Sneaker Codes Compilation [ Part 1 ] Introducing the hottest men’s outfits by color, silhouette and other categories.


Sneaker Codes Compilation [ Part 1 ] Introducing the hottest men's outfits by color, silhouette and other categories.

Sneakers” are loved by men and women of all ages, and their popularity is only accelerating. In the past few years, the sneaker category has become a big category, with mega-sports brands, up-and-coming brands, and maison brands focusing on the category every season. In this issue of OTOKOMAE, we introduce you to the “sneaker” category from our own unique perspective!

Men’s sneaker coordination by color: 1) “White sneakers

White sneakers are gaining popularity as the steel plate of sneakers for adult men. They are ideal for expressing a clean and clean look. Because they are the gold standard, they are also an item that can really show the difference in styling sense, so we want to enjoy coordinating them without fail by referring to the snaps of stylish people.

Men’s coordinate of white sneakers linked to a layered hoodie

The white sneakers and the parka as an inner coat are linked to create a sophisticated men’s coordinate. The balance between the two is superb, as only a fashionable person who understands the benefits of white’s relaxed and cozy feel could pull it off.

adidas Originals Stan Smith

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With simple white sneakers, you can spice up your look with socks and not look TOO MUCH!

A gray double coat with snap button front, light blue denim western shirt, white T-shirt and black trousers, this white sneaker coordination is a mix of mode and mischievousness. White socks with different patterns on the left and right sides add a subtle sense of fun.

Wear with a white shirt for a clean white sneaker coordinate

White sneakers and a white shirt go well together to create a beautiful style. In summer, you can wear the shirt alone, and in winter, you can enjoy a subtle sense of comfort by wearing it as an inner layer of a coat or jacket.

Common Projects Achilles

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If you want to see more white sneakers, check out the #WhiteSneakers snap page or the article below!

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関連記事 Introducing the latest men's white sneaker coordinates! Pick up the hottest international outfits & recommended items!
白スニーカーの最旬メンズコーデを紹介! 注目の海外着こなし&おすすめアイテムをピックアップ
These white sneakers have a high potential to be a staple for all seasons. They are easy to blend in with items of any c...

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