6 tips to get beautiful tanned skin


6 tips to get beautiful tanned skin

Summer is the time of year when a strong, tanned skin is a fashion statement. It is surprisingly difficult to achieve the ideal bronzed skin, as the desire to tan is often preceded by ” peeling skin ” or ” not darkening (too darkening) “. In this issue, we will introduce tips on how to get the ideal bronzed skin!

(1) Take vitamins before sunburn

When you get sunburned, your skin is more or less damaged. You can prepare for UV damage by taking vitamins A, C, and E to increase antioxidant activity.


It is said that it is difficult to consume sufficient amounts of these vitamins in one’s daily diet, so it is recommended to take supplements before sun exposure. The recently popular “drinkable sunscreen” is not a sunscreen that prevents sunburn, but a supplement whose main ingredients are antioxidant vitamins that inhibit skin damage and aging caused by sunburn.


One tablet taken 30 minutes before sun exposure will last for about 2 hours. Individual differences exist.

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(2) Apply the best sunscreen for the skin and scene you are aiming for.

Various sunscreens are released by various manufacturers, and it is important to choose the sunscreen that best suits your skin tone and the situation in which you will be tanning. Even if you want to tan completely black, do not burn without applying anything.

Copatone Tanning Water SPF2 200ml ” for a real, deep tan

This product is suitable for those who want to achieve a darker tan by cutting out only the UV rays that cause inflammation. The spray formula makes it easy to apply over a wide area, and the aloe and carrot formula keeps the skin moisturized. It is non-greasy, comfortable to apply, and has a light coconut scent.

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If your skin is not accustomed to tanning or is exposed to harsh UV rays, you will want to choose a tanning lotion with a high sunburn-protecting effect. SPF and SPA are the two most important factors to consider.

What is SPF? SPF is a “skin redness protection factor.”

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, an index that indicates the effectiveness of protection against UVB waves, also known as the Ultraviolet Protection Factor.

SPF is a measure of how long it takes for red spots to form on the skin when exposed to ultraviolet rays. For example, a sunscreen with SPF 50 can increase the time it takes for red spots to appear by 50 times. In Japan, however, SPF is limited to 50because the difference in effectiveness is not clear for SPF 50 or higher.

What is PA? A measure of protection against darkening of the skin.

PA stands for Protection Grade of UVA, which is also known as the UV-A protection index, and is an indicator of the effectiveness in preventing UVA waves.

While SPF is an index to prevent the cause of reddening of the skin, PA is an index to show the degree of protection against the cause of darkening of the skin. PA is indicated in three levels as defined by the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association: PA+: PFA 2 to 4, effective in preventing UV-A / PA++: PFA 4 to 8, effective in preventing UV-A to a great extent / PA+++: PFA 5 to 7, effective in preventing UV-A to a great extent PA+++: PFA 8 or higher, very effective UV-A protection. Choose a sunscreen with this high index if your skin is already close to the ideal color or if you are going out to the ocean where UV rays are strong.

Many surfers are also patronizing this product. SHISEIDO Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen A+N 60ml

Anessa” is a super strong sunscreen known to be used by many male surfers as well as women. Although it is super waterproof and resistant to sweat and sebum, it is light and smooth to apply. SPF50+/PA++++.

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Incidentally, sunscreens with high SPF and SPA are not recommended for daily use, but should be used only in case of emergency.

(3) Focused care for sunburn-prone areas with a stick-type product

The forehead and nose are particularly prone to sunburn due to the shape of the face. We recommend that you focus on these areas when UV rays are strong or during leisure activities at the beach. Surfers are familiar with stick-type sunscreen, which should be applied in layers.

Vivo Outdoor UV” is a sunscreen that provides focused care for powerful ultraviolet rays.

The concept of this outdoor sunscreen is “a partner for enjoying the outdoors to the fullest. It is easy to carry and easy to use outside, and can protect the skin from UV rays even during long hours outdoors.

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(4) Reapply sunscreen

Sweat and water cause sunscreens to fall off. This is true even for water-proof sunscreens. It is important to reapply every few hours.

(5) Rapid sunburn is a cause of failure. Burn little by little.

Suddenly burning skin that is not accustomed to ultraviolet rays tends to cause skin irritation and other problems.

The key is to tan gradually while checking the condition of the skin, such as avoiding tanning between 10:00 and 14:00, when UV rays are strong, and limiting the first tanning session to 30 minutes or less. Another option is to go to a tanning salon in advance to prepare the skin for tanning.

(6) Care immediately after sunburn is essential.

It goes without saying that it is important to take care of your skin after tanning. It is important to take care of your skin after sun exposure.

Cool the skin immediately by showering and washing the face, and apply a lot of moisturizing lotion or lotion as soon as possible. A regular lotion is fine, but if possible, choose an aloe gel or other lotion with anti-inflammatory properties.

It is common knowledge among surfers who are exposed to severe sun exposure that ” carry lotion and lotion with you ” and ” moisturize first and foremost when you get back to your car.

Eisai Medicinal Veraris 128g

This natural medicated lotion contains 99% concentrated aloe vera (moisturizing ingredient), is mildly acidic, fragrance-free, and color-free. When taken out of the tube, it is a pruney transparent gel, but when spread on the skin, it quickly turns into a fresh lotion. This is an essential item when you are worried about dry skin after sun exposure.

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Copatone After Sun Oil-free Gel 140g

Contains aloe extract and menthol to soothe and replenish moisture.

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