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Men’s Sneakers Popularity Ranking [ Latest Comprehensive ].


Men's Sneakers Popularity Ranking [ Latest Comprehensive ].

Sneakers are indispensable for men to achieve a good-looking fashion style. In this article, we introduce a selection of sneakers, from timeless masterpieces to models that have rapidly gained popularity, in a ranking format. The models were carefully selected and ranked based on interviews with staff at leading sneaker stores and popular fashion stylists, fixed-point observations in the streets of Tokyo, and quantitative analysis of a vast amount of street snapshots taken at overseas fashion events. Our editorial staff of sneaker enthusiasts picked models that “fit the trend” and “are easy to match with your outfits”, and that have elements that make them “no regrets” about buying them!

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Converse ALL STAR Hi
adidas Originals SAMBA
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The Nike AIR FORCE 1 LOW was first released in 1982 as the first basketball shoe to feature Nike’s iconic “Air” design. Incidentally, the name is said to have been derived from the call sign of the U.S. President’s Air Force One aircraft. The shoes were used by NBA players as high-tech shoes equipped with revolutionary technology at the time, and were later adopted as a fashion item in the hip-hop culture scene. Today, they have established an unshakeable position as the standard sneaker for a wide range of people, from junior high school students picking up sneakers for the first time on their own to international celebrities.

Since it is a model that is known by everyone and reasonably priced, it is not something that will make you stand out just by wearing this sneaker, but it is a rare existence that has the potential to blend in with almost any fashion style without interfering with the coordination. It is no exaggeration to say that “to be able to wear the Air Force One in good style is to have an extremely good sense of fashion”; in other words, it is a touchstone of men’s fashion sense. The all-white coloring is the next best choice for the royal road, and the all-black coloring is the next best choice for the royal road.

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Converse ALL STAR Hi

The “Converse ALL STAR Hi” has been loved as the eternal standard sneaker since its birth as a basketball shoe in 1917 in Massachusetts, U.S.A. The “Converse ALL STAR Hi” is ranked in the list. It is often referred to as “the world’s oldest basketball shoe with over 100 years of history” and “the world’s best-selling sneaker in terms of cumulative sales. The design has a strong casual impression with the round patches on the inside and the metal dovecote on the shoe lace hole, so it is a classic to match them with casual styles such as T-shirts, jeans, and chinos. On the other hand, some men wear them with slacks at overseas fashion events as an item that adds a touch of sophistication.

Unfortunately, the “CT70” is not available in Japan due to trademark and design rights, so if you live in Japan and want to get your own special All Star, choose the “ALL STAR J” made in Japan or the “U.S. ORIGINATOR“, which reproduces American vintage taste. I want you to have them.

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adidas Originals SAMBA

“adidas” is one of the world’s leading sports manufacturers. The “SAMBA” is said to be one of the oldest models among them. Developed as a futsal shoe shortly after adidas was founded, it is now a long-time best-selling model that boasts sales of more than 35 million pairs worldwide. Because it is a long-selling model, it has never had the image of a fashionable sneaker, but its popularity has recently exploded. In addition to the influence of fashion icons such as Asap Rocky wearing the sneakers, many fashion-sensitive people have taken to wearing them casually as models strolling around collection venues, saying that they are “cool without being pretentious” and “the basic, retro design is fashionable in a dad-shoe kind of way. The basic, retro design of these shoes is fashionable in a dud-like fashion. In the Meiji Jingu and Shibuya areas where the editorial office is located, many fashionable men and women, both men and women, have been seen wearing samba shoes.

The shoe design is extremely simple and slender, with a smooth leather upper and suede overlays, and a gum rubber outsole. The classic, rugged, and unique impression is unique to this sneaker.

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The “Authentic” was the maiden product of Vans when the company was launched. Since its release, the Authentic has been loved by surfers, as well as by many men for its affordable price and simple design that can be worn with any outfit. The standard all-white, all-black, and black-and-white colors are all good, but it is also good to choose colors that are less likely to be seen on others, as there is a wide range of color variations! As the name suggests, these sneakers are truly authentic in terms of both design and history, so it is no exaggeration to say that every men’s sneaker is a must-have pair.

Incidentally, the “ERA”, which is based on the authentic model but with padding on the cuff, stitching positions and silhouette changed based on feedback from skaters, is also a standard item.

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Vans OLD SKOOL, also known as “Jazz”

The “OLD SKOOL” a.k.a. “Jazz” represents VANS. This model boasts unshakable popularity alongside the brand’s authentic models. It is a pair that is useful when you want to incorporate street colors and a sideways-fluttering taste into your outfits.

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adidas Originals GAZELLE

The Adidas Gazelle (Gutsley), which has enjoyed strong popularity on the streets since its birth as a futsal training shoe, is ranked in the list. The flat, slender, and shapely form and the colorful nubuck material are attractive, and like the Samba, it is a model that is coming back in vogue. The form and design are very similar to the brand’s Samba, but the main difference between the two is that Gazelle’s upper is mainly made of nubuck, while Samba’s upper is mainly made of full-grain leather with some nubuck. Recently, Mr. Daiki Tsuneda collaborated with the brand and wore the Gazelle in the main visual, and that model sold out, etc., and in fact, it is known among 007 fans that Mr. Daniel Craig wore it in the movie.


New Balance 990

New Balance’s 900s were positioned as New Balance’s road running shoes, and in 1982 they were sold for $100 (at the time $1=280 yen), a high price for a sneaker at the time, as well as for “On a scale of 1000 this shoe is a 990. On a scale of 1000 this shoe is a 990.) The 990 became a major topic of conversation with its advertisements that emphasized the high performance of the shoe, and many model numbers have been released in chronological order from 995, 996, 997, 998, 999, 991, 992, 993, and so on. The 990, with its thick midsole and exquisitely retro appearance, has been attracting a rapidly growing amount of attention.

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The editorial department recommends Autry’s “MEDALIST” for fashionable men with a high level of sensitivity. Since its launch in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A., in 1982, the Autry brand has produced a number of athletic shoes for tennis and running, etc. The Medalist, released in 1985, was introduced as the best shoe in an American magazine, and its popularity and name recognition grew, making it an iconic model representing the brand. After a period of inactivity since the 1990s, the brand will relocate to Europe and re-launch in 2019. The brand’s popularity has been on the rise, being sold in major department stores and leading select stores in Europe (Italy, UK, France), North America, and Asia. Many of the recent Pitti Womo entrants are also Autry wearers. Popular artists such as Jong-Guk of BTS and Lisa of BLACKPINK have been featured wearing them, and even in the U.S., celebrities have been seen wearing them on the feet of their high-brand clothes. The “MEDALIST” picked up this time is the most popular model representing the brand. It is based on the design of basketball shoes, but the width and height of the instep have been reduced to create a clean form that sets it apart from ordinary bashes. The lining is made of a comfortable pile fabric. Most of the people wearing Autry in the snaps we caught at Pittiwomo are wearing this model. The flat laces and sole are in a vintage-inspired hue, perfect for the mood of Ima.


Nike Air Jordan 1

The “Air Jordan 1” has been a staple of NIKE’s footwear lineup for many years, from the “Bred”, “Royal”, and “Shadow” models to the “Toe Black” series, which is now being developed in a variety of variations. Among the various forms and models, such as the mid-cut, low-cut, and 1.5 series, the most popular is the “Air Jordan 1 Retro Hi. It is known that many models have been developed that are used by famous artists and command a premium price. It is still fresh in our minds that the collaboration model with Dior and the reverse swoosh with the iconic Asap Rocky have become the talk of the industry. The heating up of popularity a while ago has calmed down a bit, so this could be your chance to get the model you’ve always wanted!

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Hoka Oneone BONDI

Hoka Oneone’s “BONDI” ranked in the list, which contributed greatly to the spread of thick-soled sneakers to the world and has since secured a stable position as a standard fashion sneaker. The image of fashionistas wearing these sneakers as they were when they first became popular is gone, but on the other hand, it can be said that they have gained citizenship as standard thick-soled sneakers.

The midsole is about twice the volume of a normal running shoe, and the comfortable and breathable mesh upper, full EVA midsole, and Meta Rocker technology outsole provide a smooth and well-balanced running feel. The shoe is designed to provide a smooth and well-balanced running experience. The padded shoe tongue provides a better fit between foot and shoe, and the heel counter provides excellent hold. The heel counter also provides excellent hold.

The shoe continues to evolve through minor changes on a regular basis, and the “BONDI 8” is currently the latest version. This version is a significant upgrade from the previous one, with softer and lighter foam and a new extended heel shape. In addition, the wavy crash pad in the heel area now provides support from the heel to landing and kicking off. If you haven’t watched Bondi since wearing them a few years ago, check out the latest version of Bondi.

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New Balance 996 Series

The “New Balance 996 series” is ranked in the list of the most popular running shoes in the world, with many fans attracted by the low-tech design of these classic running shoes. The 996 is the third generation of the 900 series, which was born in 1988 (the first generation was the 990 in 1982 and the second generation was the 990 in 1982). (The first generation was the “990” created in 1982, and the second generation was the “995” created in 1986.) The “996” uses a slender last called SL-1, which is characterized by its sleek and smart form. This model’s ability to fit comfortably with slim slacks is a unique point of recommendation.

The 996 series mainly includes the “M996” and “CM996” for men, the former being manufactured in the U.S. and the latter in Asia, with the latter being sold at a lower price. Although there are differences in the materials and construction of the sole and inserts, the appearance of the two series is almost the same.

The “574” is New Balance’s best-selling shoe, but the difference is that the “996” is designed for paved roads, or on-road shoes, while the “574” is designed for rough and bumpy off-road shoes. The “996” is lighter and more comfortable for street wear as a fashion shoe. The “574” is manufactured entirely in Asia, so it is more reasonable in terms of price. In addition, the “574” uses the SL-2 last, which is slightly wider than the SL-1, and has a slightly more voluminous silhouette than the “996.

We hope you will choose the model that satisfies you according to your particular needs and budget.

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Onitsuka Tiger MEXICO 66

The “MEXICO 66”, a standard model representing Onitsuka Tiger, is ranked in the list. Originally, the brand’s popularity resurfaced mainly in Europe and Asia, but the recent release of the Taichi yellow coloring of the “MEXICO 66” has become a hot topic among young fashion lovers, and its popularity is rising noticeably. In the Meiji Jingumae and Shibuya areas, men and women in their 20s can be seen stylishly wearing the Taichi Yellow “MEXICO 66. Incidentally, the mainstream styling seems to be to wear them with relatively thick pants like the Adidas Samba and Gazelle. Since Onitsuka Tiger is focusing on this model, we hope you will check out other attractive colors in addition to yellow.


Asics Tiger GEL-KAYANO 14

GEL-KAYANO 14″ ranked in the list from ASICS. The futuristic design with the image of a flash of light and the functional beauty of the GEL structure make it a stylish pair, and the release of collaborative models with JJJound and KITH have also been talked about. The GEL-KAYANO series is a line of ASICS running shoes released in 1993, named after “GEL”, the GEL technology in the midsole, and “Kayano”, the name of the creator of GEL-Kayano, Toshikazu Kayano. The name “Kayano” comes from “Kayano”, the name of the creator of Gel-Kayano, Shunichi Kayano. The company has released a total of 30 models, of which the Gel-Kayano 14 is the 14th, and has attracted particular attention in the fashion scene.

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Salomon XT-6

Salomon’s XT-6 has been attracting the attention of fashionable and sensitive people since its launch in 2013. Control technology and cushioning for comfort, the XT-6 is a popular series that has been favored by top athletes in the ultra distance racing world. The brand’s high-tech, futuristic, and stylish design has caught the eye of fashion enthusiasts, and recently, in addition to people in the fashion industry, the brand has also noticed young people in their 20s in the Shibuya/Harajuku area wearing the brand’s shoes. The brand’s other popular products include “XA PRO 3D“, “ACS PRO” and “XT-4“.



The “DUNK” sneaker, which appeared in 1985, the year after Nike’s Air Jordan 1 was released, is ranked in the list. It is characterized by a look similar to the Air Jordan 1, but with a slightly more voluminous form. Originally introduced as basketball shoes, low-cut models have become popular recently, with SB line models gaining popularity among skaters due to their high durability. We hope you will wear them with your cool street style outfits and look cool without being overbearing.


Nike AIR MAX 95

The Nike Air Max 95 was at the center of the high-tech sneaker boom of the 1990s, and it would be no exaggeration to say that no other model has caused such a stir in the sneaker industry, even causing the social phenomenon of “Air Max hunting. The Air Max 95 was reissued in 2015 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the model’s birth, and has been released in collaboration models and new colors, and is a hot stock that is gaining in popularity amid the recent trend of incorporating 90s street taste. The “Air Max 90“, which is in the high-tech sneaker design category but has less of a high-tech feel, and the “Air Max 1“, which now even has a retro feel, are also gaining strong popularity.

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The Nike “Cortez”, which was created in 1972 as an athletic shoe designed for durability and comfort, is ranked in the top 10. Although it has always been an indispensable classic model for Nike and has always had a certain level of popularity, it has not been a particularly prominent model among Nike’s high-tech sneakers, which are mainly popular, but with the recent popularity of classic running sneakers for both men and women, it has been attracting more and more attention, leading to its ranking this time. In 2017, Nike celebrated its 45th anniversary, and the brand is actively pushing the model by collaborating with artists.

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adidas Originals Super Star

Adidas’ Superstar is one of the brand’s most iconic masterpieces. Iconic details such as the iconic three stripes and the shell toe, which are not found on other sneakers, have made the Superstar a favorite on the streets throughout the ages. The shoes were developed as basketball shoes and made their court debut in 1969, but until then, the mainstream basketball shoes were campus sneakers such as Converse’s All Star. The use of all-leather, an unprecedented material for basketball shoes, made them light and comfortable to wear. The Stan Smith, another classic, has been seen on urban streets less and less recently, while the number of Superstar wearers seems to be slowly increasing.

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New Balance 550

The New Balance “550” was originally created as a basketball shoe in 1989, and since its reissue in October 2020 in collaboration with AIMÉ LEON DORE, it has been slowly gaining popularity. Recently, the company has expanded its in-line model lineup, and some colors sell out immediately. The company has also released a series of collaborative models with the popular Japanese select store “United Arrows” and the globally popular Japanese brand “AURALEE”, etc., and has become one of the most talked-about models on social networking sites.

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adidas Originals CAMPUS 80s (Campus)

The “CAMPUS 80s” made its debut in 1983. The prototype for the design was the legendary “Tournament” model that was popular in the early 70s. More specifically, the “Hoop”, which was released at the end of the 1960s, could also be mentioned. The common denominator of the original model is that it is a low-cut basketball shoe with white leather upper. The former (Tournament), in particular, is a sporty masterpiece with a smart silhouette created by a slightly slender form that promised success on the court. Based on these ancestor models, these shoes were introduced as a pair of shoes with further functionality and a colored suede upper material that sets them apart from other shoes and gives them a distinctive look. Known to be loved by music artists such as the Beastie Boys and Jamiroquai, they boast strong popularity in the music culture community. They are also popular from the standpoint of fashion coordination, as they are easy to match with beautiful outfits.

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Reebok Club C

The “Club C” is enjoying a resurgence in popularity as it celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2020. 1985 saw the launch of the “Club Champion” as a tennis-specific court shoe, which was the origin of the current “Club C” model. The “C” stands for the first letter of the original name, “Champion”, and the “Club Champion”, “Revenge Plus”, “Club Classic”, “Club C”, and “Club C.” The “C” stands for the first letter of the original name, “Champion”, and the “Club C” stands for the first letter of the original name, “Champion. In the late 1970’s and 1980’s, the global tennis boom was underway, and the shoes were made for tennis players who demanded high performance with excellent durability. The Club Champion was made for tennis players who demanded high performance, and its simple, classic design, despite being a tennis shoe, was well received. As a white shoe that could be worn for daily use, it also attracted attention on the fashion scene.

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Vans Sk8-Hi

The “Sk8-Hi”, a.k.a. Sk8-Hi or Hi-Top, is a high-cut sneaker by skaters for skaters, created by Vans in 1978. At the time, Vans already had the Era and the Old Skool in its lineup, and they were both highly favored by skaters in California. However, since both were low-cut, they were insufficient in terms of ankle protection. The SK8-HI was born. When it was first released, it was called “Style 38. Based on the old-school style, the Skate-Hi, with its upper extending to the ankle, had an excellent design and quickly became popular not only among skaters, but also among BMX riders. It is still worn by many influential celebrities in the fashion scene, including musicians, and is one of the most representative models of VANS.

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Converse ONE STAR

The “ONE STAR” was released in 1968 as the successor to the classic All Star model. The “ONE STAR” was released in 1968 as the successor to the Converse “ONE STAR”, and is recognized as a popular product that has remained a permanent staple.

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When it comes to suede sneakers, you can’t go wrong with this pair. The “Puma Suede Classic” has long been known for its strong support among street and outlaw types, although it has also attracted attention for its collaborations with various fashion brands as Puma’s iconic model. Although it is a famous model, its outsider-like position that never dances in the mainstream tickles men’s hearts. Although it is a model that is rarely featured in regular sneaker popularity rankings, it has been included in the list with the hope that the recent popularity of retro sneakers and the number of men who can wear sneakers with the unique position mentioned above will increase.

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Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneakers

Thick-soled leather sneakers, which have been sold as a standard long-seller since their appearance in the Alexander McQueen 2015SS collection, are ranked in the list. Numerous sneakers have been released by high brands in response to the sneaker boom, but it is quite rare to find a model that has been loved so much without being bored. In addition to the standard basic coloring, the slightly unique new models that appear each season with minor changes such as air cushion soles, studs, and spray paint are also appealing, and many men seem to repeat wearing them.

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