Style Evolution: Mastering Men’s Fashion in Your 30s


Style Evolution: Mastering Men's Fashion in Your 30s

While it is good to stick to trends and favorite styles, it is also important to pay attention to TPO and impressions of others as you get older. In particular, the 30s is the transitional age from youth to middle age, so it is also the generation in which tastes that suit you change dramatically. In this issue, we introduce key points that men in their 30s should keep in mind, items they should have, and fashion styles!

Men’s fashion for men in their 30s, where should they pay attention?

In one’s thirties, the impression of being an “adult” becomes much stronger, and there are more things to pay attention to, not only in one’s behavior but also in one’s appearance. Many men are conscious of changing their fashion style in response to changes in their appearance. So, what are the points that men in their thirties should pay attention to?

Fashion style points that men in their 30s should keep in mind: 1) “Cleanliness is a must! Wrinkles and frayed edges should always be taken care of.”

First of all, the basic premise is ” cleanliness. This is an important element not only for men in their 30s, but also for men in their 30s, as they are increasingly recognized as “uncles. It is no exaggeration to say that the cleanliness of one’s clothes and hairstyle is of the utmost importance. Shirts, jackets, and pants must be wrinkle-free, and a stretched collar or frayed hem is also a no-no.

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Fashion style points that men in their 30s should keep in mind (2) “It is better to choose items with a sense of calmness.”

As one enters one’s thirties, flashy clothing and eccentric fashion styles may be seen as “looking young. Of course, there are occasions when one’s own style is acceptable, but it is better to keep in mind that one’s choice of items should be subdued in situations where one should be aware of the TPO. The use of color in clothing is a major factor in determining a person’s impression, and it is safe to avoid clothing that is multicolored and makes one’s eyes glaze over. The basic rule of thumb is to use no more than three colors, and basic colors such as navy, gray, white, and black should be used to create a calm and relaxed impression.

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Fashion style tips for men in their 30s (3) “Adjusting the balance of the silhouette is also an important item!

As with the use of color, the silhouette balance is a major factor that influences the impression of a fashion style. In 30s fashion, it is important to be conscious of a well-defined silhouette, so if the top is a big silhouette, the bottoms should be slimmer. When using wide pants, the tops can be just the right size or tucked in to create an A-line silhouette. When wearing oversized tops and bottoms, it is important to make adjustments in key areas such as ankle-length bottoms to wipe out the loose look. When going out, check the silhouette of the coordination in front of a mirror to see if it looks loose or tight.

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