Camouflage Jacket Men’s Coordinate Special! Featured Outfits & Recommended Items!


Camouflage Jacket Men's Coordinate Special! Featured Outfits & Recommended Items!

Among military jackets, camouflage jackets are especially strong in a martial mood. The impactful pattern is instantly recognizable and can effectively add a military taste to an outfit. In this issue, we focus on camouflage jackets and introduce some of the most popular outfits and items!

The “rugged dressy” look practiced by Mr. Zambardo. The camouflage pattern blends in easily with a suit in a trendy colonial color.

For the past few seasons, a “rugged dressy” style mixing dress items with rugged items has been gaining popularity among fashionable people in Japan and abroad. Pitti Uomo regulars are no exception, and Mr. Marco Zambardo is one of them. Mr. Zambardo wore a camouflage jacket by MZ Archive (Emme Zeta Archeve) over a seasonal colonial-colored suit. He also added a black scarf for a more modern look. The combination of items is superb, as it removes any sense of incongruity by linking the colors while incorporating several seasonal elements of different tastes.

A monotone coordinate complements the flamboyantly designed camouflage patterned jacket!

Men’s winter coordinate incorporating Paura x Kappa’s iconic camouflage jacket. The black innerwear, gray bottoms, and black shoes complement the flamboyant camouflage print jacket by combining other items in black. Red socks and the Kappa logo add primary-color accents.

LIAM HODGES Field Jacket

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A quilted camouflage jacket sets men apart from the rest in winter

While most camouflage jackets are military items such as the M-65, a quilted jacket is not a bad option to set yourself apart from the crowd. Here, a camouflage quilted jacket is paired with navy pants and Hoka Oneone red sneakers. The red sneakers work well with the camouflage jacket, pants, and knit cap. It can be worn as outerwear, of course, but it can also be used as a middle layer to accentuate a coat or other garments.

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