Red Sneakers Coordinate Special! Introducing the hottest men’s outfits and items that effectively spice up red!


Red Sneakers Coordinate Special! Introducing the hottest men's outfits and items that effectively spice up red!

Red sneakers” accentuate your feet by showing various expressions with different tones and colors. Vivid colors create a glamorous atmosphere, while subdued tones give off a chic, adult appeal. In this issue, we focus on the “red sneaker” and introduce some of the hottest outfits and items!

Resort coordinate of botanical print shirt with a pop of striped red sneakers

A resort coordinate of a red botanical-print short-sleeved shirt, brown pants, and Vans striped slip-ons. Instead of choosing espadrilles or sandals, the red sneakers are a daring addition to the outfit to blend in with the city’s tropical atmosphere.

Vans classic slip-on red sneakers

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Laceless red sneakers add a touch of sophistication to your outfit.

In today’s men’s fashion, the stylishness and slouchiness of the footwear greatly influences whether the outfit is good or bad. This man here wears red sneakers with laces that can be unbuttoned for a more casual look. He does not use any gimmicks to show off his style, but rather wears his red sneakers in a subtle and stylish way to differentiate them from the rest.

Red sneakers with camouflage pattern set-up coordinates with both military and sporty looks.

The camouflage print set-up is spiced up with red sneakers for an urban look, while also combining military and sporty tastes. The contrasting green and red, Gucci’s iconic colors, add a nice presence to the coordinate, while the black T-shirt and socks add a tight, urban feel.


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