Nylon Jacket Codes! Introducing the hottest international men’s outfits and recommended items by type.


Nylon Jacket Codes! Introducing the hottest international men's outfits and recommended items by type.

Nylon jackets have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their mix of sports, outdoor, and work styles. Popular brands such as Balenciaga, Prada, and Off-White are also focusing on nylon jackets, and there are all kinds of nylon jacket options. In this issue, we will focus on the theme of nylon jackets, and will introduce some international outfits and recommended items for each type of jacket!

Nylon Jackets (1) “The Iron Plate is the Short Length with Front Opening! It makes men’s coordination look light and stylish.”

Short length nylon jackets are the go-to item for adding a sporty touch to a men’s coordinate just by throwing on a jacket. There are many models, ranging from the beautiful tailored jacket type to sporty blouson-like models, so it is convenient to have one in your wardrobe.

Nike’s black toned nylon jacket with jogger pants expresses an urban adult athleisure style.

Justin Temberlake’s off-shot shows an urban adult athleisure style with a Nike nylon jacket made of different materials on the top and bottom and jogger pants in black. The well-fitted silhouette is stylish, while the white sneakers on his feet add a light touch.

NIKE Nylon Jacket

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Layering a nylon jacket with a sweatshirt parka gives a street-style look to a men’s coordinate

Jordan Barrett wears a green nylon jacket over a loose-fitting white sweatshirt setup. The striped knit hat and rugged shoes accentuate the stylish mood of the jacket. The creative layering technique of adding a three-dimensional effect to the face by wearing a hood and a jacket with a collar up is also a good reference.

Men’s gray nylon jacket and beige chinos with accessories for differentiation

Colorful Mohammed. Bradley Cooper wears a stadium jacket type nylon jacket with pop ant embroidery and flags, a white T-shirt, and clean, slim beige chinos. Clear-framed sunglasses and headphones that are in sync with the ice gray color of the nylon jacket add a stylish twist to the outfit. The nylon jacket was casually worn with the two middle buttons fastened to create a loose fit around the chest and waist.

VALENTINO Nylon jacket

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Style up a simple men’s outfit with a nylon jacket with white accents

Ansel Elgort chose a stadium jacket-like zip-up blouson type nylon jacket accented with white details. He tuned his casual men’s coordinate with indigo blue slim jeans. White sneakers with a relaxed look are also a nice touch.

NIKE Nylon Jacket

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A sporty nylon jacket with effective use of white items for an urban look

A basic crew-neck white T-shirt and white low-cut sneakers give this sporty nylon jacket an urban look. The front zip of the nylon jacket is opened deeply to adjust the visibility of the white T-shirt, and the white T-shirt peeks out from the hem of the jacket as well, creating a cohesive atmosphere with three white links that hold the key points of the chest, waist, and feet. The choice of bluish gray slacks is also nice, as they correspond to the color of the navy and blue nylon jacket.

PRADA Nylon Jacket

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