17 pomade recommendations! Also the difference between oil-based and water-based and the hairstyles you should use.


17 pomade recommendations! Also the difference between oil-based and water-based and the hairstyles you should use.

With the popularity of barber ‘s cropped hairstyles, styling with pomade has become a staple among sensitive men. Now that barber hairstyles are no longer rare, we have entered an era in which one can show the difference in taste by how well one uses a pomade that suits one’s needs. Naturally, even within the same pomade, there are significant characteristics in ingredients, hair-conditioning power, and fragrance depending on the manufacturer and item. In this issue, we will introduce the characteristics of oil-based and water-based pomades, as well as items that have attracted attention!

What is a pomade anyway?

Pomade is a type of oil-based hairdressing product with strong fixing power and a glossy finish. It is characterized by its sticky and viscous texture, and has the effect of fixing hair by bonding it with oil. Unlike gels and foams, which are mainly made of synthetic resins, this product is also attractive because it can be modified to some extent after hairdressing.

Finding a Pomade

Originally introduced from overseas during the Meiji period (1868-1912), it was used by both men and women before World War II, but as time went by, it came to be used as a hairdressing product for men. It was not until the Showa period (1926-1989) that pomade became widely popular, and when the regent style became popular, pomade became very popular. Today, many manufacturers offer both “oil-based pomade” and “water-based pomade,” both of which are popular as styling agents for high precision styling of barbershop and short hair styles. They have gained popularity as styling agents for high precision styling of barbershop and short hairstyles.

What is the difference between oil-based pomade and water-based pomade?

Pomades are broadly classified into “oil-based” and “water-based,” but many people may not know the difference between the two. Here, we will introduce the characteristics of each of the two types of pomade, which you should check before purchasing.

The original pomade was ” oil-based pomade!” If you want strong setting power, this is the one.

The original pomade was an oil-based pomade made directly from castor oil and wood wax without processing. It is characterized by its strong setting performance and the fact that many of them have a very strong fragrance due to the fragrance added to eliminate the strong smell of the plant-derived ingredients. The regent hair styles that dominated the rockabilly style craze in the past were styled with oil-based pomade. While it is weak against heat, it has the advantage of being resistant to humidity, which means that rain and sweat will not damage the hair style, but it also has the disadvantage of being difficult to wash out with shampoo.

Water-based pomade (grease)” is easy to use and wash off

Water-based pomade, also known as grease, is a latecomer to the pomade category. Although it is sometimes derided as a “pomade imitation” by the enthusiastic supporters of oil-based pomade, technological innovations have led to the emergence of a type with strong setting power that surpasses oil-based pomade. The most important feature of pomade is that it is easy to wash off. By adding hydrogen to the ingredients, it is easy to wash off with shampoo and hot water as usual. In addition, many of the products have natural fragrances, which fits the modern trend. Because they can be easily handled as an extension of wax, they have replaced oil-based pomades and are now mainstream.

Which hair style should I use Pomade for?

Pomade can be used to its fullest in hairstyles with a strong parting, such as “chichisan,” “cropped,” “two-block,” “pompadour,” and “regent,” and in hairstyles that require volume on the top and volume on the sides to be suppressed. It is suitable for so-called “up-bang” hairstyles, where the bangs are lifted up, and is difficult to match with feminine hairstyles where the bangs are pulled down. Pomade is an excellent match for the barber hairstyles that are popular among some men these days. Most pomades are shiny and wet, so they are suitable for men who want a masculine yet sexy hairstyle or for businessmen who seek a fearless image.


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