Khaki Pants Cordage Men’s Special! Featured outfits & recommended items based on compatible color combinations.


Khaki Pants Cordage Men's Special! Featured outfits & recommended items based on compatible color combinations.

With a military-derived rugged color that blends in naturally, these khaki pants raise the masculinity of your styling to the next level. In addition to the bold olive green cargo pants and beige chinos, there are many beautiful models that are highly dressy and go well with tailored jackets these days. In this issue, we focus on “khaki pants” and introduce stylish outfits and noteworthy items!

Khaki,” meaning “dust,” is sometimes used as a generic term for colonial/military colors. What impression do khaki pants make on men’s outfits?

Khaki” is a yellowish light brown (light yellowish brown or beige) color that means “dust” in English. In a military context, khaki is sometimes referred to as “olive drab” (a grayish green or greenish brown), which is a shade of green, but if you actually search for “khaki pants” in English, the top results are beige, brown, and ivory pants. In fact, however, when you do an image search for “khaki pants” in English, you will find only beige, brown, and ivory pants, and very few olive green pants. In general, in Europe and the United States, khaki is the standard color for smart casual dress pants for civilians, and khaki pants are synonymous with chinos, which are dry, earthy beige pants. In Japan, however, there is a marked tendency to recognize khaki pants as olive green or olive rather than earthy beige, and the image of cargo pants or fatigues pants with military or work origins is strong. Therefore, for this issue, we will only capture the theme of olive green and olive, which looks brownish, as khaki.

The characteristics of khaki pants that can be considered again are the military-derived ruggedness that resonates with masculinity and martial spirit. It goes without saying that khaki pants can be worn either beautifully or roughly, depending on the choice of material, silhouette, and style, but another major appeal of khaki pants is the ability to express one’s individuality from a different angle from the standard color. Incidentally, many overseas fashion sites clearly distinguish khaki pants from olive green pants as a shade of brownish beige, and suggest different approaches to coordination between brownish beige and greenish olive green.


What colors go well with khaki pants?

Colors that go well with khaki pants (1) “White

White, which has a high neutralizing power, is a perfect match for khaki pants. White accentuates the color of the earthy khaki pants, and it gives them a clean and fresh look while giving them a crisp and refreshing look, giving the coordination a refreshing impression. A white shirt is a good choice for a dressy look while maintaining a clean impression, and a white T-shirt for a casual look is a smart way to dress smartly.

Colors that go well with khaki pants (2) “beige

Beige, which blends easily with khaki pants as an earth color, is an effective way to create a natural and stylish look. The darker the brown tone, the more mature and sophisticated the mood will be, and the off-white or ivory tone will create a sense of transparency and elegance. For an urban-colonial look, the combination of khaki pants and beige items is a good choice.

Colors that go well with khaki pants (3) “Gray

If you want to express an urban, sophisticated, and mature look with khaki pants, pairing them with gray items is the perfect choice. Moreover, the nuances created between the khaki pants and the gray items change depending on the shade of gray, giving the coordination a variety of looks and a more fashionable feel. Whether you want to go for a cool look or a simple look, the choice of gray between black and white is the key to showing off your technique. It may be a little more difficult than other colors, but if it comes together as intended, it will make you say, “I knew there was a way to do that! If it comes together as intended, you will be able to create a stylish look that will make the fashionable person in your life say, “I knew you had it in you!

Colors that go well with khaki pants (4) “Black

Black is easy to match with items of any color and has the potential to tighten the impression, and of course, it goes well with khaki pants. However, if you combine khaki and black alone, you will look dowdy and plain, so it is advisable to add a little white to your coordination to create a sense of comfort.

Colors that go well with khaki pants⑤ “Navy

Navy is the perfect color to give an intelligent and noble impression while controlling the ruggedness and stodginess of khaki pants. In addition to differentiating them from the stoic black, the calm and mature color scheme will bring a sense of stylishness to the coordination.

Next, let’s take a look at the hottest outfits using khaki pants!

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