Sandal and sock hassle technique. What is the styling technique that doesn’t look tacky?


Sandal and sock hassle technique. What is the styling technique that doesn't look tacky?

Since a few years ago when shower sandals started trending, the combination of sandals and socks, which until now had been recognized as a tacky template, seems to have become popular among the general public, led by fashionable people, as a fashionable combination. In this issue, we will introduce techniques for coordinating sandals and socks without looking tacky, while checking out snaps of fashionable people!

Sandals and socks are exquisitely nude and goofy!

At first glance, the combination of sandals and socks may seem unbalanced, but when you actually try it on, you will be surprised at how well it goes together. This combination is particularly useful during the spring and summer seasons, as it creates an exquisitely nude atmosphere and gives a sense of ease to your outfits. It is often worn with shorts or cropped-length pants, and it creates a more relaxed atmosphere than barefoot shoes in a clean style or in a rough style. Try them when you want to achieve a relaxed, elbow-length look. The most popular style for men is shower sandals with socks. There are many other combinations, such as sports sandals and sabots.

Streetheads wearing HUF socks with sandals by sports manufacturers are rapidly increasing due to famous artists wearing them!

Around 2011, when famous musicians and other artists began wearing HUF marijuana-printed socks with sandals made by sports manufacturers, the number of heads who imitated the style increased rapidly. The style has established itself as one of the most popular street styles. The video below is the music video for Tyler The Creator’s song “SHE,” which was released around 2011.

HUF socks are still an ironclad item in Ima, so if you are interested, please check it out. They are not only effective as an accent, but also comfortable to wear due to their thick texture.

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On the next page, we will introduce techniques to avoid looking tacky when wearing the sandal and sock coordinate in everyday life, along with some noteworthy outfits!

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