A selection of stylish, high-quality sneakers to match with your suit!


A selection of stylish, high-quality sneakers to match with your suit!

As the freedom of dress style increases, the suit with sneakers seems to be becoming the standard. While it is possible to boldly take the edge off with sporty running sneakers or low-tech sneakers from major brands, to create a sense of class that is perfect for the office, you will want to choose high-quality sneakers with a mature face that complements your suit. This time, we will introduce you to the hottest items under the theme of “stylish, high-quality sneakers to match your suit!

The Sports Agency recommends a suit and sneakers style!

The Sports Agency has been recommending sneakers for commuting to work since 2018. Of course, there are some restrictions depending on the type of industry or occupation, but many men may be considering adopting sneakers for commuting. Even overseas, the style of wearing sneakers with a suit seems to be becoming a staple. At Pitti Uomo, a men’s fashion trade show where fashion buyers from around the world gather for business, there were many stylish men wearing sneakers with their suits. It is also worth noting that these fashionable people are wearing high-quality sneakers on their feet, as usual.

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