Gray Sneakers Men’s Coordinate Special! Urban and sophisticated outfits & items!


Gray Sneakers Men's Coordinate Special! Urban and sophisticated outfits & items!

The gray sneaker harmonizes with any color coordination without being too assertive, and creates a sophisticated, urban look on the feet. Gray is a color with high potential as an in-between monotone color: a lighter color close to white gives a clean, sophisticated look, while a darker color close to black creates a cool, tight atmosphere. In this issue, we focus on the “gray sneaker,” and introduce some of the most popular outfits and items!

Gray sneakers with a pop of accent color make a great model for adult coordination!

With the 90’s revival, sneakers in bright colors such as neon and vivid colors have been popular in recent years. However, there must be many people who think, “It’s a little too hard for adults to wear… ” In such a case, we will introduce a pair of sneakers in a calming gray color. In such cases, sneakers based on a soothing gray color will not make a pop color scheme look too much, but will function as an accent to make your coordination look stylish. Why not try these gray sneakers, which are both trendy and mature?

Monotone coordinate with gradation using gray sneakers

This coordinate expresses a gradation by gradually increasing the brightness from the gray sneakers to the pants and shirt. This is a great way to create a rhythm in a monotone outfit that tends to become monotonous. The use of accessories such as Gucci buckles and neckerchiefs as accents is also excellent.

HOGAN gray sneakers

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Exquisite tone-on-tone gray sneaker coordinates with a high level of sophistication

While all items are unified in gray, the exquisite tone-on-tone of this coordinate enhances the level of sophistication and creates a sense of stylishness. The clean silhouette of the expressive suede gray sneakers and the subtle use of color accentuate the elegant adult look.

A grey sneaker with a mesh design for a more lighthearted look

In spring and summer, when you want to create a fresh look, blue and white is the perfect combination. If you want to stand out from the crowd, the adidas “DEERUPT RUNNER” is another option. The light gray color adds an urban look, while the unique mesh design gives it a more lighthearted feel. The coloring is also attractive for all seasons, so check them out!

adidas Originals DEERUPT RUNNER Gray Sneaker

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