Nike sneakers for men! Focusing on rare models as well as classic models.


Nike sneakers for men! Focusing on rare models as well as classic models.

NIKE sneakers have captivated fashionistas and sneakerheads with their numerous signature models and collaborations with seasonal brands. Combining advanced functionality and innovative design, NIKE always leads the trend and has an unrivaled presence in the sneaker market, which is dominated by brands from mode to street. In this issue, we focus on “Nike Sneakers” and introduce cool outfits and recommended models through snaps we took overseas! (*Some of the items introduced are not officially priced.)

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Nike Sneakers Coordinate ” “Beige cargo pants and Dunk Low in earthy colors to create a natural mood.

Businessman Scott Disick, known as a fashionista, adds a natural mood to his summer black T-shirt style by wearing earthy colors with his skin-friendly beige cargo chinos and Dunk Low. The Nike sneakers and bottoms, which are his specialties, add a twist to this rough off-duty style, creating a fashionable look that is anything but simple. The choice of bracelet, which adds a luxurious touch to the relaxed look on the wrist, is also a celebrity’s specialty.

Nike Sneakers Coordinate “Refresh your white coordinate with the React Element 55 in metallic silver.

This coordinate is cleanly put together with a white T-shirt, a summer staple, and white pants with a clean silhouette that is neither too tight nor too loose. The white coordinate, which tends to be blurred in the strong sunlight, is refreshed with reflective Nike sneakers and mirrored sunglasses. Hats off to the styling technique of using white items to achieve the sense of cleanliness essential for summer attire, while adding an edge with the use of accessories.

NIKE React Element 55

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