Step Up Your Style Game with These 14 Authentic Italian Leather Shoe Brands


Step Up Your Style Game with These 14 Authentic Italian Leather Shoe Brands

Silvano LATTANZI’s Italian shoes are characterized by their unconventional high design quality that seems to project the free and flamboyant Italian temperament as it is. The sleek form, unique coloring, and unique use of materials give the shoes a glamorous colorfulness that is different from that of hard-core British shoes. One of the charms of Italian shoes is that each brand has a completely different character. In this issue, we focus on such Italian leather shoe brands and introduce some of the most notable brands and items!

Italian leather shoes express the free and flamboyant “character” of Italians

The shoe industry did not really take off until after World War II, and the history of shoe culture in Italy is relatively short compared to that of the United States or the United Kingdom. Unlike British shoes, which have a stately and rigid image, Italian shoes pursue lightness, comfort, and seasonal beauty. The shoes that adorn the feet of dapper men are mainly slender, low-slung shoes with a slender silhouette.

The Mackay method is used to sew the upper, lining, insole, and outsole all at once inside the shoe. Since there is no need to sew the upper, the sole can be made thinner and narrower, and there are fewer restrictions on the design, which allows for a beautiful silhouette with a light, comfortable fit and good return. This method is mainstream in Italy because it matches Italian leather shoes, which favor slender designs. A pair of shoes made with a focus on formative beauty is a work of art in itself.

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The colors are not all black and brown, but rather, they are colored with an exquisite shading method called “patina” and decorated with creative holes, which seem to reflect the free and flamboyant Italian temperament.

Here we introduce some of the hottest Italian leather shoe brands!

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