Sideline Pants Cordage Men’s Special! Introducing a wide range of outfit variations & items!


Sideline Pants Cordage Men's Special! Introducing a wide range of outfit variations & items!

As style mixing in men’s fashion is becoming more common and the boundaries between genres are being broken down, dressy sidelined pants and sporty track pants are finding their way into the spotlight. In this issue, we focus on such “pants with side lines,” and introduce the most noteworthy outfits and recommended items!

Men’s coordinate with a twist in sideline pants with a restrained crispness

Pants with side lines that blend in with the base color so well that they look like plain pants at first glance are excellent for subtly adding accents to a men’s coordinate and appealing to a stylish look. They are perfect for differentiating yourself with a good, stylish look, without being eccentric or bland.

BERWICH Sideline Pants

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Modern sideline pants in contrasting beige and black give a fresh look to your sweatshirt coordinate.

While monotone pants and sporty, colorful sideline pants stand out, this gentleman differentiates himself by adopting sideline pants with a calm beige base. Combined with a sweatshirt, he mixes sports and street style in a good way. On his feet, a pair of Rick Owens Ramones adds a touch of modern luxury.

GUCCI Sideline pants

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Match sideline pants with a striped shirt for a street-style men’s coordinate.

It is no exaggeration to say that mixing styles has become the default in today’s street style. Styles are being updated daily on the streets of the world by combining items from various genres such as sports, outdoor, work, and military, and by creating a gimmick that adds a twist to the established styles. The snapshot shown here coordinates dressy sideline pants with a striped shirt printed with rock graphics and text. White sneakers are set on the feet of this street style that combines dress and rock to create a sporty and light finish. The striped shirt is left open at the front and tucked in for a more casual look.

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