How to take care of your sneakers, ” from washing to aftercare in this video!


How to take care of your sneakers, " from washing to aftercare in this video!

Your favorite sneakers are the ones you want to take good care of and wear beautifully for a long time. In particular, white sneakers, which tend to show dirt easily, require thorough care, including prevention of stains. In this issue, we focus on “how to take care of your sneakers” and introduce recommended measures and care products with video clips!

How to take care of your sneakers “First, make them dirt-resistant. Use a waterproof spray.”

First of all, it is important to keep sneakers clean as a preventive measure. An easy and effective way to do this is to use a waterproof spray for shoes that can also be shared with leather shoes. This is one of the items you should always keep in stock. The two key points are ” to use the spray while the sneakers are clean ” and ” to spray with the shoelaces removed if possible, so that the sneakers are fully coated.

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Caring for Sneakers “Before dirt soaks in . The habit of wiping with a wrung out towel”

Once dirt soaks into the sneakers, it is extremely difficult to return them to a clean state. If you get even the slightest bit of dirt on your shoes, it is recommended that you wipe the uppers with a soft, wrung-out towel before the situation becomes dire. Wiping removes the waterproof coating, so don’t forget to reapply waterproof spray.


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