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The latest men’s coordination techniques & recommended items for gray jeans!


The latest men's coordination techniques & recommended items for gray jeans!

Gray jeans have a monotone look that is different from the faded indigo color, giving them a rugged, urban nuance. While the high versatility of the colorless jeans is appealing, for better or worse, the light tone may give a bland and drab impression depending on the coordination. In this issue, we focus on gray jeans, and introduce some tips on how to wear them, men’s coordination from overseas as a reference, and recommended items from popular brands!

Gray Jeans for a smart expression of casual adult dressing

Gray jeans have the potential to be worn with all kinds of outfits. For those who prefer urban styling that does not look too formal, gray jeans are the perfect item. Compared to blue jeans, gray jeans have less of a workwear feel, but they also have a tasteful atmosphere due to their faded color, making them a good match for the vintage clothing that has recently become popular.

However, since gray jeans are a versatile item with a modest statement, there is a risk of giving a bland impression depending on the coordination. From here, we will introduce stylish coordination techniques as well as the outfits of fashionable people wearing gray jeans.

How to Wear Gray Jeans (1)

Choose gray jeans in a baggy silhouette, which are currently the focus of attention, to create a coordinated look with a trendy feel. For footwear, choose a pair of rugged boots that won’t lose out to the thick denim for an easy balance. For a more mature look, adjust the length of the jeans by rolling them up as shown in the snap shot below, and finish off with a clean look around the feet.

Points for wearing gray jeans (2)Express an urban adult casual style with a monotone jacket outfit

A jacket outfit with a black jacket, black knit and gray jeans, all in a monotone color scheme [subtitle=”How to wear gray jeans (1)”]. By adding gray jeans to a formal jacket outfit, the look maintains a sophisticated mood while creating a casual style for adults without being overbearing. The choice of a tapered silhouette that is not too tight-fitting is also a good one.

Points for wearing gray jeans (3)For a clean casual look in spring and summer, set a white shirt

The white shirt and gray jeans, both monotone items and popular staples, are a perfect match. By building the axis of the coordinate with this top and bottom, a beautiful impression is secured and a smart and good-looking outfit is created. If you wear a white shirt with a delicate broadcloth fabric, you may feel that your taste is not quite right, so it is recommended to wear a white shirt with a coarser, more casual look, such as an Oxford shirt.

Find the ideal men's coordinate from our editorial snaps!A glance at international street snaps of gray jeans!

For more men's coordination

Snaps, including the gray jeans outfit we picked up this time, are now available on the OTOKOMAE snap page. The hashtag function allows you to check all the snaps focusing on a single item at once. If you register as a member, you can save your favorite snaps and articles.

See how to wear gray jeans on the OTOKOMAE Snap Page

OTOKOMAE editorial department recommends!

Finally, the OTOKOMAE editorial department introduces “Gray Jeans” that we recommend to our readers based on information obtained from exhibitions of hot brands, interviews at leading select stores, and fixed-point observations in major fashion cities!

Recommended models of brands offering gray jeans ①LEVI'S 501

The gray model with button fly is synonymous with Levi’s 501 and has remained unchanged throughout its long history. Unlike the Japan line, the length is selectable, so you can wear the ideal silhouette that fits your leg length.

Find LEVI’S gray jeans.

Recommended models of brands offering gray jeans (2)JACOB COHËN's NICK

Jacob Cohen is recommended for those who prefer an elegant dress mix, including jacket dressing. along with BIRD JACOB COHEN One of the two most popular models, the current model ” NICK ” of the former model number 622 designed with a slightly shallower inseam than the royal model BARD.

Find JACOB COHËN gray jeans.

Recommended models of brands offering gray jeans (3)PT Torino's REGGAE

PT Torino’s “REGGAE” features a tapered fit silhouette. The crotch is moderately deep and the waist is stable. It is a model that can be easily adapted to many Japanese body types, and is the top recommendation of Domenico Gianfurrate, director of PT Torino, a fashionista, and known as one of Italy’s most dapper men.

Find PT Torino gray jeans.

Recommended models of brands offering gray jeans (4)MM6 Maison Margiela Denim Row Trousers

Made from wide-leg cotton denim and offset with a cut-out center seam, MM6’s Gray Jeans. A discreet yet iconic horizontal line of white stitching is centered on the back.

MM6 Find Maison Margiela gray jeans.

Recommended models of brands that offer gray jeans (5)BALENCIAGA medium fit jeans

The medium fit gray jeans split in popularity with Balenciaga’s iconic baggy denim. Cushion the full length with oversized sneakers, chunky sole shoes, or thick-soled boots for a styling that accelerates the mode.

Find Balenciaga gray jeans.

Recommended models of the brand's gray jeans (6)OUR LEGACY's Extended Third Cut

Black and gray men’s extended third cut jeans made of vintage wash denim. They have a relaxed, wide-leg fit and feature contrast-stitched knee panels, press-crease, YKK zip fly, metal rivets, and reinforced back pockets.

Find OUR LEGACY gray jeans

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