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Why is Babur’s short length jacket “Transport” so popular right now?


Why is Babur's short length jacket "Transport" so popular right now?

British lifestyle brand “Barbour (BABUR)” is synonymous with wax jackets. This time, we pick up the model ” TRANSPORT ” from such BABUR, which has risen to a popular model with the reissue. Why is this model gaining popularity now? We introduce the models that are currently being developed along with the reasons!

National outerwear brand “BABUA” in the U.K.

Babur, which was born in South Shields in northeastern England in 1894, is a prestigious name among prestigious names that is even recognized by the British military and royal family. The lineup includes outerwear with a full of British mood, with a rugged appearance using “waxed cotton” that can be enjoyed as it ages, tartan linings and corduroy collars with a British touch.

The reissue of this jacket has made it a new standard! Babur’s short length jacket ” Transport

BABUA is famous for its Bidail and Beaufort jackets, which were developed as outerwear for horseback riders, but now the short-length “Transport” model has caught the eye of many. It has risen to the same level of popularity as the Bidail and Beaufort, and there is a long waiting list for some colors and sizes. Since the original was only available for a short period of time from the 1990s to the early 2000s, it has gained popularity as a rare model that is hard to find even on the vintage market. Recently, many special-order models have been developed with popular select stores, and this item is attracting attention as a particularly fashionable model among BABUA’s products.

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The Babur “Transport” is currently the hottest item on the market. What is the reason for its popularity?

Why has the popularity of the transport been soaring in the past few years? We explain the features of the transport that have captured people’s hearts.

Reason for the popularity of BABUA “Transport” (1) “Short length with a perfect balance for a modern look

The biggest reason for the growing popularity of the Transport in recent years is the sense of balance created by the exquisite short length, which can be said to be the most distinctive feature of this model. Compared to the M size of other models, the “Bideil,” which features a mid-length, is about 75 cm in length, the “Spey,” which is a short length for fly fishing, is about 60 cm in length, and the Transport is somewhere in between, at about 65 cm in length. The Transport is about 65 cm in length, which is in between the two. It has achieved an exquisite length that is “more than a spay and less than a bideil,” and matches the current trend for short outerwear. It goes well with trendy oversized knitwear and sweatshirts, and can be worn in a layered style with innerwear peeking out from the hem. The length is short, but the armholes and body width are wide-fitting, so even thick innerwear can be worn without bulging out.

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Reason for the popularity of BABUA “Transport” (2) “Sophisticated style of the modern era that hides individuality within minimalism

The reason for the popularity is not only the silhouette but also the design. While most of the popular standard models have a work-style large-capacity gusseted flap pocket at the bottom, the Transport has a smart-looking slanted pocket. The minimalist design is a perfect fit for the urban environment. It is highly fashionable among the many BABUA jackets and exudes a stylish atmosphere even with simple coordination. The corduroy collar and Babur tartan lining are still in place, and the refined, fashionable design has a traditional British feel.

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Reason for the popularity of Babur “Transport” (3) “Made of modern waxed cotton with improved odor and stickiness.”

Although the silhouette and design are modern, the material used is the waxed cotton that symbolizes Bubur and carries on the brand’s identity. The 6 oz. cotton, which is neither too heavy nor too light, is impregnated with wax to provide waterproofness, durability, and warmth to withstand inclement weather, while also creating the rugged, rugged atmosphere that only Bubur can offer. It also creates a rugged atmosphere that is unique to Babur. The waxed cotton fabric has been improved from the old wax since the model released in 2006, and is now odorless with no distinctive smell. The stickiness of the fabric has also been minimized to make it easier to wear on a daily basis, so those who like Babur’s designs but are uncomfortable with the smell and texture of wax should definitely give it a try.

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Reason for the popularity of Bubur “Transport” (4) “Windproof enough to get you through the winter and functional details designed for practicality.

The corduroy collar that symbolizes Bubur is combined with a chinstrap to prevent wind from entering, keeping the neck warm. Adjustable buttons on the inside of the sleeves enhance windproofing, and the lower lining has a drawcord to keep cold air from entering, even at short lengths. Double zips for easy temperature adjustment and tuning the balance of the garment, as well as ventilation holes on the left and right sides, ensure breathability. The large zip head is easy to raise and lower even with gloves on in the winter, and other details that were carefully designed with winter wear in mind shine through.

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These are the two official current models of the Babur “Transport!

With a lineup of many special-order models, the Transport is now available in a variety of patterns. Here, we introduce two models: a standard model on the high street and a limited edition model that can be obtained officially online. These are popular models with many fans, so be sure to check them out while they are still in stock.

BABUA “Transport” development model 1: “Transport Wax

If you want to get a standard transport, check out this model. Equipped with the aforementioned attractive features, it is sure to become a mainstay in your wardrobe with its stylish design that fits in well with the city, its functionality, and its high wearability. The waxed cotton will develop an austere texture every time you wear it, and it will grow into an outerwear that you will grow to love more and more. It can be used in a wide range of modern outfits, such as layered hems with oversized knits or with wide pants to create a crisp silhouette. Because of its compact length, this model is highly favored by women, making it ideal for wearing in pairs or as a gift.

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BABUA “Transport” model (2) “Transport LUMINE SHINJUKU store & official online store exclusive JAPAN SPECIAL

This is a limited collaboration model with the “Babur Lumine Shinjuku store” where various popular brands and select stores are lined up. This special model made exclusively for Japan uses a soft and warm wool material that is different from waxed cotton. The homespun wool material is woven with wool yarns of different thicknesses, and the finish gives the impression of craftsmanship, as if each item were handmade. The design, which combines a rugged British mood with dignity and suits adults, fits a wide range of outfits, such as wearing it with dress pants for an elegant finish or with jeans for a more casual look. The sleeve length is slightly longer than the model in (1). The gray version is available at the Lumine Shinjuku store and online, and the green version is only available online.

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