What are the three most important perspectives in choosing “striped pants” that are truly useful both on holidays and during the week?


What are the three most important perspectives in choosing "striped pants" that are truly useful both on holidays and during the week?

Stripes are said to symbolize “revolution,” “rebellion,” and “freedom,” as they were incorporated into the U.S. flag, or the Stars and Stripes, but they also go well with dress styles, and have been used as a standard in the wardrobes of many elites and executives since ancient times. It is a pattern that has long been a staple in the wardrobes of many elites and executives. In a sense, it is quite interesting that it has an image of both innovation and conservatism. I could go on for a long time, but it is said that pants that use such a stripe pattern are attracting increasing attention, especially in the dress wear industry. So this time, for men who want to make a fearless impression, we will introduce some important points and recommended items for choosing dress pants that are truly useful from holidays to business scenes!

Perspectives on choosing useful striped pants (1) “Pay attention to the “pitch width” of the stripes and the “color contrast”!

The “pitch width” greatly affects the impression of stripes. Generally speaking, narrower stripes are more delicate and intelligent, while wider stripes give a bolder and more dignified impression. Another important factor is color contrast. If the contrast is moderate, it is possible to break out of a simple style rut by adding subtle accents. Conversely, if the contrast is strong, the pattern will stand out and create a powerful style. While keeping the above in mind, choose stripes with a narrow pitch and low contrast to make a good impression on new acquaintances in a business setting, or stripes with a strong color contrast for a glamorous party setting. For example, “choose stripes with a narrower pitch and less contrast to leave a safe, unaffected impression on the other partygoer.

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Perspectives on choosing useful striped pants (2) “The combination of standard men’s colors makes them easy to wear.

Some types of stripes have a strong presence and incorporate multiple colors, but they are somewhat more difficult to wear. From the standpoint of wearability, striped patterns combining two colors of men’s standard colors, such as gray and white, navy and gray, or black and gray, are preferable. Because the pattern itself has presence, even a chic combination can add an accent to the outfit.

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Perspectives on choosing useful striped pants (3) “Maximize the benefits of vertical stripes with a beautiful silhouette that falls flat!

Depending on the pitch width introduced above, stripes tend to give a visually smart impression with their vertical lines. To take advantage of this feature, pants should be designed with an emphasis on a beautiful silhouette, with the fabric falling straight down from the waist. Slacks like the ones shown below, which have a smart silhouette with just the right amount of room and are finished with no cushioning, are a good target.

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Considering the above factors, we recommend the striped pants ” LIBRA FRANCIA PIN STRIPE “!

GENTLEMAN PROJECTS’ new “LIBRA FRANCIA PIN STRIPE” satisfies the points of interest introduced above. It is an orthodox pinstripe pattern with extremely chic colors. The silhouette has been calculated through repeated sample examinations, and the “LIBRA MILANO” pattern has been completed by incorporating the “cushioning” and “center crease. The beautiful silhouette is created by adopting the “LIBRA MILANO” pattern.

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A drawcord is set inside the waist to add a sporty touch. The adjustable waist makes it easy to wear without a belt.

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The “soft and fine touch fabric” finished by CARREMAN, a major French material manufacturer, is addictive!

The fabric is made of rayon polyester produced at the factory of CARREMAN, a major French material manufacturer. While it has the elegant look and sheen of combed wool, it can be hand-washed at home and is easy to handle because it is made of synthetic fibers. Another high point is the soft touch that makes them comfortable to wear. We highly recommend this item to those who are not comfortable with the prickly feel of wool fabrics.

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Versatile enough to be used for a long season! Perfect for adding an accent to your coordinate!

The fabric is thick enough to be used in all seasons except midsummer, and the versatile finish can be used on and off the job, with leather shoes and sneakers all going well with it. If you feel that simple styling is not enough, we recommend wearing pants with a modest stripe pattern like this. The subtle accent of the stripes gives the outfit a mature, urban atmosphere that is not too stoic, even when worn with a rugged leather jacket.

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Comes in two orthodox colors!

There are two color variations: ” gray and white stripes ” and ” navy and gray stripes “. Both designs are basic and easy to coordinate with any outfit.

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