Jeans Codes for Men! 7 tips to refine your outfits!


Jeans Codes for Men! 7 tips to refine your outfits!

The jean is a staple item in men’s fashion, but for some reason, many of you may have trouble getting rid of the “not quite right” feeling when you try it on. In this issue, we will introduce the key points to successfully wear a sophisticated jean jacket with specific examples of how to wear it!

The ” jean ” with various names

The abbreviation for “jean” is “jean jumper. However, “jean” is actually a Japanese word, and is generally called “jean jacket” or “denim jacket” in English-speaking countries. Originally, “jean jacket” or “denim jacket” would be closer to the original term, but the term “jean” has become common in Japan, partly because it is more convenient to use.

The jean originated in the 1930s, when Levi’s began manufacturing work jackets to go with jeans. Incidentally, as is well known among denim lovers and vintage freaks, Levi’s has gradually changed the silhouette and details since the first model released in the early 1900s. They are often discussed in four categories in order of oldest to newest: ” First,” “Second,” “Third,” and “Force. It should be noted that this distinction is a designation classified for convenience by Japanese used clothing importers, and is not an official name given by Levi’s. Incidentally, many brands use the ” third type ” as their design base, which is highly regarded in the fashion world.

The differences in design and specifications of each of the four types of jean jackets!

Designs and specifications vary depending on the type of jean. Next, we will focus on each of the four jean types and introduce their features!

Type of Jeans (1) “The “1st Type” of the original design

As the name suggests, the “first type” was designed when the first denim jacket was completed. The detail of folds is present in the front mane. The chest pocket is on the left side of the body only, and is positioned low. Another feature is the strap (cinch back) sewn into the back waistband.

Find the 1st type of jean

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Type 2 “”Second type”” featuring both pockets and a fitted placket

The “second model” is an updated version of the first model. The front fringe detail is unchanged, and the pockets are positioned lower on both sides of the body. The straps sewn on the back waist have also been removed from the second model.

Find the 2nd type of jean

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Type 3 “”Third type”” is the most popular type of jacket.

The “third type” of denim jackets is the most major type and is considered to be the most complete type of denim jacket. The position of the breast pocket has been modified to be higher, giving it a more stylish impression than the 1st and 2nd types. The above points make it an urban and easy-to-use fashion item, and it is currently the most popular design among denim jackets.

Find the 3rd type of jean

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Type 4: “The ‘force type’ is slightly longer than the third type.

The “4th type” is extremely similar in appearance to the 3rd type. It is characterized by a silhouette designed to be moderately slim and longer in length compared to previous generations of jean jackets. The characteristic V-shaped slope on the front, which is seen on the 3rd type, is designed to be gentle and easy to sew. Although the above features are listed above, there are various theories as to where the 4th type begins and ends, as the 4th type appeared soon after the release of the 3rd type. For example, it is said that there is a theory that the “70506” with handwarmer pockets is called the 4th type. Each type is a common name to distinguish the vintage denim jacket’s age, so it is recommended to take it as a reference information.

Find the 4th type

Since the origin of the jean jacket is work wear, it tends to give a wild look if worn in an appropriate manner. The next section introduces seven tricks while keeping in mind the important points to achieve a sophisticated look!

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