants, and black corset are three elements that give a sense of gravity to the styling, but by skillfully incorporating a spice of color, the impression of TOO MUCH is avoided. If black is the predominant styling color, the difference in brightness can be used to express a strongly effective color accent.

Acne Studios Wide Pants

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Sensitive street coordinate created with wide pants and a python print jacket

The combination of a trendy python-print jacket and wide pants, with AJ11 on the feet, gives this street coordinate a highly sensitive finish. While black is used throughout, different textures are used to create a rich expression. To keep the sneakers from being too ostentatious, white is also used as an innerwear item to create a natural look.

Poncho with an effortless silhouette and wide pants give a good balance to the coordinate

Ponchos were originally created for wind and cold protection and are now often used as rainwear. Did you know that its effortless silhouette goes well with loose-fitting wide pants as well? By combining the A-line poncho with wide pants, you can create a well-balanced coordinate that accentuates the contours of the poncho. We would like to follow the example of the gentleman who added a touch of yellow to his innerwear to give the look a colorful edge.

Baggy jeans in a black wash for a mischievous style

A patchwork camouflage jacket with Kappa logo tape, a black T-shirt, and black-washed baggy jeans complete this mischievous style. Sneaker-like black leather shoes and rolled-up baggy jeans create a stylish look on the feet. The length of the baggy jeans is arranged so that the wide silhouette of the jeans does not look too long and sloppy.

Gray wide-leg pants in a normcore style with an effortless vibe

The normcore style of the wide gray pants is neither too loud nor too formal, but has an effortless atmosphere with an exquisite everyday wear feel. The innerwear and bottoms are matched with a gradient of hair colors while contrasting burgundy and gray. The length and silhouette of the gray slacks are superb, with white sneakers and one cushion.

Wide pants paired with a pullover hoodie

Wide beige pants and a pullover hoodie. The red and white striped design shown on the chest is an accent.

Dickies 874 work pants

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Check out these wide pants coordinates for spring and summer!

Next, we will focus on wide pants coordinates for spring and summer. We will introduce some recommended items as well as the hottest outfits!

Wide pants with a crisp white and navy look

This summer outfit is simple and clean, combining ankle-length navy wide pants with an oversized, drop-shoulder white T-shirt, white socks, and white sneakers. The use of two colors, white and navy, gives a fresh and crisp look, and the relaxed silhouettes of both the top and bottom pieces create an effortless finish. The white socks, which tend to make the wearer’s feet look dowdy, are integrated with the white sneakers to create a sophisticated impression.

Société Anonyme Wide Pants

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A summer outfit of navy two-pleat wide pants with a gimmicky beige top

A gimmicky beige check short-sleeved pullover shirt and navy two-pleat wide-leg pants create a simple yet twisted summer look. The classic modern styling is completed by the choice of wide pants with two pleats, which give off a retro mood. The two pleats of the wide trousers are accentuated by the tucked-in top, which is just the right amount of slack.

CLOSED wide-leg pants

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Compared to other bottoms, wide pants are more voluminous and the texture of the material stands out even more

Of all the bottoms available, wide pants are the most voluminous, and the texture of the material is particularly striking. Each material has a different texture and luster, as well as a different drape and silhouette. It is no exaggeration to say that the charm of wide pants coordination lies in the ability to maximize the enjoyment of the unique qualities of each material.

Matching the base color of the black wide pants with the botanical print shirt expresses a chic tropical mood.

Aloha shirts and other tropical patterned shirts are a summer staple, and their colorful colors and tropical image tend to make them look flamboyant and frivolous. While it is good to be open-minded and uplifting, it is only tactless if it spoils your mature look and makes you look painfully frivolous. The wide black pants and botanical-print shirt in the snapshots picked up here match the base color of the shirt to express a chic tropical mood. With this color coordination, the atmosphere of excitement is reduced and the summer mood can be fully enjoyed without compromising the dignity of an adult.

Jacquemus wide pants

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Wide pants are a great way to balance out oversized or big silhouette tops.

Wide pants are a good choice to balance out the oversized and big silhouette tops that are the latest trend. Regardless of whether they are tucked in or tucked out, they fit into a good silhouette and provide a styling that is not too much.

Coordinates with cargo wide pants and military shirt in olive green

Wide pants with cargo pockets and a short-sleeved military shirt in olive green are combined with brown work boots for a rugged look. Leather accessories with Indian-style decorations and a red bandana are added to avoid looking like a cosplay outfit, and a hazing gimmick is used to avoid a stiff feeling. This masculine styling is attractive, but it is important to find the right balance between the two so as not to overdo it.

PT TORINO Wide pants

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Style up your summer coordinate with mellow wide pants whose drape and silhouette give them an elegant look

Wide pants with a thicker texture, which are different from the thick-boned, tough-looking wide pants, have an elegant drape and silhouette, making them easy to wear even for beginners. They are not suitable for mischievous or rugged outfits, but they are perfect for beautiful and stylish outfits.

OAMC Wide Pants

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Differentiate your fresh summer marine coordinate with white wide pants

This gentleman has adopted wide white pants to give a twist to a summer marine coordinate with a refreshing contrast of white and blue colors. The combination of a basque shirt with a large open neckline and wide pants that resemble sailor pants gives the outfit a rich maritime flavor.

The fluid drape created by the pleats of the wide pants gives the coordination an elegant impression

The pleated details and the softness of the fabric give the wide pants a fluid drape that makes the outfit look elegant. The gentleman in the photo above wears wide pants with deep scissors pleats. The flowing drape of the wide pants gives the wide pants coordinate an elegant look.

Elegant coordination of light-toned wide pants by Alex Badia

Alex Badia, style director of WWD, wears stylish wide pants. The light-toned items are elegantly put together to express a light, adult jacket style. The layering of a light pink blouson inserted into a plaid jacket is not unreasonable, and the slightly loose silhouette with a nice relaxed look is also a nice touch.

The blue-and-white coordinate with skillful use of patterns is combined with earth-colored wide pants and austere shoes to create an adult-faced jacket-pants coordinate.

The jacket style is coordinated with a contrasting blue and white top that skillfully combines stripes, dots, and solid color items, along with earthy wide-leg pants and austere brown wingtips. The mix of freshness and natural atmosphere creates an expressive style with depth. The wide pants are rolled up to a length that balances well with the shoes.

Military and colonial colors give the wide pants coordinate a military look

The work style of the wide trousers is naturally put together in colonial military colors with a gray T-shirt, which is a neutral color, to prevent the look from becoming too masculine. Both the shirt and pants have a loose silhouette, and the inner T-shirt is tucked in to keep the look from becoming too loose.

Black wide pants and a white T-shirt with long sleeves for a loose silhouette and a modern look

What is important for the casual style of today is to have the right amount of loose-fitting, relaxed look. This gentleman here is wearing a long-sleeved white T-shirt with black wide pants, which gives him a seasonal silhouette and a casual look. The exquisite “just loose enough” look, which is neither too loose nor too tight-fitting, makes for an attractive coordinate.

If you want to make the wide pants coordinate look beautiful, choose a tapered silhouette!

A short-sleeved shirt blouson in Craig green with a West Coast-style palm tree print, black wide-leg pants with a slouchy silhouette, and black Converse All Star HI shoes complete this unique outfit. The wide pants are gently tapered and give a somewhat beautiful impression. Wide pants can look sloppy depending on how they are coordinated, so it is a good idea to try wearing them in such a beautiful silhouette in a mature manner.


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Wide pants with checkered slip-ons for a pop haziness on the feet

The olive green wide-leg pants give off a work-inspired atmosphere, and the checkered slip-ons add a pop of color. A no-collar outerwear mixed with various tastes is worn lightly as if it were a cardigan, giving a simple work style a unique look. Check out the exquisite color scheme of the white T-shirt, white stitching on the pants, and the slip-ons, which firmly link items that tend to get cluttered.

Create a crisp A-line coordinate with wide pants and a just-right size shirt

While it is possible to create an effortless outfit with big silhouette items for both the top and bottom, it is also hard to throw away an outfit with a crisp look. The gentleman here is wearing a just right size work shirt tucked into wide pants. By keeping the top compact, a clean A-line silhouette is achieved, creating a well-defined coordinate.

Highlight the presence of wide pants with a tucked-in shirt technique and a color-contrasting outfit

A mischievous striped shirt with the Comme des Garcons PLAY heart logo, a white T-shirt, and brown wide pants. In addition to the contrast between the light blue and brown colors, the wide pants are tucked in only at the front, accentuating their presence.

Chinocloth wide-leg pants are so easy to use! An excellent item that can be coordinated with a wide range of outfits with just one pair!

Among the wide pants available in a wide variety of styles, from dress, mode, American casual, and work wear, chinocloth wide pants are particularly easy to use. Even if they are not suitable for formal wear or dresses, chinocloth wide pants match a variety of styles, from clean jackets to gory work styles, and are recommended as an entry to wide pants.

Express a set-up-like coordination with beige wide pants and a gilet in the same color

The beige wide pants are paired with a gilet in the same color to express a set-up-like styling. The inner T-shirt is tucked in only at the front to accentuate the pleated detail of the wide pants. The tone-on-tone outfit is accentuated by a set of black derby shoes accented with yellow laces.

MARNI Wide Pants

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The military color of the wide pants and the camouflage pattern of the logo T-shirt resonate with each other, cleverly creating a sense of unity in the jacket-pants coordinate.

A navy 2B jacket, Adidas logo T-shirt, military green wide pants, and white sneakers complete this jackets coordinate. The camouflage pattern on the logo T-shirt and the wide pants resonate with a military image, and the use of items to enhance the sense of unity of the coordinate is superb.

OAMC Wide Pants

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Elegant adult jacket style coordinated with striped wide pants

The elegant adult jacket style by BEAMS Takada exudes a creative and intellectual atmosphere. The striped pattern on the pants emphasizes the vertical lines, making the jacket style with wide pants look less drab. The exquisite use of black in the innerwear and accessories is also a good choice.

A glossy-colored Boston bag adds richness to the work style of wide pants

A basic T-shirt, authentic wide pants with suspender buttons, and low-toe sneakers are a simple work style. The burgundy Boston bag adds a rich touch to this simple outfit. A patterned scarf fastened with a scarf ring is attached to the handle of the bag, adding a touch of glamour to the rugged coordination.

Cropped wide-leg pants and white sneakers with a gilet and shirt style for a stylish mixed coordination

The dressy style of a gilet and tied-up shirt is downplayed with cropped wide pants and diadora sneakers. The combination of a formal outfit with rough-length wide pants and sneakers creates a stylish mix of styles.

Striped wide-leg pants add a relaxed mood to a monotone coordinate

The cool monotone style tends to give off an overdone look, but striped wide-leg pants cool it down with a relaxed look. By choosing a pair of trousers with a loose-fitting silhouette, it is possible to create a highly seasonal look without losing the chic monotone atmosphere. If you wear leather shoes on your feet, don’t forget to use cropped wide pants to create a relaxed look.

The flowing drape of the wide pants resonates with the patterned shirt, giving the coordination an elegant atmosphere

A gorgeous patterned shirt combining various motifs with a basic white T-shirt, draped beige wide-leg pants, and black Converse All Star shoes. The patterned shirt and wide-leg pants worn lightly over the shirt resonate with elegant vibes, elevating the casual coordinate to a richer level. The length of the pants, cushioned by the instep of the sneakers, is also a nice touch.

Cargo type super wide pants embody a unique coordinate with no questions asked

Reminiscent of sarouel pants, the ultra-wide pants and long spring coat embody an individualistic coordinate with no questions asked. The white T-shirt inserted as innerwear injects a clean image, and the contrast between the assertive outerwear and bottoms is striking. Rolling up the sleeves of the coat to give it a loose look is also a great arrangement.

Create a skater-like coordinate with wide beige pants and Vans Old Skool

The red and white striped T-shirt with impact is paired with wide beige pants for an effortless casual look. Vans Old Skool shoes are worn on the feet, and together with the wide-leg pants, the look has a skater feel.

Create a massive look with baggy wide jeans

Baggy jeans are one of the most dignified items among wide-leg pants. While it is possible to dress lightly with wide pants made of linen or chinocloth, it is also possible to create a manly and sturdy look.

Coordinate wide pants with a mix of Japanese style and street style

A mix of Japonism and street style with a vintage Hanten jacket in an austere color, an ukiyo-e (Shunga) graphic white T-shirt, black wide-leg pants, and white and fluorescent pink sneakers. A black sakosh is hung around the neck to maintain the balance between Japanese and Western styles, and the colors of the T-shirt and sneakers, white and pink, are linked to enhance the sense of unity of the coordinated look.

Oversized trucker jacket and cropped wide pants for a trend-conscious street style

This street style is a combination of an oversized thin gray trucker jacket, black T-shirt, black cropped wide-leg pants and white sneakers. Trend-conscious items such as a belt bag slung diagonally across the front inside the jacket and white socks with a trefoil logo have been added to update the coordinate into a modern style.

Denim chambray coveralls and beige wide pants for a work style

The work style of denim chambray coveralls, seersucker striped shirt, and beige wide pants is coordinated with a pair of leopard print sneakers. Add playful patterned sneakers and white socks to shift the rugged look to a modern street style.

Trend-conscious men’s coordination is completed by the use of khaki wide pants

The short length MA-1 and voluminous khaki wide pants complete this trend-conscious men’s coordinate. Short blousons and wide pants go well together to create a sporty atmosphere. The red ribbon on the cigar pocket, a design unique to Alfa Industries, serves as a color accent.

Adding wide pants to a jacket coordinate for a cozy look

A well-designed navy jacket is paired with wide beige pants to create a cozy look with its silhouette. The navy color is linked with the striped T-shirt and sneakers used as innerwear, creating a unified atmosphere. The rough tuck-in and roll-up technique of the pants is also a good reference.

Wide pants with a beige jacket for a mature and sexy look

Pale tones are used throughout for a mature and sexy styling. The loose-fitting, relaxed look is enhanced by tucking in the inner T-shirt. The Common Project leather sneakers on the feet add a luxurious touch.

A chic wide pants coordinate in monotone

The chic wide pants coordinate is made up of monotone items, with two pleats and a relaxed waist, and a strong tapered shape to create a unique pants silhouette. The short-sleeved shirt is worn just right to create a crisp look.

Wide black cropped pants worn with an open-collared shirt give a loose silhouette

A short-sleeved open-collared shirt with slightly dropped shoulders is coordinated with wide black pants. The trick to wearing loose-fitting items is to keep them chic in dark tones and not make them look sloppy. To avoid an overly heavy look, white socks are used for a sense of balance.

N°21 wide pants

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Wide pants and a denim jacket express a martial man’s coordinate

Beige wide pants and a black denim jacket worn over the shoulders give off a wild atmosphere. The burgundy chief set in the breast pocket and suspenders hanging from the waist accentuate the look. The shoes are a pair of Vans Old Skools.

A cozy style incorporating wide pants with a jacket coordinate

In Italy, wide pants were also seen in casual jackets. A gray tailored jacket made of summer material is paired with beige wide pants for a soft impression.

Express a boxy silhouette with wide pants and an oversized white T-shirt

Wide beige pants paired with a boxy silhouette white T-shirt. Layered striped innerwear and the incorporation of a stole lead to a stylish impression. Leather shoes on the feet give a tight look.

Wide tapered pants coordinate with white T-shirt and white sneakers

Beige wide pants are styled with a white T-shirt and white sneakers for a fresh look. Wide pants with room around the waist and a wide tapered silhouette that tapers toward the feet are in season this season.

SHIPS GROWN&SEWN Independent 8oz Chinos

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Wide Pants Cordinate with Contrast

The brown vest contrasts with the navy wide-leg pants, while a T-shirt and Converse All Star Hi bring down the jean style to a more casual level.

Wide pants with pleats and a T-shirt tucked in

The T-shirt is tucked in to show off the pleated pants. The subtle detailing on the right sleeve is a key point of this style. The Stan Smiths on the feet are a classic Fairway color, which links with the coloring of the clothing to create a sense of unity.

Wide tapered pants in denim for a martial men’s look

Wide, tapered denim pants are styled with a henley-neck T-shirt. To match the blue indigo, the top is navy to create a gradation. The one-roll style shows off the characteristic mimi detailing of the denim.

Bernard Zins wide pants

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Wide pants and a denim shirt for a martial men’s coordinate

The blue wide-leg pants and denim shirt give the outfit a rugged mood. A black scarf and leather shoes tighten the outfit to avoid giving an overly rough impression.

Band collar blue shirt with wide linen pants for an effortless look

The saxophone blue band-collar shirt and wide silhouette linen pants are styled to create an effortless atmosphere. Nike’s classic Air Force 1 Low sneakers on the feet are a daring and sophisticated addition to the look.

Linking the cutout detail of the wide cropped pants with the jacket to give a unified look to the coordinate

Wide brown pants, white jacket, and black henley neck shirt. The cut-out detailing links the clothes together to create a cohesive look.


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Wide Pants Cordage with a Street Taste

The styling expresses an A-line with wide pants, and a baseball cap adds a street taste. The pants with in-pleats are a detail often seen in British brands. Blue velcro sneakers were chosen as an accent for the feet.

Wide pants coordinate in black with different materials for a touch of color

The wide pants coordinate gives a chic impression by combining the entire body in black. Depending on how they are worn, wide-leg pants may give a childish impression, but by adding black leather shoes, the coordination has a mature and sexy look.

Wide pants combined with a well-designed pullover shirt create a chic men’s coordinate

This coordinate features a black pullover shirt with a high design. The entire outfit is made up of items of the same taste, giving it a sophisticated, urban look. The boxy silhouette expressed by matching wide silhouette cropped pants with the bottoms and the pocket design around the hem of the shirt enhance the mode mood.

Wide cropped pants coordinate expressing an A-line shape

Wide pants and a just right size white T-shirt are combined in this A-line coordinate. The monotone color scheme is spiced up with light blue sneakers.

Wide pants with a tight patterned shirt for a crisp look

The shirt has a tight, narrow silhouette to match the wide pants, creating a crisp look. The hem of the shirt is tucked in on one side to add a rough nuance. The blue and black base color scheme gives a cohesive impression to the patterned styling.

MARNI wide pants

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Wearing wide pants with no cushioning and a lightweight look is what’s in style right now.

Off-white wide-leg pants and a white T-shirt are paired with a fresh look. The current trend is to wear wide pants in a lightweight, no-cushion length. If the pants are not hemmed, roll them up well.

Wide pants coordinate in earth colors for a wild mood

Olive green wide-leg pants styled with a white T-shirt. The earth-colored pants and teardrop sunglasses add a wild atmosphere. Stan Smiths with a vintaze look are chosen for the feet.

Wide silhouette shorts are also recommended!

Wide silhouette shorts above the knee are also being offered by various brands this season. The relaxed silhouette is worn with an open-collared short-sleeved shirt. Sandals were chosen as the footwear for a rough styling, but the monotone finish of the items keeps the look tight.

Wide pants with a pullover shirt for a sophisticated coordinate

Wide pants are paired with sandals. The current mood is to wear wide silhouette pants with no cushioning for a light look. A loose-fitting pullover shirt is worn as the top.

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