Men’s Spring Clothes Special! Selected items to look out for in 2022 in two categories: Trend Perspective and Standard Perspective.


Men's Spring Clothes Special! Selected items to look out for in 2022 in two categories: Trend Perspective and Standard Perspective.

Many of you may have a hard time choosing spring clothes due to the wide range of outfits and the variety of items available. In this issue, we focus on “spring clothes” and introduce recommended items for seasonal outfits in 2022, divided into “trend” and “standard” items!

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Men’s Spring Clothes Trend Item 1: “New Balance takes the lead in sneakers, with the 990 series being a particularly popular target.

In the sneaker market, which continues to be saturated with a variety of models, New Balance is releasing a series of colorful collections this season. In particular, the classic 990 series is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2022, and a number of high-profile collaborative models are also being released. The collaboration with JJJound, whose prices have been skyrocketing on the second-hand market, has also been realized again with the 990v3. New Balance has also appointed Teddy Santis, owner of Aimé Leon Dore, as Creative Director from this season. This is the first time in New Balance’s 116-year history that a Creative Director has been appointed, and the appointment of Teddy Santis as the first Creative Director has attracted a great deal of attention. The release of the 990v6, the latest in Teddy’s 990 series, is also expected, and this year is sure to be one to keep an eye on for New Balance.

new balance 990v5

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new balance 990v4

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Men’s Spring Clothing Trend Item (2) “Red Wing boots are hot! With the Irish Setter at the top of the list, Red Wing is leading the popularity of boots.

With the sneaker trend slowing down, boots have been gradually gaining attention for some time now. Work boots in particular have been gaining popularity due to the popularity of American casual wear. Red Wing boots, which are indispensable when talking about work boots, are suddenly the focus of attention this season. Red Wing boots have always been popular among work boot enthusiasts, but this season they have jumped to the forefront as a trendy footwear item. The Irish setter, classic moc-toe, classic round, and postman are also popular. The Beckman, for example, is in short supply, and there seems to be a long waiting list on the official e-commerce site. Buying a new pair is a good idea, or pulling out your old ones from the shoe closet is also a good idea. In fact, with the popularity of secondhand clothing, maybe a worn-out pair with a worn-out feel will match your current mood.

RED WING Irish Setter 9875

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