Waterproof sneakers are evolving! Pick up recommended men’s models that will surely be your partner on rainy days!


Waterproof sneakers are evolving! Pick up recommended men's models that will surely be your partner on rainy days!

Choosing the right shoes on a rainy day can be a problem. You don’t want your favorite shoes to get dirty, and you also don’t want to give the impression that you’re a dweeb by wearing secondhand shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Here is some good news for those of you who have such a problem with shoes for rainy days. Nowadays, there are many well-designed sneakers with waterproof function. In this issue, we focus on “well-designed waterproof sneakers” and introduce recommended items!

Waterproof sneakers = tacky image of the past! Stylish design models are not uncommon these days

Many people have the impression that shoes with waterproof functionality are secondary to their design, and give the impression of being dowdy. However, did you know that there are many well-designed waterproof sneakers available these days, including models that are waterproof versions of standard sneakers? There are a wide variety of models, from those that at a quick glance do not seem to have such functionality to those that look like they would shut out water with their cool looks. If you think “boots and boots are too much of an exaggeration, and I want to wear sneakers on my days off even when it is raining,” why not get a pair for the coming rainy season?

For your rainy day buddy! Introducing 18 recommended waterproof sneakers for men!

Recommended waterproof sneakers for men: 1) “CONVERSE All Star 100 Gore-Tex CHUNKY Z SHIN-HI

Converse’s waterproof All Star using Gore-Tex is well-known, but this time we picked up a model that can be worn not only in Tawnyus but also in outdoor scenes on rainy days without any problem. Based on the All Star, a watertight zipper is attached to the side for easy on/off, and together with the Gore-Tex fabric, it provides ironclad protection. The sole has been replaced with a chunky lug sole to provide reliable specifications that minimize the risk of slipping even on muddy, rough terrain. The functional detailing matches the recent boom in chunky soles and gives the shoes a trend-conscious look.

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Waterproof sneakers recommended for men (2) “CONVERSE All Star 100 Gore-Tex OX

Speaking of the Converse All Star, the low-cut version is also a must-have. This model also uses Gore-Tex as the upper material, and is of course waterproof. If you are a low-cut fan or have both, why not get a pair of these for the rainy season?

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Men’s Recommended Waterproof Sneakers (3) “NIKE Air Force 1 Gore-Tex

Nike introduces a Gore-Tex model of the classic Air Force 1. The design is the same as the original Air Force 1, but the upper fabric has been replaced with a 5-layer Gore-Tex construction to create an all-weather sneaker that won’t get your feet wet on rainy days. The “GORE-TEX” embroidered on the side of the heel is so cool that I would wear this pair even on sunny days.

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Recommended waterproof sneakers for men ④ “adidas Superstar GTX

The Superstar is an Adidas classic that was also worn by the legendary hip-hop group “Run DMC. The “shell toe” rubber toe design originally made the toe waterproof, but by adding a Gore-Tex lining to the toe, the waterproof performance of the entire shoe was enhanced. The design is almost identical to the original, with the addition of the ” GORE-TEX ” label on the heel side.

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Men’s recommended waterproof sneakers⑤”Vans Old School MTE-1

These are Vans’ waterproof, coldproof, and slip-resistant winter-specific old-schools that can be worn in the snowy mountains. Based on the brand’s masterpiece, this high-spec model has been fully updated from the upper to the lining and outsole. The upper is made of highly waterproof HYDRO GUARD and the lining is made of highly heat-retentive PRIMALOFT. The insole is lined with ORTHOLITE with excellent cushioning properties, and the outsole has a tread pattern with excellent grip. It is a pair that can be worn comfortably without worrying about slipping while waterproofing and protecting against the cold, and in addition, it is a pair that can enjoy old school design at the same time.

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