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Tissot’s Ragspo watch “PRX” is an honor student that will make even the most discerning watchmaker swoon! What are the 5 reasons for its popularity?


Tissot's Ragspo watch "PRX" is an honor student that will make even the most discerning watchmaker swoon! What are the 5 reasons for its popularity?

Tissot’s PRX watch, which will be revived in 2021 and is rapidly gaining popularity, has been attracting attention as an excellent watch that will make even the most discerning watch connoisseur gasp. In this issue, we focus on Tissot’s “PRX” and introduce the reasons for its popularity and the models you should check out!

Tissot’s rag sport watch “PRX” continues to gain attention with its impressive revival

Tissot’s “PRX” collection, revived in 2021, is a modern interpretation of the original 1978 model. Named after the initials “Precise” and “Robust,” combined with the Greek numeral “X” for 10 bar, the PRX is characterized by its one-piece case and sharp, timeless design, which is a nod to the genius of watch designer Gerald Genta, whose avant-garde designs have shaken the watchmaking world, The timeless and sharp design is a feature of this watch. As a popular collection of luxury sports watches, which is attracting attention as a major trend in the watch industry, PRX is supported by watch freaks all over the world.

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What is “LAGSPO,” which is sweeping the contemporary watchmaking scene?

In the 1970s, Gerald Genta designed a watch that became a hit and triggered a huge boom in the rag sport watch market. The name “LAGSPO” is an abbreviation of “luxury sports” and refers to high-end sports watches. As the name implies, these sports watches are characterized by their luxurious appearance and are the driving force behind the modern watch trend. Before this category was created, the mainstream of luxury watches were those with precious metal cases, but the concept of luxury watches was overturned when a sporty case design using sturdy stainless steel was proposed, and this became the royal road to luxury watches. The watch is characterized by its versatile and modern look that combines a sense of luxury with a sporty taste, and because it matches a wide range of styling regardless of the occasion, it is a favorite of many in the increasingly casual business world.

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The 5 reasons why Tissot’s ” PRX ” is so popular!

Tissot “PRX” features 1) “Seamless integrated case for high wearing comfort

The PRX’s design is characterized by its integrated case and bracelet. The bracelet widens as it moves toward the edge of the case and features a sharp design with a smooth connection. The standard 40mm case is used, making it easy to fit on the wrist. Most models are made of 316L surgical stainless steel, which, in addition to being less prone to discoloration and rusting, also clears concerns about metal allergies. The surface is satin-finished to produce a luxurious luster, creating an elegant atmosphere. With a case thickness of only 10 mm, this watch offers flexibility and a high wearing comfort.

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Feature of Tissot “PRX” (2) “Sophisticated minimalist design that will never get old

The sharp case with emphasized corners and sapphire crystal glass with anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating is placed on the windshield, and the bezel, which was wide and thick with a dodecagonal bezel on the original model in the 1970s, has been updated to a thin bezel with a mirror finish and curves to create a modern look. The dial has a radial pattern from the center. The dial is decorated with a decorative finish extending radially from the center and satin-finished, elevating it to a sophisticated appearance. The hands and indexes are luminescent Super-LumiNova (®︎ ) so that they can be seen in the dark. The dial with date display is minimalist in design and highly legible.

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Tissot “PRX” features (3) “Water-resistant to 10 atmospheres for daily life and activities

As the “X” in the collection name “PRX” stands for “10,” which stands for water resistant to 10 atmospheres, the Tissot “PRX” is water resistant to 100 meters, making it suitable for both daily life and activities such as camping and going to the beach. It is also a great point. In addition, the watch has been thoroughly tested against shock, pressure, liquids, gases, and dust to simulate actual usage conditions, making it robust enough to be worn for a long time. The luxurious design and sufficient water resistance make the watch suitable for all kinds of situations, from business to active use.

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Tissot “PRX” feature #4: “A strap that can be easily replaced like an accessory

The strap uses an “interchangeable quick-release bracelet” that can be easily replaced. The bracelet can be changed in two steps without the use of tools, so it can be worn like an accessory according to one’s mood of the day. Many of the individual straps can be purchased at a reasonable price of under 10,000 yen, and the lineup includes elegant stamped leather and rubber materials. It is recommended to purchase several straps and enjoy changing them according to your mood and style.

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Tissot “PRX” features 5) ” Unparalleled cost performance! Two types of watches in the lineup: quartz and automatic.”

Tissot’s PRX is available in two types of models: quartz and automatic (automatic). The quartz movement model is lighter and more affordable at 50,000-60,000 yen, while the automatic model, newly added in 2023, is equipped with the “Powermatic 80,” a movement with a long power reserve of up to 80 hours, which is significantly longer than the 1.5 day (about 36 hours) reserve typically offered by other companies. It is equipped with the “Powermatic 80. The use of a Nivacron ™️ balance spring, which is highly resistant to magnetic fields, makes it difficult to lose track of time and break. The watch is equipped with a high-quality Swiss-made automatic movement, yet it can be obtained at an overwhelmingly affordable price in the 100,000-yen range, and it has an excellent design.

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Recommended Tissot “PRX” models!

The “PRX” continues to gain attention with its revival in 2021, and the variety of new models that have been introduced is another reason for its accelerating popularity. Here, we introduce the main PRX models that you should keep an eye on!

Tissot “PRX” Recommended Model 1: “PRX

If you are looking for a simple watch that can be worn in any situation, check out this model, which combines a 316L stainless steel case with a rubber strap to enhance the sporty mood of the watch. The metallic sunray finish on the dial is also beautiful, changing the nuance of the color from different angles. The polished bezel, which has a different shine from stainless steel, adds depth to the simple design.

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Tissot “PRX” Recommended Model 2: PRX POWERMATIC 80

This innovative and high-performance self-winding model is a powerhouse with a long power reserve of up to 80 hours that displays the exact time without wearing a watch for approximately three days. The dial is embossed with a checkered pattern for a classy design. As mentioned in the features section, the watch is also anti-magnetic, so it is hard to lose track of time even when exposed to magnetism generated by smartphones, PCs, and other items around you. The back of the watch has a see-through design, allowing the wearer to view the mechanical movement of the watch, which is another point that tickles the hearts of men. This excellent model, which combines practicality and design with resistance to deviation even after long periods of movement, is a must-see for those seeking a highly functional lug sport!


Tissot “PRX” Recommended Model 3: “PRX DIGITAL

Here is a hybrid model that pays homage to the original PRX model and the quartz digital released in 1977. Like the PRX models introduced so far, it retains the polished bezel, push buttons, and stylish case and bracelet, while adding various functions such as backlight, dual time zone, day date, chronograph, timer, alarm, etc. The watch has a vintage 1970s feel with a modern twist. The retro-futuristic design is an irresistible fusion of vintage and modern tastes from the 1970s.


Incidentally, here is an archive of a quartz digital watch released in 1977. Compared to the current model above, you can see that it has been updated with respect for the design source while being sharply refined.


Tissot “PRX” Recommended Model 4: “PRX Automatic Chronograph

The chronograph type with stopwatch function, favored by watch lovers, is equipped with a tough automatic chronograph movement ” Valjoux ” designed in the 70’s with high-end specifications. The chronograph dial layout at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock, and the contrast between the silver dial and the navy subdials are designed to enhance the legibility of the chronograph. The contrast between the silver dial and the navy sub-dials enhances the legibility of the chronograph. The larger pushers on the side provide ease of use. The power reserve has a maximum of 60 hours, which is sufficient for daily use. With a case size of 42mm diameter, 2mm larger than a regular PRX, this model makes a strong presence on the wrist.

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