Checked Shirt Codes! Fashionable men’s outfits & recommended items for your reference!


Checked Shirt Codes! Fashionable men's outfits & recommended items for your reference!

This checked shirt adds a hook to your styling impression, adding flair and color. It can be worn lightly as a jacket or wrapped around the waist for a sophisticated look, and depending on the choice of pattern, it can be used to blend American casual, traditional, and British tastes. In this issue, we focus on the “checkered shirt” and introduce the most notable men’s outfits and recommended items!

What are the typical types of checkered patterns?

Check pattern type 1: “Gingham check

The simplest plaid pattern consisting of white and another two colors (black, blue, red, etc. are major). Gingham check shirts with fine patterns are very popular among check patterns used for shirts and go well with dress shirts as well as casual shirts, and can be used as innerwear for suits and jackets. The simple two-color gingham check shirt with a white base is easy to use, and is a representative example of a check shirt that can enjoy gorgeous styling.

Type of check pattern (2) “Tartan check

Tartan is a fabric with a plaid pattern made by twill weaving with multi-colored threads, and this plaid pattern is called tartan check in Japan, but the pattern itself is also called tartan in other countries. Kilts, the national costume of Scotland, are usually made of tartan. Nowadays, brands all over the world are offering check patterns called “tartan,” but those that can be called tartan strictly are those that are preserved, protected, and registered as traditional Scottish fabrics by the ” The Scotitsh Register of Tartans” in accordance with the law. The Scotitsh Register of Tartans is the body that preserves, protects, registers and manages tartan as a traditional Scottish textile.

Type of check pattern (3) “Glen check

Glen check is a combination of staggered plaid and hairline stripes. It is mainly used for wool fabrics and adopted as a classic pattern for suits, coats, and pants. Glen means valley or ravine, and the name is said to have originated in the valley region of Scotland, and glen check is an abbreviation of Scottish glenacart check.

Check pattern type 4: “Block check

Block check is a check pattern arranged in two interchangeable colors in a square tile-like shape. It is called checkerboard overseas and checkerboard in Japan, and like gingham check, it is representative of the simplest check pattern. The checkered checkerboard pattern is famous for Vans’ slip-on shoes, and the checkered checkerboard pattern is famous for the haori (coat) worn by Sumijiro Kamakado, the main character in the manga and anime series ‘ Oni no Kensetsu no Kaede (The Blade of Oni no Blade). Incidentally, the name “checkered pattern” comes from the fact that Ichimatsu Sanogawa I, a kabuki actor of the Edo period, wore plaid hakama with alternating white and dark blue squares, which became very popular.

Checked pattern type 5: “Madras Check

A multicolored irregular plaid pattern combining bright colors such as bright yellow, orange and green. It originated in the Madras region in southeastern India and is often used for American traditional summer jackets, shirts, and shorts.

Check pattern type 6: “Burberry check”.

Burberry check is a check pattern consisting of thick black and white stripes and thin red lines on a camel base. As the name suggests, it is known as the iconic pattern of the long-established British brand ” Burberry,” and the pattern was designed by arranging a pattern called country tartan, the name of which was decided through a public contest. Burberry adopted this check pattern, which symbolizes the brand, as the lining of a trench coat for the first time in 1924. Also known as the “Haymarket check” or “Burberry classic check,” the pattern is now available in an increasing number of variations, including the “Nova check,” “House check,” “Mega check,” “Smoked check,” and “Beat check.

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